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Justin Oldham
Mar. 8, 2005

I got a lot of response from the first article I did on this subject. It was worth 400+ hits to my site.

You don't have to be a conspiracy theorist to know that today's American militias will have to change the way they do business if they want to avoid the wrath of an increasingly hostile Federal government. U.S. foreign policy has always been a forecaster of things to come on the home front. Today's American foreign policy makes it quite clear that U.S. militias will be at risk by the end of this decade.

In the past, when our Federal government has pursued an agenda overseas, we've been able to see how that same bureaucracy will deal with us here at home. Before the trans-national terrorist threat emerged, our elected leaders were pre-occupied with matters of trade and human rights. In both cases, we saw a lot of activity on domestic soil aimed in the same directions. Some of it we agreed with, and some of it we didn't. NAFTA (North American Free-Trade Agreement) would be the best and most recent example.

As our government grapples with the threat of trans-national terror, we are faced with a growing number of disturbing indicators. Each time the government adopts a new anti-terrorist measure, it comes at the expense of just a few more of our civil liberties. Much of the new "protection" legislation that comes off Capitol Hill these days presumes that the next threat will come from hostile forces operating inside U.S. borders.

It's not really up for debate. In time, hostile forces will take action on U.S. soil. Anything these people do will be despicable and under-handed. If we're not careful, our own government might use that crisis as an excuse to clamp down on legitimate dissent. If certain officials in Washing feel the need to rally support, the good standing of our own militias might be the cost of that political power play.

It's already been said that today's militias should become more politically aware and media-savvy. As meaningful as that should be, it won't be enough to preserve one of our most fundamentally important Constitutional rights. Modern militias should assume that they'll be targeted at some point. This may not happen militarily, but it will certainly happen politically.

The actions at Ruby Ridge and Waco have long since demonstrated the need for modern militias to adapt their unconventional warfare tactics. De-centralized command and dispersion of money and supplies should now take on a whole new level of importance for group planners. No matter how much money and manpower they put in to their public images, the fact remains that they will be out-spent by Government and private-sector media conglomerates.

As dissenters of big government, militias will be natural targets for career politicians seeking to improve their own fortunes. There may come a time when U.S. militias are forced underground. This means they'll have to actively go in to hiding. Because American militias have such a strong tradition of reluctance to act, this will be the most logical step when the time comes.

As hard as they try, militia leaders in the next decade will have a hard time making the case that the groups they represent are not terrorist cells. Under these conditions as portrayed in my book, Politics & Patriotism: The Fisk Conspiracy, politicians at the Federal level may have too much to gain by making this false charge.

If they start now, most militias can take steps they feel will do them the most good. As complicated as the political side of this equation has become, militia planners should not ignore the military aspect of this problem. Recent advances in electronics now give Federal troops a big advantage. Emphasis on Urban-style tactics and house-to-house combat drill only serve to underscore this point.

Unconventional warfare remains the Patriot's best option to counter this new stance. As effective as civilian weapons may be, they no longer confer as many advantages as they once did. As today's militia members become more politically aware, they should also become more familiar with the capabilities of tomorrow's Federal forces. Like it or not, this is going to mean a re-thinking of traditional guerilla methods.

Knowing this, and knowing that there will always be a reluctance on the part of real Patriots to put these things in to practice, it isn't hard to see how today's militias can evolve in to the organizations they need to be in the world of tomorrow.

Politics & Patriotism: The Fisk Conspiracy
Cutting Edge Fiction for the 21st Century
Justin Oldham
Shadow Fusion Enterprises
Box 282
104 Muldoon Road
Anchorage, Alaska 99504
tel: 907-272-7379

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