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This issue of Freedomwriter has a number of letters.

Thank you and keep your letters coming!

Aug 31, 2003
Wasilla, AK

It’s official, folks. The Rule of Law in Alaska no longer exists. Several years ago, a recall case was initiated against Mat-Su Borough Mayor Tim Anderson and Assembly person Jim Colver for holding secret meetings on the public’s business. The court ruled that although there were violations of the law, recall should not be taken lightly, as it interferes with the democratic process.

Last week, a court found although there were NO violations of the law and he correctly followed senate ethics rules that Sen Scott Ogan should be recalled, as it would interfere with the democratic process if he were not recalled!!!

These remarkable results mean that your government has officially been taken over by judges in Alaska trained in the George Orwell 1984 School of Law. On closer examination, it also means that if you are a working man or woman, you cannot be a legislator. You must be supported by a trust fund, a rich spouse, or out of state environmental organizations, and the only laws you are allowed to participate in are those which further the cause of socialism or add to the 97,000 pages of existing regulations!

The final lesson is that the angry pony tailed liars who initiated the recall were too stupid to realize that nothing Sen Ogan did changed the Alaska State Constitution and they are the final dupes; they still do not own the property they stand on, and their legal results will be used against them just as Germans were added to the concentration camps when the Jews became scarce. Pity them….

Penny Nixon,
Chair, Last Frontier Foundation, Inc
PMB 385, PO Box 875910
Wasilla, AK 99687-5910
(907) 357-1747

The Last Frontier Foundation is dedicated to provide educational and research services to citizen organizations to maintain the freedom of individuals under the Constitution of the United States. The Last Frontier Foundation Freedom Fund is the Political Action Committee of the Last Frontier Foundation. Contributions or gifts to the Last Frontier Foundation are tax deductible in accordance with IRS 501(c)(3) status. Contributions to the Freedom Fund are political donations and are not tax deductible.

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Aug 16, 2004

This comes from "The International Forecaster" by Robert Chapman:

Long-time subscribers may find the following paragraph redundant but because we have had a large influx of new subscribers over the past few months we would like to impart what the “Plunge Protection Team” consists of.

The Working Group on Financial Markets, the PPT, was formed as a result of an executive order executed by Ronald Reagan on 3/18/88. Six months previous, the stock market had collapsed in a number of days and the Administration and the Fed wanted to stop such occurrences in the future.

Prior to the order, during the debacle, the Fed was in the markets manipulating. The order appoints the Secretary of Treasury, the Fed Chairman, the SEC Chairman, CFTC Chairman and the had of the NY Fed and their designates; these are the people who actually execute the manipulation to fulfill their dictates. There is nothing democratic or fair about the process. It is done in secret, and even though it is legal, those in government lie about its existence and the effects it has on markets. As you can see we no longer have free markets.

This is the type of order you would expect in Nazi Germany - Corporatist fascism. The elitists, of course, say the purpose of these manipulations is to “enhance the integrity, efficiency, orderliness and competitiveness of our Nation’s financial markets and maintain investor confidence”. Of course, nothing could be further from the truth. Thus, the US Treasury provides the Working Group with administrative funds and support services as may be necessary for the performance of its functions. Thus, you have a massive staff 24 hours a day manipulating any market they choose and they do this every day.

In the process they employ the assistance of anointed investment banks, banks and brokerage houses to assist in the manipulation. They are guaranteed against loss. This is the crew that supposedly smoothes out the market when there is downside volatility. They are not attending to volitility, they are rigging the market. In the final analysis, our government does not believe in free markets, they demand managed markets as any fascist state would. That is because they know best what is good for us.

The PPT was the brainchild of Fed governor Robert Heller in 1989, who was a disaster as an economist. Even though the Fed intervened in the stock and gold markets in 1987, the program as we know it today really did not get underway until 1990 as the Japanese market began to come unglued. This was a deal between Sir Alan Greenspan and Yaseio Fukuda, who was Japanese Finance Minister at that time. We have taken this time to re-explain this issue so our readers can fully and truly understand what evil crooks are running our government. This is not some fantasy I have conjured up in my mind. This is provable, this is law, and this is reality. The “Working Group on Financial Markets” - the “Plunge Protection Team” exists.

