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Movie Review by Freedom Writer
Anchorage, AK
December 2005

"Walk the Line" is the much anticipated film biography from 20th Century Fox that had the concept & script approval of Johnny Cash before his death. The movie is about the early years of Johnny Cash & June Carter who later married Johnny. This is a more "family-friendly" movie than, let's say, "Brokeback Mountain", even though it depicts actual/ historical representations of occasional personal destructive behavior, but the redeeming aspect is that those behaviors were eventually changed by TRUE LOVE, not just sex (as in the gay styles of "Brokeback Mountain"). That "true love" was manifested by Johnny's "love" for June (probably mostly a sexual attraction at first), then June's "love" for Johnny (which lasted throughout the years, even through her first marriage before she finally married Johnny), then God's "love" for Johnny (to save him to use his worldly talents), then Johnny's "love" for himself finally & then for others.

The soundtrack to "Walk the Line" is accentuated by the fact that both Joaquin Phoenix (Johnny in the movie) & Reese Witherspoon (June in the movie) actually spent 6 months learning how to sing & play the guitar & zither, respectively, for their roles. This made the "biopic" more authentic, believable, & enjoyable in addition to the referenced historical scenes & flashbacks to Johnny's youthful days & adult scenarios. It was refreshing to hear, again, the great old Cash songs from the new artistic duo of Joaquin & Reese as well as other era songs from today's actors portraying the old Sun Records performers of Jerry Lee Lewis, Roy Orbison, & Elvis Presley, all early progenitors of Rockabilly & Rock & Roll, in the movie. I think both Joaquin & Reese deserve whatever movie industry awards are available for their roles, but I won't hold my breath awaiting for them to receive the awards, given today's liberal anti-family values Hollywood establishment.

I honor those men & women, like an Eric Clapton, or a Ray Charles, or a Belinda Carlisle (formerly of the pop rock group "The Go-Go's"), or a Johnny Cash, who have conquered their personal demons of alcohol or drug abuse by seeking the Help of a Higher Power, along with the assistance of their loved ones, & then continued their careers & lives better than before their personal redemption. Theirs are stories of personal struggles & heroic triumphs. They should serve as role models for us who are still fighting, & who are still hoping, to achieve a better & larger degree of individual spiritual satisfaction on this earthly plane.

"Walk the Line" is a REALISTIC INSPIRATIONAL MOVIE & I give it a "ten fingers up" (stretching towards the heavens) rating!

Official movie website.

"Walk The Line" enhanced CD original movie soundtrack available from

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BO PORTER: Bo Porter & The Dixie RockitsBO PORTER: Bo Porter & The Dixie Rockits

Rockabilly in it's truest form. Country "kicked up a notch". Don't listen to this in the car because you just can't dance in there. Your gonna tell all your friends and become "Rockit Heads" before you know it.

Buy the CD

Web Site

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The Untold Story of Terri Schiavo's Death


By Mark Fuhrman
Hardcover book, 272 pages;
Publisher: William Morrow
(July 1, 2005)

Hardcover expose' from former LAPD detective Mark Fuhrman, is on sale for $17.13, a 34% savings, thru this website from

Editorial Reviews (From
Book Description:

We all watched Terri Schiavo die. The controversy around her case dominated the headlines and talk shows, going all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court, the White House, and the Vatican.

And it's not over yet. Despite her death, the controversy lingers. In Silent Witness, former LAPD detective and New York Times bestselling author Mark Fuhrman applies his highly respected investigative skills to examine the medical evidence, legal case files, and police records. With the complete cooperation of Terri Schiavo's parents and siblings, as well as their medical and legal advisers, he conducts exclusive interviews with forensics experts and crucial witnesses, including friends, family members, and caregivers.

Fuhrman's findings will answer these questions:

  • What was Terri and Michael Schiavo's marriage really like?
  • What happened the day Terri collapsed?
  • What did Michael Schiavo do when he discovered Terri unconscious? How long did he wait before calling 911?
  • What do medical records show about her condition when she was first admitted to the hospital?
  • What will the autopsy say?

