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Aug. 2004

During this election year, whether it be at the primary elections in your various states, or during the general election this November 2, 2004, you, the American citizen voter, have a unique opportunity to express your choice at the ballot box, in spite of the oligarchy-duopoly of the two party system. Let's take a look at the some the things that I believe should be important in your decision-making process.

First, let's consider Congress, as a whole. Congress just gave itself another pay raise to $158,000 per year. Did you get a pay raise in the private sector this year? Members of Congress get paid $1,519 per day for working just 104 days per year. Do you get 261 days off in the private sector each year? Congress is raiding the Social Security Trust Fund to pay for it's wasteful spending. Do you get to borrow against your own Social Security retirement, your pension, your annuity, your IRA, your 401(k) plan to sustain a profligate lifestyle, with no intention of ever paying it back? Since conservatives gave the Republican Party control of both the House & Senate we have also seen:

  1. Conservative judges blocked & stalled from their court nominations;

  2. Federal spending increased faster than under the Clinton Administration;

  3. The federal welfare state expanded the most in four decades;

  4. Amnesty proposed for illegal aliens;

  5. An education bill that Sen. Ted Kennedy (D-MA) helped write;

  6. A $7.5 trillion deficit in spite of insufficient money for adequate homeland security even with recent terrorism high alerts.

So I ask you, what's the difference between the Republican & Democratic Parties?

Second, let's consider our federal Judiciary. We have liberal judges across the country imposing lenient sentences on criminals, not counting the ones they let go. We have federal judges who write that you, the free American non-felon citizen, have no right to own a gun, unless you are part of a state militia. We have an entire federal Circuit Court of Appeals (the infamous 9th) that writes you cannot worship God in public, that any display of Christianity on public property is unconstitutional, & that you cannot say " nation UNDER GOD..." when you recite the Pledge of Allegiance. So I ask you, what's the difference between the Republican & Democratic Parties when it comes to nominating, confirming, or impeaching federal judges?

Third, let's consider our Presidency. Within our Executive Branch, the Pentagon & State Department are planning to set up a 75,000 member international peacekeeping force, called the "Global Peace Operations Initiative", with their first deployment scheduled for Africa, & estimated to cost us taxpayers $660 million over five years, &, for the ultimate insult, IT WOULD OPERATE UNDER A U.N. MANDATE. Then there is negotiation & votes on the "Law of the Sea Treaty" (LOST) which gives the U.N. the power to levy international taxes on American Taxpayers & create a U.N. Court that would override our own justice system. This international U.N. Court could have our own soldiers tried for "war crimes" instead of being tried with our constitutional protections & THIS PRESENT ADMINISTRATION IS THE FIRST ONE TO NOT CHALLENGE THAT THREAT TO OUR LEGAL SOVEREIGNTY, as other past administrations have voiced their objections on this key point. Besides other issues, aren't these few examples frightening enough for you? So I ask you, what's the difference between the Republican & Democratic Parties when it comes to running the government?

Fourth, let's consider corporate America. Have you noticed the many products in your shopping center shelves that are now printed in both English & Spanish? Don't these bilingual marketing practices inconvenience you, as a consumer? Don't your feel that the Great American Melting Pot concept we once learned in our school history classes is being destroyed? Do you feel, like I do, that these marketing practices contribute to the growing linguistic, cultural, & political fragmentation of America? On another point, what is being done to curtail the practices of greedy CEO's who ravage their companies' profits, devalue their employees' pension plans to almost nil, & yet are able to quit or retire with a "golden parachute" deal worth millions? On still another point, the "outsourcing" of manufacturing jobs that once provided this country with the greatest source of economic freedom & opportunity for a middle class is now turning this nation into haven for minimum wage service jobs. The multinational corporations who pushed for NAFTA, GATT, WTO, etc., etc., etc., & then paid off the politicians through campaign contributions with the excess profits derived from such manuevers are continuing their global campaigns beyond our national borders. This contributes to much "revolutionary strife" found in Third World countries who don't have the same health, safety, environmental laws & regulations, & taxes over businesses like are present in America. Let's not forget about our corporations setting up shop in China, a known human rights violator on many fronts, which have replaced their once American-made products with Made in China inventory on our stores' shelves. So I ask you, what's the difference between the Republican & Democratic Parties when it comes to pro-national economic policies, or lack thereof?