These one-world fascist, elitists want to regulate every facet of our economic life and if you think this is bad wait until they have their one-world government in place. This manipulation is against everything America stands for. Since 1987 the PPT has been rigging all world markets when it suits them and they have an endless supply of money to affect that. Incidentally, these elitists control our media, particularly GEs CNBC, and that is why you never heard a word about what the government is doing in this regard. The Fed and the Treasury have to keep up the illusion of solvency and to that end, not only must they bamboozle the public, but they must also continually pour liquidity into the market. It also should not be overlooked that government and the elitists in the brokerage and investment business are making a fortune doing this, but ultimately in the process once and for all they will destroy the integrity of our markets. Finally, the Fed is finding that it cannot indiscriminately increase aggregates because when it does the dollar falls putting pressure on the stock market and assists gold’s upward movement. The only way the Fed can increase liquidity without anyone realizing it is to have the Treasury secretly do it via the PPT from offshore locations, which the Fed clandestinely funds.

One of the problems the Fed and the Treasury has is they want to be flat after they have driven the market up or gold down, quickly. That is why the market has traded between 9,800 and 10,400 on the DOW for so long and why gold trades $20 to $40 lower and then turns around and comes right back. We are of the opinion that after the election these elitists know they can no longer hold the system of manipulation together and finally the markets will become unglued. If 3% growth with massive monetary and fiscal growth and tax cuts is all they can muster, then the second half of 2004 will be economically slower and 2005 will be worse. That means a plunging dollar and higher gold and silver prices as the Fed and Treasury lose control of the system and that is when the purging of the system begins. That means those who are short gold will drive gold higher as they attempt to exit their positions, this will also set up a chain reaction in derivatives, which will drive gold and silver higher and at the same time start a destructive sequence of events in the economy. This process does not keep the Fed from increasing aggregates by over trillion a year, which will drive interest rates higher and the dollar lower. These criminals will not go down without a fight, so it could be four to 6 years before we will finally smoke them. The Fed, Congress and the President will ultimately do what they did in the 1930s, too late they will abandon free trade and they will increase income taxes. The taxes will come beginning in 2005; the curtailment of free trade will come in 2006. These painful moves will bring on the depression after there is no way to any longer avoid it.

Donald Stacey

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Aug 16, 2004
Phil. PA

The Editors
The Washington Post

Matthew Mosk's broadside in today's Washington Post (August 16th) on Constitution Party Presidential candidate Michael Peroutka is most revealing and refreshing. Revealing, because the Post's decision to miscast Peroutka as a racist and fringe candidate in fact shows his progress in advancing the campaign of the Real Right in the United States in a way which has made George Bush and Dick Cheney especially nervous from their perch Inside the Beltway. Refreshing in that the Post coverage simply tells that many more people about the Peroutka effort in 42 plus states between now and Election Day.

Mr. Peroutka is neither a racist nor an extremist. He believes in the original intent of the Constitution, which limited the powers of the Federal government; he opposes the war in Iraq as an ill-fated move motivated by the agenda of the Project for the New American Century (PNAC),and which did not have the imprimatur of a Constitutionally mandated Declaration of War; he opposes the globalist trade treaties NAFTA, GATT, WTO, and PMFN for Red China as injurious to the American worker and the exploitation of 3rd World cheap labor abroad; he opposes George Bush's declaration of amnesty for yet another 12-15 million illegal aliens in the United States; and he rightly wants to curb the jurisdiction of a runaway judicial system which wants to foist the legitimization of homosexual marriage and the continued denial of the rights of the unborn to life upon what was an Old Republic rooted in the presuppositions of Christian theism.

It is my hope that the Washington Post will be fair enough in its coverage to print this letter. More importantly, I hope it will print a link to Mr. Peroutka's campaign web site at to enable its readers, however they feel about the man's policy positions, to assess him as a human being in comparison to the spin placed on his public and private persona by Mr. Mosk, the Southern Poverty Law Center, and the far-left Baltimore City Paper.

