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This issue of Freedomwriter has a number of letters.

Thank you and keep your letters coming!

Dec. 18, 2005
Cooper Landing, AK

Enough Already! You have heard that saying: "Of the people, by the people , for the people". Politicians appear to have turned it around. They now say, "Of the government, by the government and for the government". Is this what America, our state and communities want?

I hope for the good of our families, our children and their futures that our votes from here on will stop this trend. Elect those of character and ethics that care and have consideration for ALL of us, not just for themselves or special interests. Let's bring trust back into our government. Make the future better. Let's make it happen !!!

Ed Martin Sr.
Phone: 907-252-9390

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Dec. 16, 2005
Copper Center, AK

I am a lower 48 native from a federal recognized tribe. My son was recently removed from my care. He has a kidney disease and the doctors felt we were not caring for him. Without investigating fully the amount of care given to my son. They forcibly removed my son from my husbands lap at ANMC. Being native the case should have been to over to tribal court immediatly according to ICWA Law because of my affiliation with the Yakama Nation, but the state is refusing to honor it's own laws, for by our treaty and the Amedment of the ICWA Law. I feel a great injustice is being done and me and my children and husband are suffering along with my son who is in a white home amongst people he doesn't know of their customs. He has been raised stictly traditional native ways. We would appritiate any help.

Angela Pete
102.5 Old Richardson hwy
Copper Center AK 99573
phone 822-4292

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Sep. 2, 2005

I couldn't help noticing that the Liberal media has infiltrated New Orleans in a way that they didn't have the nerve to do in Afghanistan or Iraq. Leftist cameras seem poised and ready to capture images of National Guard troops firing on looters. Knowing that bloody firefights will mean big ratings, how far will the Libs go in this exploitation?

Politics & Patriotism: The Fisk Conspiracy

Justin Oldham
Shadow Fusion Enterprises
Box 282, 104 Muldoon Road
Anchorage, Alaska 99504

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July 1, 2005
Cooper Landing, AK

I believe that wherever there is secrecy, there is always deception. I applaud the “Magnificent Seven” and also Governor candidate Sara Palin, who led by refusing to accept secrecy and deception as a way to govern our great state of Alaska. What Alaska needs now is to trade in those, who would apply secrecy as a tool to govern. We must restore faith and trust within our government.

I would like to see ex-Commissioner Sara Palin and Tom Irwin, and those of the “Magnificent Seven” replace those who are now governing. We must demand that honest, ethical public servants negotiate the future of Alaska, for the people of Alaska and for our children. I’ll bet the terms would be different and our future brighter than the terms presently being considered.

The people of Alaska need to be heard and informed on these important issues. Otherwise, we may as well be governed by a dictator. That’s not what America is about. I’ve served my country, state, and community. I strongly believe in, “Of the people, by the people, for the people.” I do not believe in deception. Alaskans must do better than that.

Ed Martin, Sr.
Box 521
Cooper Landing, AK 99572

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June 20, 2005

For as long as I can remember, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting has been utterly shameless in its extreme Liberal bias. Every syndicated PBS program is merchandized to the hilt. Revenues from product sales far out-strip series production costs. NPR’s windfalls are only slightly less spectacular. The countless dollars generated from transcript sales, DVD sales, and a long list of other product franchises flows without end in to the coffers of tax-dodging activists. I think it’s about time the American people got a break from Government-sponsored ads for the Leftist agenda. PBS, NPR, and their affiliates have been afforded the luxury of unfettered access to the viewing public for the last 30 years and yet, they still need the crutch of public funding. I can think of no better reason than that to cut them off. If our elected leaders in Washington back down from this justifiable cost cutting, it’ll mean they compromised their obligation to spend your money wisely. It’ll mean they used your tax dollars selfishly and without fear of you, or how you might vote in the next election.

Politics & Patriotism: The Fisk Conspiracy

Justin Oldham
Shadow Fusion Enterprises
Box 282, 104 Muldoon Road
Anchorage, Alaska 99504

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June 16, 2005
Anchorage / NYC

Hello People

This may be important.

As you may know my cousin Vincent Princiotta was a 911 victim. He was one of the 343 NYFD.

FIRST Let me show you a letter (in larger type) from a Kevin Ryan (formerly) of Undewriters Lab (I checked with UL by phone)

The letter was sent on NOV 11, 2004 - to a Dr. Frank Gayle from NIST About the temp. of burning jet fuel and steel melting.


Kevin Ryan replies June 9, 2005 to the millions who want more re his letter to Dr. Frank Gayle. website

The collapse of the WTC by Kevin Ryan
Underwriters Laboratories

The following letter was sent by Kevin Ryan to Frank Gayle of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). website

================= The Ryan Letter ================

Thursday, Nov 11, 2004

Dr. Gayle,

Having recently reviewed your team's report of 10/19/04, I felt the need to contact you directly.

As I'm sure you know, the company I work for certified the steel components used in the construction of the WTC buildings. In requesting information from both our CEO and Fire Protection business manager last year, I learned that they did not agree on the essential aspects of the story, except for one thing - that the samples we certified met all requirements. They suggested we all be patient and understand that UL was working with your team, and that tests would continue through this year. I'm aware of UL's attempts to help, including performing tests on models of the floor assemblies. But the results of these tests appear to indicate that the buildings should have easily withstood the thermal stress caused by pools of burning jet fuel.

