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Olaf Childress
Apr. 1, 2005

Politickin’ Patsy

How many singleterm Governors does it take to furl our battle flag? You’ve lost count? Well, here’s an easier one. How many of those peecee Governors’ wives to change a light bulb? Four. One calls the press to announce the old bulb is dead as its White male inventor, another stands on the stool holding its Wal-Marted-in-China replacement, a third turns that stool while the fourth rants at Edison for not threading it leftwards.

By Clint Lacy

Because Congress invited each state to donate two statues in honor of its historic notables for Statuary Hall, Alabama sent a sculptured Confederate General Jabez Lamar Monroe Curry, way back in 1908. But, if the current first lady of that state, Patsy Riley, has her wish, it will soon be gone.

She has started a movement to replace the General Curry statue with one of Helen Keller.

According to Riley, “History changes. These wonderful people made their contributions, that’s why they’re here. But history doesn’t stop. We have more heroes born every day. Statuary Hall is, in my opinion, keeping up with the times.”

Fortunately, history only changes when Liberals get their way. Unfortunately, the Liberals have been getting their way a lot lately.

AP writer Jeffrey McMurry notes that “Swaps were not allowed until a few years ago, when Kansas lawmakers pushed through legislation to honor President Eisenhower.”

Which, in my opinion, is a classic example of an act conceived with good intentions that could have disastrous results. The article doesn’t say which statue Kansas retired in order to honor Eisenhower, but it’s evident that Liberals marked that one down in their playbook; and now Alabama First Lady Riley wants to score a peecee touchdown utilizing the same technique.

I was already a bit disappointed with Alabama’s new state quarter. Of all that might’ve represented this fine state on its new coin, the state chose… Helen Keller?

What’s wrong with “First Capitol of the Confederacy”?

I think we know.

Helen Keller is perfect for the Liberal p.c. crowd: a woman – and handicapped. To even think of questioning her image placed on anything invites the p.c. crowd to scream: “Intolerance!”

Though this Statuary Hall policy of “swapping” statues at present pertains only to Washington, D.C., it’s important to remember that Liberals love to seize upon precedents as an excuse for changing policies. There’s no doubt in my mind, this case will become a precedent for removing statues in Alabama, Missouri and anywhere for that matter.

Right now a monument protection act is about to work its way through the Missouri legislature again, and hopefully this time it will pass. It’s my opinion that every state should enact such a law – unless you want “Helen Kellers” replacing statues of more historical significance around your state.

Thanks, Clint, for touching briefly on this month’s problem child. Now let’s turn to ace political analyst Joe Hill of Liberty Consulting, a terrorist in the eyes of those who would rule the world, an inexplicable phenomenon to the low-wattage crowd, and a beacon for the rest of us.

The Missouri League of Southern Voters Freedom-Sovereignty-Heritage

Olaf Childress, Editor
The First Freedom

Welcome to:
“The People’s Consultant”

Ain’t it about time we got ourselves some well-informed professional counsel, research that ferrets out the enemy’s vulnerabilities and gives us an edge on strategies “equal” to the challenges thrown our way by those who would enslave all “equally”?

An increasing number of tabloid-sized alternate newspapers are providing free speech in its truest sense, not the filtered and sanitized version so familiar throughout the rest of the print media. Whether you agree or disagree with anything found in The First Freedom or this forum is immaterial to Liberty Consulting. What is relevant is for all views to be heard. The “media” and the “two party system,” however, will not allow it. Now that is what should scare you!

Here’s a concept you won’t read about in your daily paper, nor learn at any self-serving government school: It is the duty of each citizen to serve as a law enforcement officer. Mull that over for a sec… That’s right, you are duty bound to enforce the supreme law of the land. Such is the fundamental idea of self government. But those in power (both governmental and commercial) would prefer you not understand this. They say, “Don’t rock the boat.”

