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Submitted by Charleston Voice
Feb. 6, 2005

Some of those who have followed the endless debate on the Georgia State Flag will find the following information interesting. Have you ever wondered why the politically correct have picked the Saint Andrews Cross as their top priority target? There are two reasons; one - it is Southern and two - it is a Christian symbol.

Of course the liberal media will never print this information. Nor will you get it from the Republican or Democratic Parties. They have both had three years to discard political correctness run amok in Georgia and give the People of Georgia the right to Vote on Our State Flag, but have failed to do so. This year they have another chance with the Georgia Flag FAIR Vote Act - HB15. Will they support the 79% of Georgians who want to Vote or will they pander to special interests and the politically correct?

I hope that you find this information interesting.

Jamaica Flag and St. Andrews Cross

Jamaica is an island country located in the Atlantic Ocean, south of Cuba. Jamaica was a British colony for over 300 years, from 1655 until 1962, when it became an independent country. The flag of Jamaica was adopted on August 6, 1962. It consists of a yellow diagonal cross with green above and below and black on either side (these three colors are Pan-African colors). The width is twice the length, 3 x 6. The yellow in this flag represents the sun. The green represents the land. The black represents hardship.


The Confederate Naval jack, commonly referred to as the "Rebel flag". circa 1862, a full 100 years before Jamaica became an independent nation. See any similarities?


Now one must ask, why would a Pan African nation like Jamaica, adopt the very exact design of the Confederacy, 100 years after the fact, when this Pan African nation declared its independence from British rule. In 1962 of all times? Do you think they adopted this symbol with out knowing its roots? The truth is, the St. Andrews cross flag has always been a symbol of independence, and defiance against tyranny. Ask the Jamaicans what flag they hoisted up the VERY day they claimed their independence from British rule. They will tell you, the St. Andrews Cross.

Great Britain Flag include both a Flag of Ireland and Scotland.

Flag of Great Britain circa 2003

Do you see the St. Andrews cross in the design of this flag?


Notice that both the Flags of Scotland and Ireland were based upon the Saint Andrews Cross. How many Georgians are of Scottish, Irish or English descent? Probably close to a majority and their Heritage and History has been slandered by political correctness run amok in Georgia.

St. Andrews Cross flown in rebellion against Communist governments.

Remember Lech Walesa of the Polish shipyards many years back and the labor union he formed called Solidarity? Guess what flag they flew? Yep, the St. Andrews cross Rebel flag.

Guess what flag was flying in Tiananmen Square in China when the communists crushed the freedom movement? Yep, you guessed it again, the St. Andrews cross Battle flag.

When the Berlin wall fell, what Flag was seen being carried in the crowd? Yep, a Saint Andrews Cross Battleflag.

This flag has always been the symbol of defiance against Tyranny. Nothing has changed in 140 years, ask the Jamaicans.

Origins of Saint Andrews Cross

Saint Andrew was the first apostle of Jesus Christ. Brother of Simon Peter, and follower of John the Baptist. He went through life leading people to Jesus, both before and after the Crucifixion. Saint Andrew was a missionary in Asia Minor and Greece, and possibly areas in modern Russia and Poland. Martyred on a saltier (x-shaped) cross, he is said to have preached for two days from it.

There are several explanations for why Andrew became the patron of Scotland.

In 345, Emperor Constantine the Great decided to translate Andrew's bones from Patras to Constantinople. Saint Regulus was instructed by an angel to take many of these relics to the far northwest. He was eventually told to stop on the Fife coast of Scotland, where he founded the settlement of Saint Andrew.

In the 7th Century, Saint Wilfrid brought some of the saint's relics with him after a pilgrimage to Rome. The Scots king, Angus MacFergus, installed them at Saint Andrew's to enhance the prestige of the new diocese.

When the Pictish King Angus faced a large invading army, he prayed for guidance. A white cloud in the form of a saltier cross floated across the blue sky above him. Angus won a decisive victory, and decreed that Andrew would be the patron saint of his country.

Following Robert Bruce's victory at the Battle of Bannockburn in 1314, (the final scene in the movie Brave Heart), the Declaration of Arbroath officially named Saint Andrew the patron saint of Scotland. The Saltier became the national flag of Scotland in 1385.

If you watch closely right before the great battles begin in the movie Brave Heart, you will clearly see William Wallace's men carrying white square flags with a RED X in them. Just like below.

Alabama and Florida Flags

Below are the current state flags of Alabama and Florida. Ever seen these before?

Alabama State flag circa 2003
alabama state flag
Florida State Flag circa 2003
florida state flag

The present Alabama State Flag was authorized by the Alabama Legislature on February 16, 1895, by act number 383. According to the Acts of Alabama, 1895, the state flag was to be a crimson cross of St. Andrew on a field of white. The bars forming the cross were not to be less than six inches broad and must extend diagonally across the flag from side to side. The act does not designate a square or a rectangular flag.

The Florida state flag was authorized by a joint resolution of the legislature in 1899, approved by state voters in 1900, made this the current State Flag the official banner of Florida. The official specifications for the flag can be found in Chapter 15.012 of the Florida Statutes. "The State Flag shall conform with standard commercial sizes ( very interesting that the Florida legislature put this language into their bill. The 2003 Georgia House should take note, and they could have avoided the same debacle over 6 foot flags that caused them such great embarrassment), and be of the following portions and descriptions: The seal of the state, in diameter one-half the hoist, shall occupy the center of a white ground. Red bars, in width one-fifth the hoist, shall extend from each corner towards the center, to the outer rim of the seal.", ie. a saltier.

So one must ask, why has society always included this Christian symbol in their flags? The tired old argument of it being a symbol of white supremacy just doesn't fly, unless of course, Jamaicans are white supremacists?

The St. Andrews cross, a Christian symbol, the symbol of truth, honor, courage, and defiance against tyranny, and is never ending, ask a Jamaican. So why have you, the citizens of the State of Georgia been denied the right to Vote? The answer is sad but simple - the leadership of both the Republicans and Democrats have caved into political pressure from the politically correct, liberal papers and Atlanta Chamber and ignored the People of Georgia.

Now is the time to support the Georgia Flag FAIR Vote Act - HB15 and let the People Vote.

For information on how you can support the Georgia Flag FAIR Vote Act, click here.

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