There continues to be a number of "experts" making public claims about how the WTC buildings fell. One such person, Dr. Hyman Brown from the WTC construction crew, claims that the buildings collapsed due to fires at 2000F melting the steel (1). He states "What caused the building to collapse is the airplane fuel burning at 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit. The steel in that five-floor area melts." Additionally, the newspaper that quotes him says "Just-released preliminary findings from a National Institute of Standards and Technology study of the World Trade Center collapse support Brown¹s theory."

We know that the steel components were certified to ASTM E119. The time temperature curves for this standard require the samples to be exposed to temperatures around 2000F for several hours. And as we all agree, the steel applied met those specifications. Additionally, I think we can all agree that even un-fireproofed steel will not melt until reaching red-hot temperatures of nearly 3000F (2). Why Dr. Brown would imply that 2000F would melt the high-grade steel used in those buildings makes no sense at all.

The results of your recently published metallurgical tests seem to clear things up (3), and support your team's August 2003 update as detailed by the Associated Press (4), in which you were ready to "rule out weak steel as a contributing factor in the collapse." The evaluation of paint deformation and spheroidization seem very straightforward, and you noted that the samples available were adequate for the investigation. Your comments suggest that the steel was probably exposed to temperatures of only about 500F (250C), which is what one might expect from a thermodynamic analysis of the situation.

However the summary of the new NIST report seems to ignore your findings, as it suggests that these low temperatures caused exposed bits of the building¹s steel core to "soften and buckle." (5) Additionally this summary states that the perimeter columns softened, yet your findings make clear that "most perimeter panels (157 of 160) saw no temperature above 250C." To soften steel for the purposes of forging, normally temperatures need to be above1100C (6). However, this new summary report suggests that much lower temperatures were be able to not only soften the steel in a matter of minutes, but lead to rapid structural collapse.

This story just does not add up. If steel from those buildings did soften or melt, I¹m sure we can all agree that this was certainly not due to jet fuel fires of any kind, let alone the briefly burning fires in those towers. That fact should be of great concern to all Americans. Alternatively, the contention that this steel did fail at temperatures around 250C suggests that the majority of deaths on 9/11 were due to a safety-related failure. That suggestion should be of great concern to my company.

There is no question that the events of 9/11 are the emotional driving force behind the War on Terror. And the issue of the WTC collapse is at the crux of the story of 9/11. My feeling is that your metallurgical tests are at the crux of the crux of the crux.

Either you can make sense of what really happened to those buildings, and communicate this quickly, or we all face the same destruction and despair that come from global decisions based on disinformation and "chatter".

Thanks for your efforts to determine what happened on that day. You may know that there are a number of other current and former government employees that have risked a great deal to help us to know the truth. I've copied one of these people on this message as a sign of respect and support.

I believe your work could also be a nucleus of fact around which the truth, and thereby global peace and justice, can grow again. Please do what you can to quickly eliminate the confusion regarding the ability of jet fuel fires to soften or melt structural steel.

  1. website
  2. CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics, 61st edition, pg D-187
  3. website
  4. website
  5. website(pg 11)
  6. website

Kevin Ryan
Site Manager Environmental Health Laboratories
A Division of Underwriters Laboratories

======================================= END ===========

original letter @

Kevin Ryan replies (Last week) to the millions who want more re his letter to Dr. Gayle.

History of Ryan loosing his job and the coverup hearings his disclosure caused

Here is a short list of sites with additional 911 questions .

General Info on The Pentagon

General Info on WTC7 collapse

Teckie stuff
Steel don't melt from the heat given off by burning Jet fuel.

- Joe Princiotta

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June 5 2005

27 Iyar 5765

Dear Editor,

Not sure this is the kind of article you'd publish, but you'll probably find it interesting anyway, with regard to civil rights, and civil disobedience.

Note: Please see the attached photo, and pay attention to the clear violation of the girls' modesty. Why are they not being handled by female officers? Why are teenage girls being handled this way at all? Would this go over in the US?

Ya'aqov Ben-Yehudah
American living in Israel

Jail House Rock Summer Camp
Written by Lenny Goldberg
My Daughter the Convict – A Parent's View

let13heroines.jpg - 23822 Bytes

These spring days are days where kids are springing out of school to block roads, as part of an all-out effort to block the disengagement plan. Three of my kids, ages 16, 14, 13 (girl), have all sat close to a week in jail during this past month for blocking roads. No doubt, such delinquency will soon bring the government social worker to my door suggesting that I am an unworthy parent, and they may threaten to take my kids away. Of course, this too is part of their overall scare tactic, but that's another story...

Anyway, right now, my daughter Moriah, 13, is in jail since Sunday for blocking Highway 5. I had brought her and seven of her friends to Tapuach junction, and from there they tramped to their destination. My daughter said that they will not get arrested this time. But as I left them at the bus stop, with their orange shirts and hilltop garb, I knew that they were a roadblock waiting to happen. I was not surprised when they were arrested, and on Monday I shlepped to court and was denied entrance, as were all the parents, because the courtroom was full of kids on trial. 35 boys and girls, all young kids. I saw my daughter through the door window, and the expression on her face said it all - she's enjoying this. The girls chant slogans, sing and incite at every opportunity in the courtroom, in the face of the judges and cops. These kids are not like their parents, who have a built-in respect (fear?) of the judges, cops and soldiers. No. While their parents are used to giving soldiers coffee and cake, this generation was brought up scuffling with the authorities, engaging in hand to hand combat with police and IDF soldiers on the hilltops of Tapuach and Yizhar and Gilad Farm. It is a defiance that their parents lack. Perhaps it is this defiance which is necessary to effectively fight the evil forces of destruction. In any case, it's not easy for the cops to handle these little girls between 13 and 15, at least in the closed quarters of the rowdy courtroom.

