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This issue of Freedomwriter has a number of letters.

Thank you and keep your letters coming!

March 2003

Dear Editor,

Common sense seems to be in short supply among some of our government leaders.

Instead of implementing policies aimed at protecting our freedoms, some government officials have subscribed to a "lockdown" mentality, treating law-abiding Americans like suspects and criminals. It is this lack of common sense that we see so clearly in many of the cases being handled by The Rutherford Institute right now--especially in the public schools.

To read about the many ways in which The Rutherford Institute is working to protect your constitutional freedoms, please click here NOW to visit our website! .

For example, Rutherford Institute attorneys recently filed a number of lawsuits on behalf of students who have been unfairly targeted by school officials for disciplinary action under unconstitutional zero tolerance policies.

In one case, a 12-year-old girl was arrested for eating a French fry while in a subway station. In a second case, an elementary school student was suspended for using his finger as a gun in a make-believe game with friends while standing in the school lunch line. Institute attorneys are also defending a New Jersey third-grader who was arrested for brandishing an L-shaped piece of paper as a gun in a pretend game of "Cops and Robbers."

The case of Patrick Cubbage represents yet another aspect of this lack of common sense that has infected our leadership. As you may recall, Cubbage was fired from his job as an honor guardsman at a veterans memorial cemetery simply for saying "God bless you and this family, and God bless the United States of America" as part of the formal color guard flag ceremony for deceased veterans. The Rutherford Institute is now defending his right to religious freedom.

At The Rutherford Institute, we are doing more than our share to guard our precious liberties -- but we are also doing our part to educate the public about their constitutional rights through our publications and commentary.

For example, on Oldspeak, our online journal: Neal Shaffer takes a look at the perils of an anti-war voice in a talk radio world; pro-life advocate Randall Terry speaks out about his experiences as founder of Operation Rescue and the current state of the anti-abortion movement; and civil rights activist Julian Bond talks about his relationship with Martin Luther King, Jr., the state of race relations in present-day America and what it means to "pass the torch" to the next generation of civil rights leaders.

Please click here NOW to visit our website!

Thank you for doing your part to guard our precious liberties and standing with us in this fight for freedom.

Yours sincerely, John W. Whitehead,
President The Rutherford Institute

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March 2003

History is again repeating itself. The interests of nations and the mega-interests of individuals (good and evil) are again clashing. The philosopher George Santayana in 1905 definitively predicted, "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." The world is again on the brink of fulfilling this prediction. Prevention continues to allude the geo-political, economic, and survival realities faced by the nations and the people of the world. The prevention paradigm requires the applications of skills, tools, strategies, and processes that constructively lead to problem resolution and supporting the common good. Included in this model are awareness, information obtained in real-time, effective communication, and resources management. These lead to analysis and appropriate action.

The dynamics of 21st century clashes are different from previous times in one significant way. Technology has altered the speed with which decisions and economic transactions occur. This allows the interests and influence of individuals to increase rapidly and come visibly and directly into conflict with states or even groups of states. It is the speed derived from technology that is different, not the influence or rise to power of individuals. In fact such situations of supra-state agendas leading to conflict have existed for centuries, manifest by many entities and individuals including: Alexander the Great, the Roman Empire, the Holy Roman Empire, the Crusades, the Ottomans, the Robber Barons, the Arabian American Oil Company, the drug cartels, organized crime, the corrupt executives of a number of multi-national corporations, al-Qaida, and will continue to exist well into the 21st Century.

The nations of the world came together on the heels of the victories of World War I. But they failed to stand together on their resolutions and watched Japan, Italy, and Germany violate these resolutions. Remember the League of Nations, the failed predecessor of today's United Nations? This prevention opportunity was lost resulting in tremendous costs to the world. Imagine if the member nations had held resolute, the consequences leading up to, during, and after World War II might have been quite different.

The Cold War was born out of the naive decision made by the United States in 1949 not to exert its power to prevent the Soviet Union from acquiring and developing atomic/nuclear weapons. The result was the establishment of two armed rival nuclear super powers. This lost prevention opportunity resulted in years of confrontation with the stakes being as significant as potential global nuclear disaster.