The legal issues and ethical questions provoked by Terri Schiavo's extraordinary case may never be resolved. But the facts about her marriage, her condition when she collapsed, and her eventual death fifteen years later can be determined.

With Silent Witness, Fuhrman goes beyond the legal aspects of the case and delves into the broader, human background of Terri Schiavo's short, sad life.

Buy Now

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Press Release Source: Reprise/Duck Records
June 20, 9:00

BURBANK, CA--(MARKET WIRE)--Jun 20, 2005 -- "Back Home," Eric Clapton's first album of new original material in nearly five years, will be released on Reprise/Duck Records on August 30th.

Featuring twelve songs, five of which were penned by Clapton with creative collaborator Simon Climie, "Back Home" also includes "Love Comes To Everyone" by George Harrison, the Spinners' "Love Don't Love Nobody," a rendition of Stevie Wonder and Syreeta Wright's "I'm Going Left," and compositions by Vince Gill, Doyle Bramhall II and others.

See below for a complete song listing and writing credits.

Produced by Eric Clapton and Simon Climie, who together also wrote the album's debut single "Revolution," "Back Home"additionally spotlights an all-star backing band, many of whose members have worked extensively with Clapton over the years. Included are drummer Steve Gadd, bassist Nathan East, guitarists Andy Fairweather Low and Doyle Bramhall II, and keyboardists Billy Preston and Simon Climie.

Among the special guests appearing on "Back Home" are Steve Winwood (synthesizer), John Mayer (guitar), Robert Randolph (dobro), Chris Stainton (Fender Rhodes), Stephen Marley (percussion), Abraham Laboriel, Jr. (drums), Pino Paladino (bass) and Toby Baker (keyboards). The album also highlights string arrangements by Nick Ingman and performances by the Kick Horns.

"I wanted to make a studio album without quite knowing what it was going to be," remarks Clapton on the creative impetus behind "Back Home." Working closely with Climie, Clapton began recording over a year ago, working around his touring schedule and family commitments.

"We kind of resigned ourselves to the fact that it was going to take a long time," the multi Grammy® Award-winning artist continues, "but when we got stuck or if it wasn't moving fast enough we'd stop and do a Robert Johnson song. That would clear the air and we'd go back and carry on for the new album. As a result, we ended up with a complete Robert Johnson album first, which was released last year as 'Me And Mr. Johnson.'"

It was through the writing and recording process, Clapton explains, that the theme of "Back Home" emerged. "One of the earliest statements I made about myself," he reveals, "was back in the late '80s, with 'Journeyman.' This album completes that cycle in terms of talking about my whole journey as an itinerant musician and where I find myself now, starting a new family. That's why I chose the title. It's about coming home and staying home. Even though," he adds with a laugh, "I'll be out on the road again next year, playing this music."

  1. "Back Home" song selections and writing credits are as follows:
  2. "So Tired" (Eric Clapton, Simon Climie)
  3. "Say What You Will" (Eric Clapton, Simon Climie)
  4. "I'm Going Left" (Stevie Wonder, Syreeta Wright)
  5. "Love Don't Love Nobody" (Joseph Jefferson, Charles Simmons)
  6. "Revolution" (Eric Clapton, Simon Climie)
  7. "Lost And Found" (Doyle Bramhall II, Eric Clapton, Jeremy Stacey)
  8. "Heaven" (Doyle Bramhall II, Suzanna Melvoin, Mike Elizondo)
  9. "Love Comes To Everyone" (George Harrison)
  10. "One Day" (Vince Gill, Beverley Darnell)
  11. "One Track Mind" (Eric Clapton, Simon Climie)
  12. "Run Home To Me" (Eric Clapton, Simon Climie)
  13. "Back Home" (Eric Clapton)

For more information, please contact:
Warner Bros. Records Publicity
Luke Burland (615) 214 1490
Bill Bentley (818) 953 3671

Source: Reprise/Duck Records

You can buy this audio CD from thru this website for $13.49 & You Save $5.49 (29%).
Buy Now

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by Olaf Childress
Mar. 29, 2005