After seven hours of waiting outside the courtroom, the verdict is in: another 2 day jail term. The girls sing as if they are happy about the whole thing. Tons of girlfriends, not yet arrested, are boosters giving support outside the courtroom as well. All that is lacking is the pom-poms. They escort them on the way to the bus which will take them back to jail. Cheerleader-like chants, underground songs of the Irgun and Lechi and whistle-blowing.

I, too, escort them, so as to make contact with my daughter. As she boards the bus which will return her to jail, I try to give her a bag of clothes and snacks that her mother prepared. In her gray Rabbi Kahane shirt, she motions me to get away, because I'll blow her cover. You see, she and her friends refuse to identify themselves, and if I show I am her father, it gives her identity away, somehow.

Obviously, I am not a distraught parent over this. I'm pleased that she is occupied with this, and not with the trivial issues that concern most teenagers. I've educated them all their lives about the need for self-sacrifice for the Jewish People and the Land of Israel – all, of course, in the comfort of our living room, or over a cholent on Shabbat. To behave as a worried Jewish mother/father now would be the most hypocritical thing of all. It would make a lie of all that I had preached. Besides, I feel guilty that I'm not doing it, so my kids might as well. At this point, I just tell my children to check their motives, to be honest with themselves. Are they doing this for Am Yisrael, or are they doing it to be "cool", or to play hooky from school? Certainly, my boys, in the finest spirit of the hilltop culture, suffer little in jail, and couldn't care less about not showering for an entire week.

As the bus pulls out, and I hear her singing with friends, I realized that I needn't send her to summer camp this summer, she's already having one…

Ya'aqov Ben-Yehudah

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May 10, 2005
Health Care for Illegal Aliens.
What about the DRAFT for them too?

Well, well, well.

'Border STATES to get Fed money for 'undocumented' aliens medical treatment.'

Hmmm. To be anywhere near 'lawful or legal', that MUST apply equally to ALL US STATES.

Therefore, if I've got this completely straight, every 'undocumented' Texian National should be able to walk into any hospital in the entire USA and get medical treatment aboslutely free.

Is it not, then, the right time to burn your 'official STATE or US ID before your fingerprints plus bio-metrics are included - and brush up on speaking 'broken English'???

AND, what is the status of said 'undocuumented aliens' going to be when universal conscription (the Draft) is imposed?

Do they just get to take over everything whilst US boys and girls are offshore 'figting for America'???


Subject: Working towards Texas Independence Border 0510.1

U.S. pays for care of illegal aliens Treatment money for border states

WASHINGTON -- The Bush administration said yesterday that it would start paying hospitals and doctors for providing emergency care to illegal immigrants. The money, totaling $1 billion, will be available for services provided from today through September 2008. Congress provided the money as part of the 2003 law that expanded Medicare to cover prescription drugs, but the new payments have nothing to do with the Medicare program.

Members of Congress from border states had sought the money. They said treatment of illegal immigrants imposed a huge financial burden on many hospitals, which are required to provide emergency care to patients who need it, regardless of their immigration status or ability to pay.

Under the new program, hospitals are supposed to ask patients for documents to substantiate payment claims. But Dr. Mark McClellan, administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, said a hospital should not directly ask a patient "if he or she is an undocumented alien."

Instead, he said, hospitals can try to establish a patient's status by analyzing the answers to "indirect questions": Is the person eligible for Medicaid? (If so, payment is generally not available under the new program.) Has the person reported a foreign place of birth? Does the person have a border-crossing card like those issued to Mexican citizens? Does the person have a foreign passport, a foreign driver's license or a foreign identification card?

The Bush administration abandoned a proposal that would have required many hospitals to ask patients if they were U.S. citizens or legal immigrants.

"In no circumstances are hospitals required to ask people about their citizenship status," McClellan said yesterday.

Hospital executives and immigrant rights groups had said such questions would deter illegal immigrants from seeking care and could lead to serious public health problems by increasing the spread of communicable diseases. Cecilia Munoz, a vice president of the National Council of La Raza, a Latino civil rights group, said the new requirements were an improvement over the original proposal but would still discourage some immigrants from seeking treatment.

"Hospitals will have to ask confusing, highly technical questions about immigration documents," Munoz said. "That will create a perception in the Latino community that you have to show your papers in order to get emergency care.

That's a misperception, but it may be enough to deter some people from seeking care."

The new program is run by the Department of Health and Human Services. McClellan said the department would not provide information about illegal immigrants to law enforcement officials for use in "routine civil immigration proceedings." But in rare cases, he said, the information may be used in criminal investigations.

The largest allocations this fiscal year are going to California, which will receive $70.8 million; Texas, $46 million; Arizona, $45 million; New York, $12.3 million; Illinois, $10.3 million; Florida, $8.7 million; and New Mexico, $5.1 million.