Pastor Mark Dankof

(For verification: telephone 215-643-5540 (home)
610-565-7020, ext. 329 (work)
700 Lower State Road
Apt 7A2
North Wales, PA 19454-2167

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Aug 16, 2004

Once again, Robert Chapman, Publisher of The International Forecaster, pulls no punches:

We hope you enjoyed the latest phony orange terrorist alert. George and the neocons have one every time bad news is near. The spate of ugly reports last week qualify. The Dow obviously agreed down some 300 points, half of which occurred before the bad news, which indicates that those in the know knew ahead of time. Everything is phony in our society today. We have the PPT* and the Fed via the bullion banks and brokerage houses rigging gold and silver prices, currencies, interest rates, stock indexes, commodity prices and elections. It leaves you with little belief in anything, with our government ranked number one on the hit parade.

It is all part of psywar conditioning. Your papers please, you must answer our questions or you are automatically guilty. You will cooperate. The formulated agenda is that everything including intelligence is being manipulated and that is because they, the elitists, know best what is good for you. Where you are born, live, educated and what you will peruse as a career. Whether you will be allowed to breed and with whom or perhaps you will be designated to be a homosexual. After having a family you will be told where to live and work. Your wife may live and work in another city and your children will attend a government school in a third city. Government will rear your children, etc. etc. That is the brave new Orwellian world the elitists have in store for you, your children and your grandchildren.

Homeland Security is not to defend and protect America and its citizens. It is a Fatherland Security to protect the fascist state from the people. The periodic threats planned and identified by Fatherland Security are about to become more numerous and finally the public is beginning to get suspicious. They are finally realizing that alerts are to divert attention from other negative events or issues. The dimwits in our society, who cannot think beyond their noses, will of course welcome a red alert, martial law and no elections. They will welcome and covet our government’s protection from those phantom monsters. Our controlled media, government, Wall Street, big business, bankers and the likes of propaganda specialist, like CNBC, will keep the public bamboozled, as our politicians will swear it is true. 05% of our politicians are bought and paid for, what do you expect. They can be counted on to be witnesses at your firing squad. It is like all those politicians representing Arizona citizens who back illegal immigration when 80% of their constituents are against it. They do not ever represent you, they represent themselves, reelection, feeding at the public trough and special elitist interests. They go along with the program because they have no decency. As alerts increase we will see more and more the presence of uniformed soldiers and swat teams in black garb, all with automatic assault weapons.

This is part of the occupational presence that you will be conditioned for. Few will figure out they cannot stop bombs and that their presence is there to control and suppress the people. This is the acceptance of a police state. Soon it becomes normal. Due to their presence, you will no longer need your personal weapons, so you will be directed by executive order to relinquish them to the state, and if you do not and you are discovered with them in your possession, you will be shot. It is all conditioning for the New World Order. If you do not think we are headed in this direction, you are mistaken. This is to be our brave new world and anyone who does not cooperate will be silenced one way or another.

Just to give you an idea of the elitist thought process, which allows them to do as they please, the theft of classified government documents by Samuel Berger from our National Archives will not be prosecuted. Why? Because he only made copies and did not remove the originals. They forgot to consider that in his original visit he stole the original copies. They must think we are stupid. He is guilty of espionage and theft of government property, plain and simple. As you see, elitists are not prosecuted nor do they go to jail. Only you and I go to jail. We are not among the anointed. The man is a common thief. You didn’t see or hear of this in your media, did you?

*Plunge Protection Team

Donald Stacey

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August 9, 2004
Columbia, SC

The support present in America for John F. Kerry reflects how unvirtuous, immoral, and wicked that segment of the country is - John Kerry is an open pro-abort and pro-sodomite. "He is a CFR-member" and is an unrepentant member of the occultic Yale Skull and Bones secret society.  Kerry is a "front" man, a puppet, for the Illuminati Rockefeller Establishment taking America into the new world order of one-world government.  His running mate, John Edwards, attended the Illuminati's Bilderberger meeting in Italy two months ago (as also did Ralph Reed, former head of Pat Robertson's "Christian" Coalition, and now the Southeast regional chairman for the Bush-Cheney re-election campaign).