The time is now

Minutemen leaving their jobs without pay,
gathering on the border for a thirty-day stay
doing menial tasks Congress Persons won't touch,
'tis enough to make an honest politician blush;
'cept, like Whitey, they's a species declining,
which means, while we can, we get busy, stop whining,
and, up on our hind legs, send back that tide,
recover this heritage by the media denied!
New World orderlies lathering to dig up some dirt
would smear these patriots doing Congress's work,
cuz they fear that their brown flood may start to subside
and then, like Congress Persons, they'll be running to hide
when we hoot every single-term dandy peecee
over the Potomac and out of DC,
'cross the Brazos at Waco, and to the Rio Grande,
OUT with those foreign ideas, to a foreign land!

Olaf Childress, Editor

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Book Review of "The Real Lincoln"
By Charleston Voice
Mar. 25, 2005

art4RealLincoln.jpg - 9247 Bytes If you're like me you probably were educated in government schools or some-such "accredited" 'private' school and state university. It didn't matter, North or South, they were all under the same central authority. Consequently, you and I got the world view of history filtered through the minds and out through the typesetters of those having philosophies alien to what we now believe. In short, for all intents (and purchase!) we got the government version of our country's history.

Maybe history is a bore to you, but I can bet you're mighty upset with what our own government has been doing to us and our country for decades. Most confuse obedience to their government with patriotism for their country, but you don't. Right?

If you are befuddled as to how and why the federal government has gotten so big and predatory, and if you read only one other book this year, make it The Real Lincoln by Tom DiLorenzo. It's not just a Civil War thing, but is a thoroughly documented account as to how our country was lost in 1860. The book is a defense of what was good with America and how it was destroyed. It is a positive and uplifting read, but will also anger you, realizing that you've been duped all these years.

To have an understanding of where we're at now, you must know where we've been. The Real Lincoln fills that requirement.

Original Article

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Submitted by Mark Dankof
through Sartre's BATR Yahoo Discussion Group
Mar. 19, 2005 and Norooz Productions are excited to tell you about a wonderful new animation movie for Persians called Babak and Friends.

Written and directed by Dustin Ellis and his team, formerly from Nickelodeon and Warner Brothers, Babak and Friends - A First Norooz is an extremely high quality Disney Style production using the voice-overs of Oscar Nominee Shohreh Aghdashloo, Parviz Sayyad, JAG Star Catherine Bell and Ali Pourtash. The movie also features the music of Aris and an original song by pop singer Andy called Daram Miram Beh Tehran - written exclusively for the movie.

Babak and Friends - A First Norooz is a funny and heartwarming story about Babak, a young and mischievous Iranian boy, growing up outside of Iran, caught between cultures. Set to classical Persian Music, the movie is about a boy learning about the warmth and depths of Persian culture and why he should be proud to be Persian during the Norooz. The movie, recorded in Farsi and English is only available on DVD. Each DVD comes with a free Norooz storybook and loads of special features, including music videos and cast biographies! The movie is the perfect Eidie and, like the Lion King or Finding Nemo, is suitable for audiences both young and old.

To watch the trailer or order the DVD, please click here.

You can also order by calling 888-342-2225 or 818-505-0552 or 917-402-2004.

Norooz Productions was formed to develop high quality entertaining products for Persian children. We are proud of the movie and hope you enjoy it for years to come!

Shabnam Rezaei
Editor-In-ChiefPersianMirror - The Modern
Magazine for Persian Celebrations, Culture, Cuisine & Community

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by George Crispin
submitted by Charleston Voice
Mar. 2, 2005

Thank goodness for Thomas DiLorenzo's The Real Lincoln, and Walter Williams's foreword to it. The book presents a badly needed corrective to the history that presents Lincoln as the Great Emancipator. Years before the war John C. Calhoun had said, "the question is, whether ours is a government resting on the sovereignty of the States, or on the unrestrained will of a majority." Lincoln's win in the War To Prevent Southern Independence put that argument to bed, established the Republican party, and led us to the corporate Washington we have today, an unconstitutional club of business and government bureaucrats and lobbyists responsible to no one but themselves, with force, threats, and intimidation being the order of the day.