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May 8, 2005

As a result of the terrorists attacks of September 11, 2001 and the growing uncertainty with the situation in the Middle East, South America and Europe, the United States is now forced to re-think its energy policy so that it can lower energy consumption of and dependence on foreign oil. Just as the automobile replaced the horse-less carriage so it is time for the electric battery to replace the gasoline engine. We are at the dawn of a new age when one can plug their car into an electric outlet and re-charge it for travel up to sixty miles or more. But with any wholesale change comes the requirement of a transitional mechanism. Hence the need for a vehicle that can run alternatively on both gasoline and electricity. The goal of course would be to make a total conversion within a reasonable amount of time. Most of the electricity produced in the United States comes from coal-fired power plants so the concern by some is that a reduction in tailpipe emissions would be offset by an increase in air pollution from the power plants. Others argue that the sheer volume of reduced vehicle emissions would fall far greater than plant-produced air pollution. We may even see a coalition of military hawks and environmentalists as fuel efficiency brings about both security and a better climate.

Few would argue that two factors influence consumer's choice of transportation more than anything else: gas mileage and appearance. Ever since the automobile became available to the average consumer, it has always been considered a status symbol much like the clothing we wear and the houses we live in. The price of electricity is pale compared to the price of gasoline so this factor is virtually a no-brainer. The choice of appearance however, will always linger as long as we believe that "appearance makes the person". But this factor can also be addressed during the transition phase since it appears that most vehicles today can be modified to use both fuel sources. As for the future, the old tried and true marketing techniques will convince most people that buying the style of car available will guarantee that the "future won't pass them by". Just as Japanese cars promoting fuel efficiency in response to the oil embargo of the 1970's sparked the Big Three to respond accordingly so will the shift to electric vehicles change the market once again. Perhaps this time General Motors, Ford and Daimler Chrysler will get the "jump on the competition" and in so doing, save themselves from bankruptcy.


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May 5, 2005

The Republicans and Democrats are essentially two branches of one party and all are controlled from behind the scenes by elitists to whom they pledge their allegiance. Our politicians, almost all of them, could care less what you American voters think. As we explained when we called the top of the stock market in April of 2000, that next would follow wars, and we were correct. As the financial system gets further into trouble we will have more wars and the suppression of the populace. That will be done in the phony name of terrorism. Terrorism and Fatherland Security are a ruse to control us. Patriotism has been perverted, as our young men die of depleted uranium exposure. That is why we should reject a draft out of hand. Under a fascist government our masters are not only our government but also our banks, Wall Street and corporations. You are being enslaved and won't face reality. Your government is your enemy.

Robert Chapman
International Forecaster
P. O. Box 510518,
Punta Gorda, FL 33951

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May 3, 2005

The mission creep of the federal government's desire to build massive databases containing information on you continues relentlessly. The Department of Education wants to gather information on the progress of 15 million college students in the US, including race, degree plans and financial aid. The federal Centers for Disease Control & Prevention want access to personal data collected by immigration agencies on those who board international flights in the US. The Department of Fatherland Security is asking Congress to allocate $847 million to create a new Office of Screening Coordination & Operations. It would coordinate and consolidate databases it plans to assemble with digital fingerprints and photographs, eye scans and other personal information gathered on millions of Americans and foreign visitors. Our government cannot even spell privacy and don't want to be bothered with personal requests and details. To them we are just so many mindless sheep to be herded around. The TSA that promised that the information it gathered would only be used for aviation security, and it has, is being given to state and federal law-enforcement agencies. We move relentlessly deeper into a police state.

Robert Chapman
International Forecaster
P. O. Box 510518,
Punta Gorda, FL 33951

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Apr. 4, 2005
St. Louis, Missouri

Letter to the Editor
The American Prospect On-Line

RE: Your article on Curt Weldon, the CIA, and Manuchehr Ghorbanifar at: website

Dear Editor,

I read the Laura Rozen/Jeet Heer article entitled "The Front," dealing with the relationship between the United States and Iran---and the subterranean underworld involving Representative Curt Weldon (R-PA), the CIA, and Iranian arms dealer Manuchehr Ghorbanifar.

My college roommate is a Lutheran pastor who lost a job as a chaplain some months ago in suburban Philadelphia. You may read the details at URL . Curiously enough, the daughter of the Executive Director of the agency who fired him is a personal friend of Weldon's. Her daughter once worked for Weldon and is now involved with a House of Representatives subcommittee dealing with Department of Defense contracts and contractors.

And most curious of all, my roommate lived in Iran for a number of years during the Shah's reign, and is an antiwar conservative who writes for American, Iranian and Middle Eastern web sites---the ones who do not share the enthusiasm of Mr. Weldon, Mr. Bush, and the War Party for preemptive war and profit in that part of the world. Pastor Dankof also ran for the U. S. Senate in Delaware in 2000 against an incumbent Republican U. S. Senator who was a colleague of Mr. Weldon's. It made the Republican establishment quite sore.

Coincidence or not? Perhaps Ms. Rozen and Mr. Heer will eventually find the answers.


Jon Hartwein

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Mar. 24, 2005
Juneau AK

As I write this, Terri Schiavo is still living. This week a federal judge, a split appeals panel, a full panel on the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals in Atlanta, and most recently the U.S. Supreme Court have ruled against efforts by Terri’s loving parents to save her life. After the bold and heroic efforts by Congress and President Bush last weekend to “err on the side of life” by requesting review by the federal courts, the recent court action is effectively a death sentence by starvation and dehydration for Mrs. Schiavo. Florida Governor Jeb Bush is now appealing to the Florida Supreme Court for protective custody of Terri. It is hard for me to believe this is happening in the United States of America. We treat capital criminals and animals far better than this.