* See a concise overview article about the CFR on the internet.

To vote for John F. Kerry is to sin against God.

The support present in America for George W. Bush reflects how biblically ignoramt, spiritually immature, fearful, and idolatrous the Church is - Bush is a pragmatic pro-abort and pragmatic pro-sodomite, funding Planned Parenthood (Murder, Inc.) with over $100 MILLION per year, appointing open sodomites to high office, and supporting sodomite "civil unions."  George W. Bush is NOT Pro-Life and he is NOT Pro-Family.

See for much more documentation, press releases, and articles attesting to Bush's justification of abortion, sodomy, and Islam. Then read Proverb 17:15. "Bush is surrounded by CFR-members in his administration and is an unrepentant member of the occultic Yale Skull and Bones secret society.  Bush is a "front" man, a puppet for the Illuminati Rockefeller Establishment taking America into the new world order of one-world government.  His running mate, Dick Cheney, is a CFR-member, has been on the CFR board of directors, and has been a member of the Rockefeller co-founded Trilateral Commission, another Illuminati Establishment organization to advance the New World Order, just like the CFR, the Bilderbergers, Skull and Bones, etc., etc.

To vote for George W. Bush is to sin against God.

"In the November 2004 elections, my plea with Christians is to vote for righteousness, ... The Bible says that righteousness exalteth a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people [Proverb 14:34]. If Christians vote for Republicans or Democrats, they are wasting their votes."
-- Steve Lefemine,
director of Columbia Christians for Life 

On November 2, 2004, vote for American Independence from the Illuminati Establishment's puppets they have already picked out for you to choose from: George W. Bush or John F. Kerry - as has been said over and over again, for decades, by people across the political spectrum, "There's not a dime's worth of difference between the two dominant parties, the Republicans and Democrats." There's a good reason why that is true.  It's because the Illuminati Rockefeller Establishment, most visibily represented by the CFR, Trilateral Commission, Bilderbergers, Skull and Bones secret society, and other such groups, controls BOTH national parties !!   The American people are being played for fools, by an incessant "good cop / bad cop" charade in which we are made to think we really have a choice between candidates, but all or most of the "dogs in the race" are the Illuminati's !!  How can they lose ?  For example, in the competition for the

Democratic nomination for president this year, FIVE out of ten candidates were CFR members !! (Kerry, Gephardt, Lieberman, Clark, and Graham), and now Edwards has attended Bilderberg (where Bush's Ralph Reed was present also) !

On November 2, 2004, vote to preserve American Independence from the New World Order.  Vote Third Party !

Steve Lefemine,
pro-life missionary
dir., Columbia Christians for Life
CCL lobbyist
Columbia, SC


See a concise overview article about the CFR on the internet.

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July, 31, 2004

In his article today, A Question of Character: Kerry is a Mass Murderer; Bush is a Psycho--What's A Voter To Do, Justin Raimondo clearly gets it right all the way around this time.

As a orthodox, evangelical Lutheran pastor and a member of the Constitution Party, I will clearly deplore Mr. Raimondo's views on homosexuality and drugs, among other things. But his clear message that those of us who oppose un-Constitutional wars, the Draft, and interventionism abroad must coalesce around this issue against the Republicrat War Party is the correct one.

This on-target alarm and call-to-arms has been sounded by our best Left to Right thinkers, from Cockburn/Chomsky/Vidal and Company on the Left to our beloved Pat Buchanan on the Right. And within the Real Right on this issue (Libertarians and Constitutionalists) we can and must work together to proclaim this message and the imminent dangers we face, while respectfully agreeing never to agree on the social issues that may have caused Mr. Raimondo to unfairly dismiss Michael Peroutka of the Constitution Party previously as a real and viable alternative nationwide for the Antiwar Right in 40+ states.

For the record: Mr. Raimondo gives Michael Peroutka a much better shake this time, and deserves public credit for clearing the slate. His latest article states the truth clearly:

"The Kerry-ite Popular Front is yelping that now is not the time to cast a "protest vote," but they couldn't be more wrong. It is precisely now, when the leading – and, in an important sense, the only – issue is the war, that a protest is most crucial, and there is no better way to do that than at the ballot box this November. An unprecedented vote for third party candidates, whether Nader, Michael Badnarik (the Libertarian candidate), or Michael Peroutka (the Constitution party nominee)."

