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Chuck Baldwin
Feb. 3, 2006

George W. Bush might be a Republican. He might be a Texan. He might even be a nice guy. However, after listening to his State of the World speech last Tuesday, one thing is for certain: George W. Bush is not a conservative! He is plainly a globalist!

He was barely into his speech when he boldly asserted that America is proudly leading a "world economy." Obviously, Mr. Bush is not really interested in the U.S. economy. It may be that he doesn't even think in those terms.

Of course, there is good reason for President Bush to focus on the "world economy" (whatever that is) instead of the U.S. economy. According to Paul Craig Roberts (quoting the January 19 issue of Manufacturing & Technology News), "During Bush's presidency the U.S. has experienced the slowest job creation on record (going back to 1939). During the last five years, private business has added only 958,000 net new jobs to the economy, while the government has added 1.1 million jobs."

The "economic recovery" Bush speaks of is mostly the new jobs of waiting tables and serving booze. In reality, America is in a job depression, all the Bush-speak notwithstanding.

Furthermore, Roberts quotes McMillion as reporting that "during the past five years of Bush's presidency, the U.S. has lost 16.5% of its manufacturing jobs." The biggest culprit, of course, is government-generated "free trade" deals and mass job outsourcing which has skyrocketed under the Bush administration. In fact, "free trade" outsourcing is so bad that the U.S. has run up nearly $3 trillion in trade deficits during the Bush years.

Roberts properly summarized the impact President Bush has had upon the U.S. economy by saying, "Globalization is wiping out the American middle class and terminating jobs for university graduates, who now serve as temps, waitresses and bartenders."

No wonder President Bush likes to talk about a "world economy." But it doesn't stop there.

In the very next paragraph, Bush said, "[W]e seek the end of tyranny in our world."

Not only is Bush a globalist, he is a utopian. Does he really believe that one country can end tyranny and oppression all over the world? If so, how will he do it? Does he intend to invade China, Cuba, The Sudan, Zimbabwe, plus most Middle Eastern and most African countries? Is G.W. Bush President of the United States or king of the world? I wonder if he knows.

Mr. Bush redundantly promoted globalism and utopianism in his speech with statements such as, "The U.S. will not retreat from the world." We will "move the world toward peace." We will "lead the world toward freedom." "We will compete and excel in the global economy." Ad infinitum. Ad nauseam.

Moreover, while President Bush repeatedly told us that Iraq is experiencing "the benefits of freedom," he boldly told the American people that they were in the process of losing theirs. Of course, he did not say it in those terms, but that is the net result of his intention to continue to ignore the Constitution and rule of law in turning the federal government's military and intelligence apparatus against its own citizens.

Mr. Bush even had the audacity to say that immigrants (translated: illegal immigrants) are necessary to America's well-being. He went so far as to say, "[T]his economy could not function without them." I suppose Mr. Bush believes that America could not function without the Mafia dons, either!

All-in-all, the speech was laced with accolades for globalism and utopianism and with calls for bigger and more intrusive government. Yes, George W. Bush might be a Republican. He might be a Texan. He might even be a nice guy. However, he is anything but a conservative!

Chuck Baldwin

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