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Justin Darr
Jan. 23, 2005

“All pigs are created equal, except some pigs are more equal than others" wrote George Orwell in his classic “Animal Farm.” While it is always fun poking fun at Stalin being a pig, applying Owellian metaphors to American society will usually do nothing but get a person called “paranoid” by their friends, and a “ranting lunatic” by most others. However, when reality strikes you in the face and the preponderance of evidence is undeniable, the truth is the truth no matter how insane or impossible it may sound. The facts in America today are that homosexuals have been elevated to be America’s Super Citizens, above the law to the point where their psychological need for acceptance trounces even the most basic Constitutional rights of others.

The Super Citizens have struck their latest blow to our rights in my home state of Pennsylvania, in the well known case of the “Philadelphia 11”, or “Philadelphia 5”, or the “Philadelphia 4, plus one minor, who despite being ignored by the press is still being prosecuted.” Whatever you call it, the situation is the same. Several people are being put on trial for having the audacity to say they believe homosexuality is wrong.

Despite what you may have read, this is not a case of judicial activism. Philadelphia Municipal Court Judge William Austin Meehan has a long, solid, history of upholding the letter of the law as it was written. Nor is the problem the law itself. Title 18 of the “Consolidated Pennsylvania Statutes” regarding Crimes and Offenses has no language or penalties that differ greatly from any of the other 49 states. In fact, 18 Pa.C.S. §5504 (e) clearly states that the sections on hate crimes “shall not apply… to any Constitutionally protected activity.” A good law, a good judge, and two group of people peacefully assembling to exercise their First Amendment rights. So what went wrong? Nothing except that one of the groups of protestors chose to read Bible verses to America’s untouchable elite, homosexual activists. Now, this small group of Christians must face the full wrath of the militant homosexual lobby for infringing on their self created right to be above all reproach.

In the America of the homosexual Super Citizen, it does not matter what the law says, how it applies to others, or even the intent of the legislators who wrote it. All that matters is how homosexual activists can twist it to achieve their goal of not just forcing Americans to accept their chosen lifestyle, but it place it and themselves above any criticisms or scrutiny. Homosexuality should not be the equal of traditional heterosexual marriage and families, but its superior. What people chose to do in their bedrooms should be a private matter unless they are homosexual, then their sexual choices should be taught in the public schools, celebrated in the media, and warrant preferential treatment in the workplace. Additionally, all this should be backed with the full force of legislation so if you should choose to speak out against homosexuality, you can face criminal prosecution.

However, according to the Super Citizens, the law should only be respected and enforced if it directly benefits them. If the law cannot be twisted to fit their agenda, as in Pennsylvania, then they will break it. Who can forget San Francisco mayor Gavin Newsome tossing aside California law and marrying homosexual couples last year? Rather than Newsome receiving the censure any other elected official would have received for, say ignoring state gun control laws, he was exulted as a hero and those who stood up for the will of the people and rule of law were vilified. Why? Because homosexual activists see themselves as above the law.

The duplicity and elitism of the homosexual activists is undeniable. They see the law as something applying to others, but never themselves. Democratic processes are the enemy because the will of the people staunchly opposes the forced indoctrination of their lifestyle on their children, therefore should be ridiculed and ignored. While saying one critical word to them should be met with accusations of intolerance, no degree of intimidation or slander is too outrageous to achieve their goal of using which ever public bathroom they choose.

The life blood of a civil society is free speech and respect for the rule of law. Nobody likes to be criticized or have their beliefs questioned, but it is a necessary part of being free. If Americans allow any group to be elevated above the others to the point where saying “I think you are wrong” is a crime, then only a select few will be free and the rest subjugated.

We are not saying that homosexuals do not have rights. We are not saying homosexuals should be permitted to be the victims of prejudice or violence. What we are saying is being a homosexual does not make you better than anyone else, and that intimidating or silencing those who disagree with you through legislation is wrong. If anyone sees themselves as a Super Citizen, where their rights supercede those of all others and the law becomes a one sided force for their benefit alone, then our entire democratic society will be lost.

© 2005 Justin Darr

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