One final note: I would invite Mr. Raimondo and Eric Garris to interview Mr. Peroutka at their convenience, both to discern the level of his commitment to the issues so rightly covered by daily, and to discover him as a congenial, decent human being. Let's coalesce where we can--while we can.

Pastor Mark Dankof

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Jun 28, 2004
Ester, AK

Governor Murkowski seems obsessed with tapping the Permanent Fund, and dead set against openly discussing standardizing oil revenues.

Maybe it's coincidental that Murkowski protects oil companies that contributed to his past campaigns. It’s difficult to watch him groping at the Permanent Fund when he's helped to maintain oil revenues that are less than half those of other oil producing countries. He accepted contributions from oil companies, then maintains sweetheart deals for those same companies, at a cost to his own constituency; ethically questionable....

Frank should remember we’re not ‘Bank of the North,’ and he’d be wise to read article 8, sections 1 & 2 of the State constitution concerning managing our resources.

He claims that we’re broke. The only reason that we're 'broke' is that he continues giving away our resources at bargain prices to companies that spend a pittance of their profits making sure they continue to fatten on Alaska’s oil trough.

Some say “Alaskans don't pay taxes, and we’re naive of the costs of government”; nonsense!! Alaska’s citizens own Alaska’s sub-surface minerals, and revenues from oil were supposed to meet our administrative needs.

Persons curious about comparisons between Alaska’s oil revenues, versus other countries’ revenues, can go to, and read "Squandering Our Resources".

Our representatives have favored those who helped cultivate their political careers at our expense.

Dirk R. Nelson
P.O. Box 283
Ester, Alaska, 99725-0283
Home telephone: 907-457-1230
Voice Mail: 907-456-3475

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June 21, 2004
Littlestown, PA

Your commentary (issue 30):

The most brilliant piece I have read all week! Maybe all year! I was impressed. It was really a lot to digest late at night. Point is, you haven't lost your focus nor love of the people of Alaska and this entire country.

You're not compromised...they are, which is why we have to watch all of them. I consider myself an independent, not by choice... was driven to it.

Again, it just gave me chills what you wrote, it blew almost every talking head I can visualize off the map! It proves once again the leaders are not worthy of their constituency! Nor as eloquent.

I am serious. All our friends and everyone else should read this.


Bob Michels
(former Alaskan)

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June 7, 2004

A formal request to Senator Kerry to direct his delegates to General Clark.


The following letter will be a full page ad in the NY Times (assuming that the money is donated for it). This letter has NOT been endorsed by General Wesley Clark or his supporters; in fact, MOST supporters decry its circulation in the most strenuous ways imaginable because they believe the Republicans/media will twist it to undermine the future political viability of Clark. (A few folks really liked it and didn’t understand why all the fuss.) Be that is it may….

“Let no man imagine that he has no influence. Whoever he may be, and wherever he may be placed, the man who thinks becomes a light and a power.”
–Henry George

Dear Senator Kerry, We Respectfully Request Your Input:

We, the undersigned, are dissatisfied with how money, politics and media caused undue influence in determining the Democratic nominee. And, as you know if you saw Wes Clark on Charlie Rose the night before he endorsed you, Wes has, in effect, mirrored the sentiments that the process did not unfold purely democratically. To that end, we cordially request you to indulge us in debating the merits of why your nomination better suits the nation than General Clark's; because the process of finding the best man for the job should not come down to a game of who is better at running a campaign, raising money and circumventing the media bias.

It is our contention that Wes Clark is, beyond a shadow of a doubt, the man most capable of recapturing for the Nation the ideals that the Democratic Party was founded upon. We don't necessarily doubt that you would make us proud to have you as our Commander in Chief, but we believe wholeheartedly that Wes will be more capable in fulfilling those duties, as well as being much, much more likely to fetch the potential Bush defector voters.