This is considerably at odds with the ideas of our founders. The full title of the book is The Real Lincoln: A New Look at Abraham Lincoln, His Agenda, and an Unnecessary War.

As DiLorenzo documents, the war was not fought to end slavery; if it was, one wonders why a war was necessary? More than a dozen countries, including the territorial possessions of the British, French, Portuguese, and Spanish, ended slavery peacefully during the nineteenth century.

Abraham Lincoln's direct statements indicated his support for slavery; He defended slave owners' right to own their property, saying that "when they remind us of their constitutional rights [to own slaves], I acknowledge them, not grudgingly but fully and fairly; and I would give them any legislation for the claiming of their fugitives" (in indicating support for the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850). He also admitted in a letter to Treasury Secretary Salmon P. Chase: "The original emancipation proclamation has no legal justification, except as a military measure." Secretary of State William Seward acknowledged that the Emancipation Proclamation applied only to slaves in states in rebellion against the United States and not to slaves in states not in rebellion.

The true costs of the war were not only the 620,000 battlefield-related deaths (and 50,000 civilian deaths) out of a national population of 30 million. The true costs included a change in the character of our government into one where states lost most of their sovereignty to the central government. This had been the fear of Jefferson, Madison, Monroe, and Calhoun and many reasonable men.

Today most Americans believe that states do not have a right to secede. DiLorenzo marshals numerous proofs that from the founding of our nation that the right of secession was seen as a natural one. The Virginia delegates affirmed "that the powers granted under the Constitution may be resumed by them whensoever the same shall be perverted to injury or oppression." Alexis de Tocqueville observed in Democracy in America, "The Union was formed by the voluntary agreement of the States; in uniting together they have not forfeited their nationality, nor have they been reduced to the condition of one and the same people. If one of the states chooses to withdraw from the compact, it would be difficult to disapprove its right of doing so . . . ." The New England states debated the idea of secession during the Hartford Convention of 1814-1815.

This was certainly settled in the war, and settled by force. A forced solution, like any forced solution, is, in the long run, no solution. Indeed, we have become the world's rogue state.

Lincoln's vision for our nation has now been accomplished beyond anything he could have dreamed. The Real Lincoln contains irrefutable evidence that the most appropriate title for Abraham Lincoln is the Great Centralizer, not the Great Emancipator.

George Crispin is a retired businessman who heads a Catholic homeschooling cooperative in Auburn, Alabama.
Original Article

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Politics and Patriotism: The Fisk Conspiracy
Justin Oldham. Tucson:
Hats Off Books, 2004
Book Review by Mark Dankof

Justin Oldham combines transparent excellence in writing with a frighteningly plausible scenario set in the year 2014. Fictional American President Madeline Hill, faced with a burgeoning national debt and other maladies, formulates a plan to enhance her own power at the expense of the public good. Fictional political strategist Preston Fisk and his team of old Cold War veterans plot against Hill's machinations in order to restore the Old Republic.

Categorized as Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Political Science by Hats Off Books, Oldham pulls off his project without a hitch. Must reading by paleo-con and non-paleo alike in a day and age where demonic powers and principalities combine with arrogance and technology to threaten the future of every person on the planet.

Original Article

Buy this paperback for $19.95 from thru this website:
Buy Now

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Song by Rebel Fire Rock

You're the boot.
Stomping on the human face forever.
You're the eye.
Staring down on everyone and ever seeing all.
You're the lie.
Twisting all our minds into your whoredom.
You are Death.
You are war.
You are slavery.
You're the law.
You're the law.
You're the law!

When laws spew like vomit from power-drunk tongues
And freedom's a lie that the old tell the young
Then out of the darkness,
The rebels arise
And on that day the Outlaw, the Outlaw will ride.

When spies and lies choke out the spirit of life
And authority scrapes like a rusted dull knife
Then out of despair
The heroes will soar.
On that day the Outlaw, the Outlaw is born.

When "for your own good" is a lock and a chain
And "security's” used to enslave hearts and brains
Then out of our bondage
Rebellion will fly.
On that day, the Outlaw, the Outlaw will ride.