Many families face difficult decisions about end-of-life medical care issues. Reasonable people can disagree about what treatments are appropriate to extend the life of a dying person. However, the provision of food and water is not an extraordinary medical treatment. Food and water are normal and essential care necessary for any human being, and to starve or dehydrate a person to death is simply inhumane. Sometimes, in the last hours of life, it may be necessary to remove food and water when a dying person’s body begins to shut down and reject nutrition and hydration. But, except for now being starved and dehydrated to death, Terri Schiavo was not dying. She was not terminally ill. She is severely brain-damaged. This is not even an “end-of-life” issue. It is a disabilities rights issue.

Last year when the Legislature was considering end-of-life legislation to clarify Alaska law I asked that nutrition and hydration not be considered “heroic measures.” Rather, they are simply provision of compassion for a person unable to defend herself in the absence of a living will. I want to revisit our statutes to ensure that what is happening in Florida cannot happen under Alaska law. The best advice I have seen comes from an ancient document: “I have set before you life and death…therefore choose life.”

Lt. Gov. Loren Leman

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Feb. 2, 2005


....The new American police state is taking form in a law that will require all citizens to possess electronic identification cards in order for them to travel or to conduct affairs with government officials. The issue will force states to issue all adults federally approved electronic ID cards, including driver's licenses. Federal employees will refuse identification that does not comply, curbing use of airplanes, trains, national parks and any area controlled by the federal government. The House approved the bill HR418 by a 261-161 vote. This compares very favorable with Nazi Germany in the 1930s, extreme control over US citizens at home and abroad, a police state. Next, they will demand parents relinquish rights over their children to the state along, of course, with RFID tags.

If the Senate follows the House, we will have a National ID card. That database will be shared with Canada and Mexico and government will be able to track you anywhere in the world. Terrorism's definition will be racketed up to include newsletters writers, talk show hosts, those for firearms rights, anti-abortion groups and anyone who disagrees with the new world order police state, an Orwellian world. Fatherland Security will include driver's licenses, biometric information, such as retina scans, DNA information and RFID tracking technology. The government will be able to pinpoint your whereabouts 24 hours a day. Unfortunately, HR418 does nothing to help our national security or to rid our country of terrorists or illegal aliens. The Real ID Act will impose a Nazi-style internal passport. Needless-to-say, it is a Trojan horse, which ends our freedom.

The bill and its contents was designed by two ex-KGB chiefs, one of whom was Yvgeny Primakov, who was once President of Russia. Both Primakov and Anatoly Karpov are mass murderers. You would think the US and Russia secretly merged in the 1990s. Maybe they did...

....Earlier we predicted five years from now Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Quebec and Ontario would be former vehicle producers. One of the reasons that will happen is because Chinese carmakers are planning on flooding our auto market with low cost vehicles in the future. More than 50% of our industrial base has been shipped overseas over the past 20 years and now the backbone of America's industrial economy is in the process of being destroyed. In two years, we will begin to see the flood of exported Chinese cars, an event similar to the Japanese car invasion that began 30 years ago. We cannot compete with slave wages. We were able to keep our high standard of living with trade barriers and tariffs and if we do not return to them we will have no way of life left. Do not forget China is still a Marxist state and the Chinese still do not honor patent rights. The companies that are owned by the Chinese government will be dumping cheap cars in our country. In just seven years, beginning in 2007, 250,000 autos will hit our market. That is as many as Daimler-Chrysler produces. In 2010, the Chinese plan to sell one million cars in eight to twelve models, which would make their market presence larger than Fords 2000 production. You do not need a road map to see where this is going. It will just about wipe out American industry as we have known it. Readers, this is where free trade and globalization is taking us. If we do not stop it, our nation is doomed...

....California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger fired all the state pension board trustees' members who voted against his proposed scrapping of the pensions and their replacement by 401(k)'s to which the state would contribute very little. In the process, he called nurses, teachers and legislators punks, as he collected $100,000 each from elitist financial, business and legal fixers in the state. The money will be used to finance referendum campaigns to scrap the pension plans, cut teachers pay, put automatic cuts in the state budget, year after year, and take legislative redistricting out of the hands of the legislative. Such referendums in a Democrat state could cost California's 20 Republican federal representatives their seats. Believe us, they are really concerned. They believe Arnold has, in a short time, gone many steps too far...

....Thirty-five nurses from different branches of the service now working at Walter Reed Army Medical Center are being told they have 30 days to get their affairs in order. Next stop, Baton Rouge, LA for five weeks. Then it is on to Iraq. Oh, incidentally they are all getting buzz cuts. Obviously, the need for nurses in the service is dire. These nurses specialize in trauma, which suggests to us that the lunatics in the White House are getting ready to invade Iran. As you can see this global-war policy is the very reverse of protecting and defending...

....In the same vein, the Bush neocons tell us Iranians are pursuing the development of a nuclear weapon. If they are so sure, why don't they show the world their proof? The administration already told us Iraq was stockpiling weapons, which has been proven, untrue, at the cost of 1,400 of our youth dead and 30,000 wounded. Iranians have complied with all UN resolutions and inspections. They have a Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty with Israel, which already has massive nuclear capability. Iran's pursuance of nuclear power is justified. It is not that they are surrounded by nuclear powers, but because someday their oil will run out so by using nuclear power to produce internal power they can extend the life of their most profitable export. So what if Iran were to have a nuclear weapon. Everyone else has one. Why isn't George negotiating instead of bellowing like an idiot and planning for war? It is certainly not in the best interest of Iran to turn a nuclear device over to some extremists. We should also keep in mind Iraq has 20 million people and Iran 70 million. As we said before in order to occupy Iraq, save Saudi Arabia, invade, and occupy Iran, we would need an additional 2.4 million troops. Invading Iran would be costly and fool hearty...

