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August 1, 2003

The politicians, bureaucrats, & the liberal mainstream corporate media are singing the same song. Whether it's at the local, state, or federal government levels, or the national news networks or regional publishing corporations, it's the same cry of despair. They're singing the "Budget Shortfall Blues" & they have their hands out begging to the American taxpayers.

At the Congressional level, our solons on both sides of the partisan aisle have used the "War on Terror" as a pretext for increased domestic spending, in addition to enlarging the Defense Department budget. I don't see Congress or their staffs taking a small pay cut to help pay for the "War on Terror" -- they keep raising their pay instead. President Bush's tax cuts will help the economy more in the long term & Congress needs to stop pork-barreling & their aimless foreign aid to help the economy in the short term. There is no need for increased federal taxes, just a need for decreased federal domestic spending.

shortfall.jpg - 32906 BytesState legislatures are experiencing budget shortfalls for different reasons. First, the economic fallout from 9-11-01 produced smaller business sales & therefore even smaller sales tax revenues. Second, sluggish overall economic growth & a slow recovery from the economic doldrums begun under the last year of the Clinton Administration by Chairman Greenspan of the Federal Reserve Board of Directors who kept raising interest rates to forestall a non-existent threat of inflation, which was sheer paranoia as he has since lowered them to rates not seen in decades, is another factor. Third, outside of some isolated examples like Alaska, the states have collectively not done enough to curb their appetites for more spending either. Fourth, federal revenue sharing with states is down.

Local governments say they also have budget shortfalls. First, revenue sharing between the states & their local governments is down. Second, see the "First" reason in the previous paragraph. Third, see the "Second" reason in the previous paragraph. Fourth, see the "Third" reason in the previous paragraph.

No matter what level of taxation, the reasons are essentially the same for budget shortfalls. No matter what level of taxation, the solution is essentially the same: CUT SPENDING FIRST!

Yet the liberal mainstream corporate media is now a vocal ally of government, rather than being a non-partisan watchdog for the people. We see it in Anchorage, with the regional publisher, McClatchy Corporation of California, that owns Alaska's largest daily newspaper, that decries spending cuts at both the state & local levels, & names welfare recipients & others who get public aid & services as the victims of cold-hearted conservatives who control the legislature & the governorship. This extension of "advocacy journalism for more government" is also seen in other papers in large urban areas across American. I suggest the liberal mainstream corporate media would do a better public service for taxpayers by highlighting excessive spending, continual public sector pay increases (including the legislative branches), & citing examples of waste, fraud, & abuse to be curtailed instead.

So when you hear a politician, bureaucrat, or member of the liberal mainstream corporate media talk about "budget shortfalls", it's time to put a spotlight on their true intentions: to maintain the status quo of increased government spending to satisfy the recipients of public aid -- the "clients" of the bureaucracy. It's time to re-prioritize the desires of government -- from that of more to that of less -- lest the American taxpayer suffer a real personal budget shortfall of his/her own: More taxes & less discretionary spending caused by a hungry government, at all levels, that will never be restrained unless we the people restrain it.

Freedom Writer

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