Though you must already be fully aware of just what a national treasure General Clark is, suppose that a genie offered to create the ideal presidential candidate from your imagination. The fact is that your imagination would fall short ...because who would think to throw in that the man spent a month in a junkyard rebuilding a car because, despite being a commander in the army at age 41, he simply did not have the money to do otherwise when he needed two cars for his family and military duties. Talk about “a man’s man”!

In the spirit of the unity which we all share in recognizing that Nothing Is More Imperative Than Removing President Magoo, and recognizing that this means that every vote counts more than ever, and that, moreover, the swing voters are going to decide this election, we implore you to consider directing your delegates to Wesley K. Clark. Aside from our belief that he will both be better for the Nation and more likely to beat the incumbent Embarrassing Insult (bless his heart ;) we also feel that if you publicly retract your vie for the White House--on account of recognizing that some of your words and votes could be considered unbecoming of a political leader--you would be doing your duty of illustrating to the electorate that Democrats do, indeed, expect to be held accountable for how we act on the people's behalf. In light of the current administration's complete lack of living up to any such standard (i.e., Bush’s quips of “What’s the difference?” and “I don’t want to get into a word contest.”) we could really go for some actual examples of what that means. (We could also really go for an example of basing decisions on facts rather than wishful thinking.)

Senator Kerry, the reservations which we list below are not meant with disrespect towards you. We believe that your intent to serve your constituency has been sincere, and that, overall, you share our vision of how much potential America has if guided by the right leadership. However, it serves the best interest of the nation if voters are aware of certain occasions when you did not use the proper discretion when acting on behalf of the American public; or are, at least, strongly perceived to have either used poor discretion or were inconsistent. Conversely, the democratic voters should have a fuller appreciation of what makes Wesley Clark so deserving of the responsibility, the trust, and the authority that comes with being the Commander In Chief. If the following does not deter you from claiming the mantle of the presidency, please, out of respect for the first amendment and the democratic process, engage us in debate on why it is that, despite the very legitimate concerns laid out here, you still think you’re best suited to defeat Flyboy, as well as being better able than Clark to foster the spirit of unity so desperately needed right now. Because surely you must concede that the simple and obvious strategy for the Democrats to win the election is for us to put our best face forward.

  1. Your voting record on national security. As you must already be aware, the right wing media, including Libertarian Neil Boortz, are having a field day with it. Even if we give you the benefit of the doubt that you could justify every one of those votes, that will not change the fact that those potential Bush defectors are going to perceive you as weak and wishy-washy on national security, as well as simply being an opportunist. There is also much contention on your post-Vietnam protests. (To those Clark detractors such as Mr. Boortz who purport that “weasel Clark” is against the Iraq war, we suggest you read the actual testimony General Clark gave before Congress in September of 2002 so you can see for yourself that he is against the timing and pacing of the war, not the actual intent of neutralizing the threat of Saddam Hussein; link)

  2. You said on St. Patrick's Day: "I may not be Irish, but at least I'm not French." In hindsight you must concede that such comments alienate our allies (not to mention foster the atmosphere to do so). You must further concede that it doesn't serve our best interest to alienate our allies since the more allied forces we have in Iraq, the less of our troops will be in harm’s way. ( Even Joe Biden used the example of “Freedom Fries” on Air Force One as an example of Mr. Bush’s backward diplomacy tactics.)

  3. You neglected to show up for the vote on the omnibus bill (which we lost by 8 votes) because you were campaigning. That is to say, you were seeking to gain the people's trust that you would act on our behalf, yet failed to do so because you were trying to convince us that that's what you are committed to. (Meanwhile, Clark took off time from campaigning to testify against Milosivich.)

  4. You have the greatest amount of questionable ties to corporate interests. So great, in fact, that most people privy to an advanced copy of this letter all agree with the sentiment that “Kerry will never acquiesce to this plea no matter how clear cut the argument is because he is just too beholden to mega-corporate money, so they wouldn’t allow him to.”

  5. You undoubtedly have a firm grasp of foreign policy and national security matters, but no one can dispute that Wes Clark commands that arena like no one else. Moreover, he brings to the table the Invaluable asset of already-established personal relationships with essentially all of our “ex-“ allies. (And Clark’s command of economic issues is also on par with the best of them.) Did you know that fifty-five ambassadors endorsed him!?