P. O. Box 510518,
Punta Gorda, FL 33951

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Feb. 16, 2005

Dear Fellow Community Builders And Democracy Activists,

Since I publicized my article mentioned above, - - Building Temples Of Peace And Freedom - Political And Cultural Spirituality - A Paradigm Shift - -. I have been asked about my use and definition of the three (3) words, which are listed below. Many have asked me about the definition for which I have used these words in my above article.

* * * * * * * * *

Definition of Ethics:

Ethics is comprised of a set of principles and means of right conduct embanked by common sense. Ethics is a set of built-in principles of moral values, concerned with the judgment of the goodness or badness of human action and character. Ethics is a set of rules and standards governing the conduct of a person as a member of an ethical society at large.

The enlightenment of ethical behavior shall emerge when through our own conduct we teach and exhibit goodness showing virtue, especially moral excellence of character and behavior. Conforming to standards of common sense, what is right, just in behavior and virtuous, to live a moral life.

The Ethical Visionary Movement is a result of the rise of conscience and the awakening of the sense of right and wrong as a moral obligation and ethical certainty. Ethics is based on strong and firm conviction, rather than physical or tangible effects.

* * * * * * * * *

Definition of Culture:

Culture is the totality of socially transmitted behavioral patterns, such as, but not limited to: intellectual, philosophical, political and artistic activities, beliefs, institutions, and all other products of human activity and thought.

The said patterns, character, and behavior resulting in the production of social products are considered to be the expression of a particular period, class, community, or population.

These patterns, traits, and products are measured with respect to a particular category, such as a field, subject, or mode of expression: Ethical Culture, Musical Culture and so on.

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Definition of Spirituality:

To be spiritual is to relate to what encompasses the nature of spirit, although spirituality is not and never has been tangible or formed by any material. It is the concern with the theoretical source of life and how it affects the unknowns, such as death, and if there is an after-life of some sort.

Spirituality is composed of a need to relate to a higher supernatural being. Since spirituality is also a theoretical science, would it not make more sense to argue and research for a solution rather than destroy and kill in search of a resolution?

We are far from flawless, even in this day and age of the twenty-first (21) century. Due to the natural laws of evolution and improvement, every few years we learn that all of what we thought we knew in a variety of different sciences such as medicine, astronomy, physics, biology and more, needs to be modified or changed all together.

This natural law of evolution and improvement must be applied to everything. In the pursuit of our reptilian, gang mentality of theoretical spiritual science, we are effectively denying our offspring the knowledge and wisdom available today.

We would be better off focusing on building a better tomorrow and searching for what remains yet unknown to the human race.

Best regards,

Bahram Maskanian
Venus Project

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Feb. 13, 2005


"George Bush has used the words 'terrorist' and 'patriotic' so often they have lost their meaning. Even freedom has been worn out. It is like the boy who cried wolf. Few believe anything George and the neocons say and rightly so. Truth is not in their vocabulary. Everyone who disagrees is branded a terrorist. George has no credibility left. China has moved to buy oil from Venezuela and Canada. For that George has twice attempted to assassinate President Hugo Chavez Frias. Will Paul Martin be next? Paul is a true-blue elitist. We don't think so, but anything is possible. China is making deals all over the world and quite frankly, it is their right to do so. The question is not how far china will go; it is a case of how far the US will allow China to go before we have nuclear war. That is where this is all headed. Maybe Iran is the excuse. This is a natural resource war, particularly an oil war. Maybe the US wants to neutralize China's Treasury note trap by pre-empting sales by having war. We could well be facing a showdown this year. Whatever the timing we face many financial, fiscal, monetary, social and political problems, not to mention a sputtering world economic picture. This is why we keep telling you to be in gold and silver assets. They are your only safe haven.

Foreign central banks were net sellers of US Treasuries for a third week in a row in the latest week. Fed holdings of Treasury and agency debt fell by $4.98 billion for the week ended February 9, 2005 to stand at $1.339 trillion. They sold a net $4.66 billion of Treasuries on top of a $12 billion drop the previous week. That still leaves total holdings of $1.05 trillion, or more than 25% of all Treasuries outstanding. Overseas central banks also sold $322 million in agency debt, taking those holdings to $285 billion.

George Bush has increased the Pentagon budget to $419 billion plus an additional $80 billion for the occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan. That is $500 billion as social services are cut by billions. George wants to make his tax cuts for the wealthy permanent, which will cost us $1.1 trillion through 2014. There will be $20 billion in cuts to over 150 programs for the poor. He wants to terminate 65 federal programs. These cuts come as poverty has risen by 14%. One-eight of Americans live in poverty, as do 25% of American children. We also have 45 million Americans without health insurance and we are spending $500 billion to kill innocent people. They are even going to cut food stamps by $1 billion over the next five years, so we can lose thousands of young Americans in combat. The litany goes on, but you get the message.

