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By The Web Fairy
thru Sartre's BATR Yahoo Discussion Group
July 28, 2003


I'd like the whole world to see this stuff, and for these little videos to be on hundreds of sites, and thousands of computers. Millions, maybe. I would very much appreciate every exposure you can give this information.

APFN posted this.

It's text from the site and the message I posted this morning. It says about all I need to say.

This is my 911 memorial site.

I've spent hundreds, maybe thousands by now, of hours pouring over 911 videos, dissecting them frame by frame, paging thru the frames backwards in my attempt to put the buildings back together again, to heal the pain that has never gone away.

Closeup slow motion has it's own story to tell.

Theories that run counter to the mute witness of the camera are false. It doesn't matter how lovely a theory spins in one's head, or what agenda it serves, if it contradicts the only objective evidence of the events of 911, it is true only inside the matrix of destruction we all see closing in around us. ) The Web Fairy


This memorial also includes "Physical and Mathematical Analysis of Pentagon Crash" by Gerard Holmgren & other analyses of the WTC explosions & collapse that have not been disseminated in the mainstream media or by our public officials. These are shocking, thought-provoking, & very interesting. They may also dispute the official version of what happened on 9-11-01.


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