  6. Wesley Clark's financial, regional, and spiritual background will garner him much more empathy votes than your background will.

  7. We have encountered, either first hand or through second hand accounts, countless examples of potential swing voters who are quite comfortable with abandoning Bush or a third party candidate for Clark, but are less likely to defect for you. (And we’re stating this very, very mildly, sir.)

  8. Due to the media bias and the average constituent’s lack of motivation to become informed most people either never heard of Clark or just know that he was a general. Invariably, however, once these folks learn of General Clark's distinguished record of accomplishments, his unmitigated dedication, his fundamental grasp of both domestic and foreign affairs, and an utter absence of ulterior motive, then they are quite convinced that you couldn’t ask for more in a President (nor have a better chance of beating Bush). Conversely, most primary voters were not quite aware of the shortcomings that make you vulnerable to the machinations of the Republican campaign team. (And it must be noted that in most primaries Republicans were allowed to vote; think about that.) A successful democratic process is predicated on voters making informed choices.

  9. You called your secret service protection agent—a man sworn to risk his life to protect yours--a “son of a bitch” after he accidentally knocked you down while skiing; and this was after the fact, not in the heat of the moment when it happened. It’s hard to find a way to politely rebuke such decorum, particularly in someone seeking to convey presidentiality. You also made the pathetic remark that “it’s not my SUV, it’s the family’s.” That’s just embarrassing.

  10. The last one is bigger than all of the others combined: YOU WERE AMONG THOSE WHO VOTED TO GIVE AWAY CONGRESS’ AUTHORITY TO VETO WAR. Do we even need to elaborate on how that was the most foolish and dangerous decision in the history of decisions? Someone said to me today that we couldn’t run the nation purely by letting everything come down to referendums for each person to vote on instead of just letting the elected officials act on our behalf because, after all, the people aren’t intelligent enough to understand what they’re voting for. Right! We’re mostly very blind folk and we’re especially driven irrational by fear,particularly after events like September 11. So we rely on our elected officials to be the voice of reason, not to be subservient to our fickle, exaggerated fears. If the Democrats really wanted to set a good example, they would all resign over having given the so-called commander in chief carte blanche pass to wage war. It’s not like he hadn’t already proven that he’s The World’s Biggest Schmuck.

We’re talking about people who applaud him even when he fugging does a running gag about the failure to find WMDs. Republicans don’t care that he read to children after being told “we’re under attack” and they think it’s perfectly hunky dory that Mr. Bush DID NOT EVEN ATTEND THE FIRST PRINCIPLES MEETING ON COUNTERTERRORISM ON SEPTEMBER 4, 2001, let alone that he did not consult with either Sr. Bush or Powell on war with Iraq—BECAUSE HE BELIEVES THAT GOD ORDAINED THE INVASION, AND HE DOESN’T EVEN THINK HE SHOULD KEEP THAT TO HIMSELF.

So if that doesn’t wake you up to the fact that we cannot take anything for granted with swing voters then you're in as muchdenial as the other side of the aisle.

You becoming the Democratic nominee couldn't please the dastardly Karl Rove any greater. He’s jumping up and down, salivating at the thought of taking you out at the knees. In fact, the media did their part to have things go in your and Edwards' favor because they believed that Clark would be their greatest threat to Mr. Bush’s tenure. Wouldn't it be doubly glorious to turn the tables on their own game? Conversely, it would be catastrophic enough if Mr. Bush was put back in charge, but especially demoralizing if the Republicans could revel in how they successfully manipulated the public through their control of the media. How smug we could all feel to make all the attack commercials they’ve paid for in the months leading up to the Democratic convention completely moot.

Senator Kerry, sir, even if you believe in your heart that you are not any more likely to be defeated by President Magoo than General Clark, and you also believe that, despite Wes’ proven administrative and political prowess within the military, you have more direct legislative experience to implement a Democratic agenda, please, please, please, look beyond the mere necessity for us to reclaim the helm from our Republican adversaries.