We have three major issues facing Congress and the American people this year, all of which could lead to revolution. You say, how ridiculous not here in America. Yes, right here in the good old USA. The first issue in part before Congress is immigration. Sixty-five percent of the public does not want it, yet our politicians are trying to shove it down our throats. If Proposition 200 in Arizona is any indication, people could really go off the deep end on the issue. The next is Social Security or we might say the deliberate destruction of Social Security to give Wall Street a $1 trillion handout. The introduction of private accounts would entail mortgaging future benefits in order to put money in accounts. This would do nothing to solve S.S. finances and would put the citizens at the vicissitudes of the market. In the meantime, the plan would be starved of cash, which would be an excuse for more cuts. Incidentally, federal revenue as a share of GDP has plunged to levels not seen since the 1950s. The draft is an explosive issue and believe us, it is on the way.... "

Robert Chapman
International Forecaster
P. O. Box 510518,
Punta Gorda, FL 33951

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Feb. 8, 2005
Internation Forecaster

Before George Bush pursues Social Security, he wants Congress to approve the Central American Free Trade Agreement, CAFTA, so he can then pursue FTAA, Free Trade Area of the Americas, and then form the borderless American Union, which eliminates all sovereignty and will then join us with the European Union to form world government. You should write your Congressman and request he stop CAFTA, or complain enough to delay it. CAFTA, an extension of free trade and globalization, would send more of our jobs to Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, Honduras, Nicaragua, El Salvador and Guatemala. You can stop this legislation by putting pressure on your elected representatives. Banks and manufacturers want CAFTA for big profits from cheap imports produced by slave wages. Lots more American jobs will be lost.


Whom are the elitist corporations making all the money in Iraq? Here is the list. Lockheed Martin with contracts for $21.9 billion in 2003 alone. Aegis, a UK firm owned by the Queen and run by mercenary Tom Spicer, who have been awarded $293 million in contracts. Bearing Point, a consulting division of KPMG, received $240 million in 2003 to help develop Iraq's competitive private sector. Bechtel, an engineering firm, which builds hospitals, bridges, schools, airports, etc. BKSH and Associates run by Charlie Black, an old Bush family friend, and a Republican lobbyist, they contract with Fluor International whose ex-chair heads the Iraq oil ministry, and also on the board is the wife of James Woolsey, the ex-CIA Chief who is closely connected to Paul Wolfowitz. CACI and Titan who supply mercenaries and translators have received millions in no-bid contracts. Custer Battles, which supply mercenaries for millions of dollars. Halliburton, which has received billion in no-bid contracts. Loral Satellite, which guides missiles to their destinations and Qualcomm for radio contracts and cellular technology. These are the main companies raking in billions as our sons and daughters come home in body bags.

Robert Chapman
International Forecaster
P. O. Box 510518,
Punta Gorda, FL 33951

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Feb. 6, 2005

On May 7, 2001, my mother, Eileen Bialek {age 72} underwent elective surgery for correction of a prolapsed uterus and cystocle. The surgeon in the department of Urology at a major medical facility in Cleveland agreed to perform an open laparotomy with a uterine suspension. Eileen's past medical history included colon resection for bowel cancer 18 years prior. The surgeon was aware that she had previous abdominal surgery but decided that open laparotomy was the procedure of choice and did not discourage Eileen from this type of surgery despite the risk of complications. He did not offer her a second opinion. No prior medical conditions pertinent to this surgery were present. With the exception of symptoms of urgency and a visually prolapsed uterus, Eileen had no other medical problems. She was active in her church and community as well as taking care of her spouse. Postoperative course initially was normal until discharge when she started to vomit bile and was readmitted 18 hours post discharge. The surgeon evaluated Eileen and suspected she developed a postoperative ileus. His initial treatment consisted of telling her daughter to " give her a milkshake" to encourage her bowel to move. She did indeed follow the surgeon's advice; however, Eileen's condition continued to deteriorate. Conservative treatment over the following two weeks consisted of clear liquids and nothing by mouth. Total parenteral nutrition {TPN} was then initiated and finally bowel decompression via nasogastric tube. Preliminary x-rays were done but results were not followed up on.

At two weeks postop a computed tomography {CT} scan was done which revealed a blockage in the small bowel. The surgeon advised Eileen of the need to return to surgery because he suspected that an adhesion was causing the blockage and it needed to be released. Eileen consented to the surgery and requested that her previous surgeon {bowel cancer} be in attendance. The current surgeon said he was out of town and he was asking another colorectal surgeon to be on hand.

Eileen was taken to surgery May 17, 2001. After 5.5 hrs of surgery the surgeon informed her daughter that he found a portion of the small bowel had twisted and he had to resect a portion of it. Because there were enterotomies, a jejunostomy was placed along with two mucous fistuals. Blood loss required transfusion of six units of blood during surgery. Eileen was transferred to the surgical intensive care where she required full fluid resuscitation and mechanical ventilation for two weeks. She sustained atrial fibrillation, required seventeen units of blood and clotting factors secondary to developing large retroperitonal hematoma. She remained in the ICU for 4 weeks and transferred to the floor for two more weeks at which time she was admitted to a long term acute care hospital. Before discharge the resident informed her that she had a rectal laceration and would need to have that repaired when her jejunostomy would be reversed in one year. She remained at the acute care hospital for 4 weeks then transferred to a nursing home to continue her recovery. Eileen was so debilitated from the surgery she required daily physical and occupational therapy.