The constitution was designed so that the people remain its contractual enforcers. No one else will do that job, not even the courts. Failing our responsibilities there, the government – due to its nature – exceeds the authority we’ve delegated, turns upon us. Unless kept in check and regularly audited, government falls into the hands of conspirators dispensing money and power who push it at maximum speed in unconstitutional directions. Then we get the summons.

In a poor state of knowledge conditioned by self-serving government schools, most of us not only don’t grasp that it’s our duty to enforce the constitution, we can't even come to terms with the precepts of liberty therein described. We’re taught that it’s a civic obligation to vote (for a rigged slate) and then go join government controlled organizations, each fighting some sanctioned “war on” whatever. Wrong, Mr. civics teacher! Once you’ve mastered liberty’s axioms – the original intent of that constitution – you'll understand why teaching such doctrine is your primary civic responsibility. All other duties are secondary, including voting.

“So what does all this have to do with illegal immigration, Mr. Smarty Pants? You don’t expect us to enforce immigration laws, do you?”

Of course not. The constitution gives our federal government specific and limited functions; one, the common defense. Another requires the executive branch to enforce immigration laws. The federal government is violating both those mandates.

Arriving with today’s onslaught – thousands of illegals invading daily – are suicide bombers, infectious diseases, and God only knows what else, not to mention the stress placed on tax funded institutions. Our fundamental right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness is menaced.

By mobilizing instant action, not asking or pleading for results, but demanding, we enforce the supreme law of the land. Liberty Consulting urges you to help get the National Guard immediately deployed along the southern border. Let's have ’em understand we’ll settle for no more excuses, no lip service, no foot dragging, do it now. Anything less is unacceptable.

Don’t you see the constitutional responsibility that is ours? We not only exercise this duty, but the power; and such a fundamental issue presents the perfect opportunity for exercising those original intents of self-government. Here the Confederate Nation – which includes quite a few copperhead Yankees – launches a primary offensive battle. Contrary to incessant media lies, that flag of ours doesn’t represent hate. It evokes a deep and abiding love of sovereign liberty. Southrons and their sympathizers have wider open eyes than any other group I’m familiar with; they know well the precepts of liberty: duties incumbent upon us all, lest we roost with tyranny.

Won't you get involved in this exercise of liberty? I’ve made it easy, even provided a flyer with no Confederate flag on it if that’s your preference. We simply ask that you join the fight to

It’s your primary and momentary civic duty. No excuses.

God bless, and I hope curiosity propels you further. Read on.

In order to effectively enforce the constitution, let us become like fire ants all striking as one at a single target. We assail illegal immigration relentlessly, a single objective: Stop it – NOW! The people of these long-suffering states won't be further treaded upon; this time we sting ’em! For it’s not only our government, but each citizen’s right and duty to require of those sworn under oath with a hand on the Bible to obey its constitution – everyone we’ve delegated to carry out the supreme law of this land, along with their underlings – that they perform such offices, and no further delaying. The time is now.

You can easily become a fire ant by clicking on one or both of the logo sheet links below. Just follow these instructions. It’s simple. To do more, read on. Be creative, and, happy stinging!

Here’s the plan:

1. Make one or both of the logo sheets into flyers and distribute.

2. Copy or download the above logo and send it via regular mail to your reps in DC, frequently; include your own sentiments. Do this step if nothing else. Addresses can be found in the blue pages of the phone book.

3. Move this page around the Net as effectively, and often, as possible.

4. Get the message on your bumper. Make your own decals (it’s not copyrighted), or send a self addressed envelope and $1.00 to:

P.O. Box 751
Magnolia Springs, Al 36555
Specify with of without Confederate Flag

5. Visit The First Freedom for more information from Liberty Consulting and updates to this sheet anytime. Now, here are the tools to get started…

Flyer with battle flag

Flyer generic

Bumper stickers

Articles by Joe Hill (not copyrighted):

How can we end occupation?

We must become fire ants


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