Breakdown, breakdown.
Fire in the mind.
Freedom on the firing line.

When criminals, criminals make all the laws
Then anyone breaking them fights a just cause.
So don't obey leaders
And don't follow rules
And the Outlaws, the Outlaws are saviors, not fools.

So crush their damned spycams, rip open your cage
Let liberty loose with a howl of wild rage
Each tyrant you smash
Is a freedom you've won
And the Outlaws -- we Outlaws – put power on the run.

(Repeat chorus to fadeout)


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April 19
Lyrics to the song to remember the masacre at Waco
(Power point presentation background music)
13 M

Karl Lang

Seventeen Little Children (Waco)

"...The world can therefore sieze this opportunity--
to fulfill the long held promise of a new world order,
for brutality--will go unrewarded..." President George Bush
Just in case you don't remember
Let me jog your memory
In a church they called the Waco compound
Back in April '93
Seventeen Little Children
All so helpless and so small
Died a senseless death of gas and flames
How many names can you recall?

Seventeen Little Children
Don't it make you wonder why?
Seventeen Little Children
How could they deserve to die?
Maybe we should stop and ask ourselves
Have we become so blind
Will Seventeen Little Children
Finally open up your mind?

How did you sleep last night Bill Clinton?
Tell me did you feel their pain?
As Seventeen Little Children
Cried out and perished in the flames!
Attorney General Janet Reno
I accept your offer to resign
How can you stand for law and order now
When you won't answer to your crimes?

Seventeen Little Children
All so helpless and so small
Seventeen Little Children
How many names can you recall?
Maybe we should stop and ask ourselves
Have we become so blind?
Will Seventeen Little Children
Finally open up your mind?

I've heard it said "The Branch Davidians"
Only got what they deserved
Yet no one seems to know
What laws were broken
What was in the warrant
They never served?
Yesterday I sold my TV set
Stopped my subscription to the Times
To me it's plain to see the media
Was an accomplice to these crimes!

Seventeen Little Children
Don't it make you wonder why?
Seventeen Little Children
How did they deserve to die?
Maybe we should stop and ask ourselves
Have we become so blind?
Will Seventeen Little Children
Finally open up your mind?

Open up your mind!

Karl's web site:

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Mark R. Levin
Hardcover, 256 pages
Publisher: Regnery Publishing, Inc.
Feb. 7, 2005

Editorial Review from Amazon.Com:

"Conservative talk radio host, lawyer, and frequent National Review contributor Mark R. Levin comes out firing against the United States Supreme Court in Men in Black, accusing the institution of corrupting the ideals of America's founding fathers. The court, in Levin's estimation, pursues an ideology-based activist agenda that oversteps its authority within the government. Levin examines several decisions in the court's history to illustrate his point, beginning with the landmark Marbury v. Madison case, wherein the court granted itself the power to declare acts of the other branches of government unconstitutional. He devotes later chapters to other key cases culminating in modern issues such as same-sex marriage and the McCain-Feingold campaign finance reform bill. Like effective attorneys do, Levin packs in copious research material and delivers his points with tremendous vigor, excoriating the justices for instances where he feels strict constitutional constructivism gave way to biased interpretation. But Levin's definition of "activism" seems inconsistent. In the case of McCain-Feingold, the court declined to rule on a bill already passed by congress and signed by the president, but Levin, who thinks the bill violates the First Amendment, still accuses them of activism even when they were actually passive. To his talk-radio listeners, Levin's hard-charging style and dire warnings of the court's direction will strike a resonant tone of alarm, though the hyperbole may be a bit off-putting to the uninitiated. As an attack on the vagaries of decisions rendered by the Supreme Court and on some current justices, Men in Black scores points and will likely lead sympathetic juries to conviction. --John Moe"

Product Description:

"Mark Levin throws the book at our own judicial system--in particular, American judges who ignore the Constitution and dismantle the rights of American citizens in everyday court proceedings. He shares jaw-dropping examples of judicial power grabs and liberal power plays by judges."

You can buy this book from thru this website for $16.77, a 40% savings.

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