During this entire time she experienced daily nausea and vomiting. Physicians at two different hospitals were consulted and determined that gallstones in the common bile duct were causing her symptoms along with elevated liver function. Eileen underwent repeated endoscopic retrograde cholangio pancreatopography {ERCP} over the next several months as no surgeon would remove her gallbladder for risk of causing more bleeding and complications.

Eileen had two episodes of sepsis treated by antibiotics during several readmits to the original surgical facility.

Finally in December of 2002, she became acutely septic and unresponsive and was transferred to the emergency room of a nearby hospital. The hospital surgeon determined that removing her gallbladder was probably her only chance to survive. She was placed on full life support, aggressive antibiotic management, vasopressor agents and taken to surgery. The surgeon successfully removed the gallbladder and informed the family that her organs were stuck together like cement. He gave no guarantees but stated that with antibiotics and life support she may be able to survive but with an arduous recovery. The bilirubin continued to rise; she was severely jaundiced and no longer responded to increase vasopressors or dialysis. Eileen Bialek expired on January 8, 2002. The postmortem documents indicated that she died of organ failure secondary to sepsis. The origin of the infection was vancomycin resistant enterococci {VRE} in the common bile duct probably secondary to the ERCP or the residual retroperitoneal hematoma.

I believe she was deceived by her surgeon in terms of the full disclosure of the risks involved in this kind of surgery. Anyone who knew her would testify that she was not one to take un-necessary risks. Accordingly, I am asking Congress to pass "Do No Harm" legislation requiring a neutral third party to be present during all pre-surgical consultations.


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January 20, 2005

[If you are for peace, not war, and you have not yet signed this petition, please do so now. Political contact information is at the bottom. Thank you.]


Ramsey Clark's address to the January 20, 2005 CounterInaugural demonstration at 4th St. and Pennsylvania Ave. in DC:

"We're here to support and defend the Constitution of the United States. We have to take the Constitution back. Back from Crimes Against Peace, from War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity. You know the Nuremburg Tribunal called the War of Aggression the supreme international crime, and it is. And George W. Bush has waged a war of aggression against Iraq. He's killed more than 100,000 people. We've got to do more than take back the Constitution. There has to be accountability for what has happened. THE CONSTITUTION SAYS THAT THE PRESIDENT, VICE PRESIDENT AND OTHER OFFICIALS OF THE UNITED STATES SHALL BE REMOVED FROM OFFICE UPON IMPEACHMENT FOR AND CONVICTION OF HIGH CRIMES AND MISDEMEANORS. (emphasis mine) If you care about the Constitution you'd better start talking to your member of the House of Representatives and say impeachment now is essential to the integrity of the United States government and to the future of the United States. We've had more than 500,000 people sign on to We need to get 5 million and we need to get 5 million on there quick. And then the Congress will react. The Congress understands something when the people demand it. And the power is in the people. It always has been. The question is whether the people have the will to exercise it. I think the imperative challenge of the American people now is to live up to the Constitution and demand the impeachment of George W. Bush and other officials of the government who are responsible for these crimes."

I encourage you to forward this email to your friends and your lists and urge them to participate in the impeachment movement by voting online at

Sign the Petition: website
Capital Switchboard: 1-800-839-5276 toll-free
Email to EVERY Senator & Congressperson:

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Sep. 26, 2005

Hi everyone,

Hope you all had a great summer! I'm sorry I've been so out of touch, motherhood certainly keeps me busy! I'm going to write a real note in the next couple of weeks to fill you in on what's been going on. In the meantime, here's a note to let you know where I'll be playing in the next few weeks.


9/30 The Walnut Room, Denver, CO 303-292-1700 website
10/01 Avogadro's Number, Fort Collins, CO 970-493-5555 website
10/02 Diamond Circle Theater Durango, CO 970-247-8060
10/08 Caffe' Lena, Saratoga Springs, NY 518-583-0022
10/13 On Stage Series at Centre In The Square, Kitchener, ON 519-578-1570
10/14 Lighthouse Festival Theatre, Port Dover, ON 519-583-2221
10/15 Tranzac Club, Toronto, ON 416-923-8137
10/21 Somerville Theatre, Cambridge, MA 617-628-3390
co-bill with Susan Werner and with Duke Levine on guitar!!
10/22 Valley Players Theater, Waitsfield, VT 802-496-8910
10/23 Iron Horse Music Hall, Northampton, MA 413-586-8686 website
10/27 Maintenance Shop, Ames, IA 515-294-8349 website
10/28 Surf Ballroom, Clear Lake, IA 641-357-6151 website
11/04 Sebastapol Community Center, Sebastapol, CA 707-823-1511 website ***
11/05 The Palms, Winters, CA 530-795-1825 ***
11/06 St. John's Presbyterian Church, Berkeley, CA 510-548-1761 website***
11/17 The Birchmere, Alexandria, VA 202-397-SEAT website ***
11/18 Zankel Hall at Carnegie Hall, New York, NY 212-247-7800 website ***
with Duke Levine on guitar!!
11/19 Regina A Quick Center, Fairfield, CT 203-254-4010 ***
12/02 Wilde Auditorium, W. Hartford, CT
12/03 Tupelo Music Hall, Londonderry, NH 603-437-5100
12/09 All Souls Unitarian Universalist Church, Tulsa, OK 918-743-2363 website
12/10 The Blue Door, Oklahoma City, OK 405-524-0738 website
12/16 Godfrey Daniels, Bethlehem, PA 610-867-2390 website
*** co-bill with Richard Shindell

Take care, Lucy

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