Sure, any Democrat will serve us better pretty much by just doing the opposite of what Mr. Bush is told to do, but bear in mind that between the highly contentious 2000 election, the horror of September 11, the debacle of Iraq, and the thorough ability of the Bush administration to polarize us both within our borders and beyond, Our Nation is in deep need of healing and reconciliation.

Simply put, Wesley is the only man suited to give us the Comfort we so desperately need because he’s the one ultra-qualified person whom the most people will be comfortable with. Not to mention that he’s an inspiring guy. (Seriously, did you not see that killer Flash Gordon parody of Wes saving us from the evil Bush administration?)

If we are going to truly begin anew with a genuine Spirit of Dedication and Unity—-betweenAmericans and Americans, and between Americans and the rest of the world Community—-we need to bend over backwards to embrace, and to reflect, that Spirit of Unity and Reconciliation so direly lacking right now. If you are elected President most of us will breathe a much needed sigh of relief as we watch the Bush administration leave on the horse they rode in on. But your election will still harbor much contention, among both diehard Republicans and the Anybody But Bush contingent. There needs to be the most highly charged atmosphere of inclusion and teamwork possible—-and a palpable feeling that we can still have faith in the democratic process. Imagine the tone such a magnanimous gesture would set.

Obviously this kind of request goes beyond tilting at windmills, as they say; and to believe that a person in your position would pass up the opportunity to hold the highest office in the land verges on pure fantasy.

But, in light of the contrast between the ultimate nightmare administration (as well as the ultimate nightmare of 9/11), and the ultimate dream nominee showing up at our door at the most opportune and critical time in history, it doesn’t seem so farfetched to believe that a man in your position would be capable of making such an unprecedented sacrifice. To pass up having your own chapter in American history books will certainly be a hard pill to swallow…but such a pill will certainly go down a lot easier knowing that the opening chapter to President Clark’s legacy will be preceded by the statement: There but for the grace of John Kerry went the finest leader America and the world has ever been so privileged to have serve on our behalf.

One of the primary signatories of this letter declared that “Wesley Clark is not going to lose this thing on my watch! ... and if he does, then I’ll just have to have my Underdog tattoo surgically removed.” So, Senator Kerry, sir, it will be on your head if a perfectly good Underdog tattoo gets destroyed.

As Thomas Paine said when he anonymously authored Common Sense: “Who the author of this production is, is wholly unnecessary to the Public, as the Object for Attention is the Doctrine itself, not the Man. Yet it may not be unnecessary to say, That he is unconnected with any Party, and under no sort of Influence public or private, but the influence of reason and principle.”

The more protests I get on this letter the more emboldened I get to circulate it since everyone’s concerns simply show that this idea has the potential to back Kerry into a corner and acquiesce in recognition that his electability is very flimsy. So, until someone simply addresses the question as to why it would be a bad idea for Kerry to defer his delegates to Clark this letter will continue to be circulated as far and wide as possible.

P.P.P.P. S.
When Howard Zinn was on Air America Radio he said that “At least with Kerry we’ll have a ledge to stand on.” Is that what you democrats are willing to settle for? Just a friggin’ ledge?!

silence dogooder

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June 1, 2004

I HAVE READ SOME SAD ARTICALS ABOUT THE INJUSTICE OUR GOV. ALLOWS TO HAPPEN IN THIS COUNTRY-FROM FED.STATE-COUNTY AND CITY. Where does law want to take us? DO we have any options left when our so called fellow americans decide how we should live in the land of the free which isn't how I perceive and others that I listen-read seem to agree. Are we doomed because we are unable to fight for our rights since all of our funds have been depleted by ignorant laws and people who implement them to justify their existance. I like many walk around in a daze as the clock clicks and each click reminds me of all the things I want to do passes me by while others go on their merry way oblivious to others who have been victimized by power hungry greedy thieves. Life should not be a game of monopoly where one takes all.

Charles Williams

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May 18, 2004

What action can I take against IRS for levy's and harrasment

Larry Williams

Webmaster's Comments:

Please check with groups like Save A Patriot which have a good track record against the harassment against the individual.

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