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This issue of Freedomwriter has a number of letters.

Thank you and keep your letters coming!

Mar. 28, 2005
Cooper Landing, AK

At first it was disappointment with the administration, the Republican Party, and the Legislature. But now I, as many others, feel betrayed and violated by them, for disregarding the will of the citizens of Alaska.

The statement made in the Sept. 14, 1999 special election paid for by the taxpayers, was that 83% said, “Don’t touch the PFD without a vote of the people!” With that statement, why has the above politicians taken it upon themselves to pursue spending the earnings of the Permanent Fund in SB 98, the supplemental appropriation bill? It passed both houses last week and now is going to the Governor.

Our Legislators voted along party lines, so why vote for individuals? Just red or blue and then the Governor can be dictator.

I don’t believe this is what the citizens of Alaska expect or want. Standing up for my country in the Navy and being part of building Alaska in many ways, I believe that the people want fairness and honesty by those who we choose to lead us. Certainly not deception while campaigning and when elected, then disregarding those they are supposed to serve. They should hang their head, if they do less.


Ed Martin, Sr.
Box 521
Cooper Landing, AK 99572

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Mar. 19, 2005
Kenai, AK

Our initiative to repeal the ELF (economic limit factor) tax breaks for the big North Slope oil producers was approved last week. Alaskans now have their first real opportunity to demand that politicians stop giving away our resources to corporate special interests. We can now restore the original deal made with the big oil producers, no more and no less, for the oil that every Alaskan owns. We’re demanding fair compensation for our resources.

Alaska is the owner-state and Alaskans need to enforce the contracts made with the North Slope corporate operators. It’s unfortunate that we continue to elect politicians who put corporate profits before the rights of every Alaskan, politicians who choose to increase taxes for Alaskans, deny benefits to Alaskans, and give the proceeds to their corporate special interests. The raids on the permanent fund earnings and breaking of our contract with Alaska’s senior citizens by terminating the longevity bonus should never have occurred, while corporate operators receive hundreds of millions of dollars in tax breaks on top of billions of dollars in wind-fall profits.

Stop this injustice and work for a brighter future for all Alaskans. Article 8, Section 2 of the Alaskan Constitution states that all natural resources shall be utilized for the maximum benefit of all Alaskans. Support our initiative to restore just compensation for resources that all Alaskans own.

James Price
PO Box 7043
Nikiski, AK 99635
907-776-3481 home
907-394-2054 cell phone

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Mar. 18, 2005

Judge George Greer in the Terri Schiavo has defied the Congressional subpoena granting the protections of the legislative branch of government to this incapacitated woman unable to speak for herself.

Maybe those appearing before this renegade magistrate should thumb their noses at his rulings in much the same manner as he has decided to thumb his nose at this decision.

Where are all the liberals that insist Judge Moore must obey the rulings of higher governing bodies whether he agrees with them or not? Guess they had to get rid of "Thou shalt not kill" so they could get by with what they are doing now.

One of the sad truths of this life is that most of us leave it under less than wonderful circumstances. One can only hope that those seeking to speed up the departure of Terri Schiavo from this world will be so gripped with guilt in the time of their own physical delcine that they are constantly looking over their shoulders in fear of who might be lurking in the shadows to inflict the same social evils upon them they now seek to unleash upon the rest of us.

Frederick Meekins
Copyright 2005 By Frederick Meekins

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Feb. 27, 2005

I have heard of the motion of alimni, and I am interested in learning about it. Milton Baxley is the only one to file a civil rights suit against a judge that denied someone the motion of alimni in their case. I cannot find the definition, use, or information about this legal procedure. Maybe you have some information. Thanks.

James D. Smith

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Feb. 11, 2005

I am interested to know if you have any followup information regarding this article on your website.

Mike Lee

Dear Mike Lee:

While FreedomWriter.Com does not endorse one way or the other any tax advice found in any articles submitted & published, I did find some URLS for you while doing an internet search for the American Rights Litigators:

---The Editor

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Feb. 9, 2005

I think the reason for the very large compensation for the victims of 9/11 is fairly obvious. The government needed to keep survivors from bringing this case into court where evidence which could be incriminating to Bush and his top advisers might be exposed. Nine-eleven was not as well organized or concealed as the bombing in Oklahoma City. It was vulnerable to examination, and Congress knew it. In fact, just about everyone knew it except the general public.

Don Stacey

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Feb. 5, 2005

During the inauguration, our President had 13,000 troops, police officers and federal agents protecting him. Many of them were military commandos from Delta Force. There use is forbidden under the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878, which restricts military forces from performing domestic law enforcement duties, like policing. It was enacted after the Civil War in response to the misuse of federal troops who were policing the South. The commandos used at the inauguration were the same type of Special Operations Forces who are hunting top insurgents in Iraq, Osama bin Laden in the wilds of Afghanistan and Pakistan and may be hunting you in the future in the streets and forests of America. The Northern Command, under a contingency plan called JCS Conplan 0300-97, calls for special-mission units in "extra-legal" missions to combat terrorism in the US. Worse yet, this illegal and unconstitutional plan has been confirmed by three senior Defense Department and Bush administration officials and they characterized it as "extra-legal," which in simple language means illegal. They combat terrorism under the Defense Department Authorization Act, Public Law 106-65 to assist local enforcement. The problem is anyone who disagrees with the administration is a terrorist.

Robert Chapman / International Forecaster

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