Amongst these considerations, you know can make a determination about PRINCIPLED versus STRATEGIC voting when you enter the polling place on Nov. 2. For those of you who don't yet understand the difference, please allow me to explain.

If you are a party person, one who normally votes for, let's say, the Republican Party, then you can continue to do that & hopefully maintain, at least on paper, the virtual image of a "somewhat conservative political party", versus the more liberal Democratic Party. But if you see fewer & fewer actual conservatives running in the Republican Party, then what do you do? Do you feel comfortable about voting for a liberal Republican, as most of them are now? If so, then you can vote STRATEGICALLY. After all, the GOP has a slim majority in the U.S. Senate, yet when it comes to voting on key issues, enough liberal Republicans break away from their party & join the Democrats & you have what has existed now for the past 2-4 years -- the same Senate leadership that let Bill Clinton "go free during impeachment" among other tragically lost votes. Of course, on paper, the GOP has a majority. In real life, the ever-increasing tentacle of Big Government & the other growing tentacle of a One World Government creep closer & closer to your personal life. Voting STRATEGICALLY manifests itself, not only at the federal election level, but also at the state election levels. In your state, don't you have the more conservative GOP members & the more liberal GOP members, for example? It's true all over. That's STRATEGIC voting.

If you are not a party person, but one who votes for the person or a particular philosophy or ideology, then you would tend to vote a PRINCIPLED ballot. A voter who chooses this "modus operandi" is one who normally has a higher moral basis in their lives. They may choose to vote for a conservative Democrat over a liberal Republican, for example. They may choose to vote for a more conservative Republican over a moderate Republican, for example. They may even choose a THIRD PARTY candidate, if they feel that either major party has neglected their once proud PRINCIPLES & their particular ballot has the third party option available. They may also write in the name of a candidate (or non-candidate) if the present slate of candidates do not fit their test of philosophy, ideology, or morality. What voting PRINCIPLED does is that it sends a message to those in the status quo that the present state of affairs is not satisfactory enough to warrant continued existence of that status quo. PRINCIPLED voters may also have been party voters of either major political party at one time, & have seen the deterioration of such good PRINCIPLES, so now they vote "outside the so-called mainstream" or select a THIRD PARTY which may closely resemble their own PRINCIPLES. That's PRINCIPLED voting.

Personally, I have practiced both methods in the past. Your choice is a function of your particular area & your local concerns. When you can "afford" to vote PRINCIPLED, then hopefully the practicality of doing so will match, in your beliefs & thought processes. When you cannot "afford" to let the "greater evil" win, & there is no other PRINCIPLED candidate to select, then you may vote STRATEGICALLY, which will allow, at least on paper, the "lesser evil" to triumph. For example, in my state Alaska the voters almost always choose a Republican Presidential candidate (& have done so since LBJ was President). That particular race is never close, compared to some other state & local races between the two major political parties. Alaskans are blessed with a Spirit of Individualism, hence there have been, for many years now, a plethora of THIRD PARTY CANDIDATES for the top of the ballot. This year, at least for the Presidential race, I plan to vote PRINCIPLED, & will cast my vote for Michael Peroutka of the Constitution Party / Alaskan Independence Party. On other local or state races, I may cast my vote for the most independent or conservative candidate running, regardless of the party. Others may vote for Alaskan Independence Party or Libertarian Party or Green Party or Reform Party candidates in some races & then vote for Republican or Democratic Party candidates in other races. It all depends on their own situation. It's your choice, as well. If you want to vote PRINCIPLED and wish to vote for Michael Badnarik of the Libertarian Party or Ralph Nader of the Reform Party, or David Cobb of the Green Party, then you have my wholehearted support. At least they will REPRESENT YOU in your political beliefs. If you are like me, fed up with the usual status quo of most politicians of both major parties who only represent themselves, then please consider, at least for the Presidency, voting PRINCIPLED, and voting for Michael Peroutka of the Constitution Party, who will REPRESENT ME in my political beliefs. After all, isn't that what our democratic electoral process within our constitutional Republic is supposed to do -- represent the people?

Freedom Writer

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