In the 1950s France as a colonial power controlled Indochina. The United States under the guise of protecting the world from Communism was drawn into this Southeast Asian arena inheriting the French conflict with the insurgents. The U.S. became embroiled in a long, painful, and unnecessary era and war. Anti-communism blinders limited America's ability to understand the realities of the situation and resulted in major confrontations and divisions at home and the ultimate defeat of the U.S. in the Vietnam War. The prevention component was lost at the decision point when the U.S. stupidly assumed the responsibilities for French mistakes. The option to negotiate with North Vietnam was available on multiple occasions and at multiple junctures over time. The results of applying a prevention model might have resolved the situation with markedly different outcomes. Actually, the United States accomplished what for hundreds of years has seemed to be impossible: forcing Vietna! m and China (historical enemies) to become allies.

The fall of the Soviet Union ushered in a new era hallmarked by the progressive development toward an interdependent global economy. What has been lacking in this interlinked world economy has been the maturing roots for cooperation and the consideration of the common good. Rapid technological advances have remarkably spurred this growth while outstripping man's ability to reconcile needs, with the demands for resources and the requirements of information and the economic systems. These technological advances have even supplied power to individuals including those who want to destroy the globalization process. The United States as the last remaining super power has adopted a posture of unilateralism, a potentially dangerous course in a pluralistic world with growing interdependencies. This approach has progressively come into conflict with the multilateralism of European allies. Obvious self-serving and conflicting interests of the involved nations have surfaced.

The Gulf War in 1991 was fought to liberate Kuwait from invasion and occupation by Iraq. The decisions to allow the Republican Guard to retreat with their arms and 75% of their tanks were strategic errors. The long-term prevention potential was lost when the decision was made to stop short of Baghdad and leave the known weapons of mass destruction in place. Subsequent support for an internal uprising by Iraqis was not forthcoming from the U.S. and the Gulf War allies, and the efforts by the Kurds (fomented by the United States) were not supported by the air power promised and therefore doomed to failure.

Twelve years of indecision by the United Nations; seventeen violated U.N. resolutions by Iraq; and unbridled self-interest by member states have set the stage for the fate of the United Nations today. This international organization, which should be the center of meaningful dialogue, is in-fact at a juncture where realities are being discarded in favor of self-interests. This threatens the years of cooperation of the western alliance and the institutions created that at least had a potential to perpetuate the common good.

On multiple occasions during the 20th century opportunities to foster prevention have been lost due to the underestimation of both adversaries and allies. The lack of willingness to prevent when prevention is possible, and the lack of willingness to act when indicated, only emboldens adversaries and enemies, supporting their beliefs and resolve. The lack of willingness to prevent stems from the self-interests focused on power, acquiring wealth, and political influence. This has been proven time and time again throughout history.

The unwillingness to learn from history is a human flaw that defies understanding.

Dr. Saul B. Wilen is President and CEO of International Horizons Unlimited (IHU) [, (210) 692-1268], a national consulting and resources consortium based in San Antonio, Texas that applies"educational foundations and processes that support prevention strategies to solve problems." Dr. Wilen is a recognized authority in prevention strategies and problem solving, systems dynamics, and informatics. He directs IHU terrorism prevention and strategies development initiatives. Dr. Wilen serves on the U.S. Secret Service Task Force on Electronic Crimes and Terrorism, the U.S. Department of Commerce Critical Infrastructure Working Group on Community Structure for Crisis Management and Preparedness, and as a consultant to the Best Practices Institute of the National Governors' Association. He functions as a prevention strategies consultant to numerous security, risk management, and planning entities in the United States, Canada, and England. Dr. Wilen is a member of the Advisory Board of the CCEP (Canadian Centre for Emergency Preparedness), and is affiliated with the International Policy Institute for Counter-Terrorism (ICT) of the Interdisciplinary Center, Israel.

Larry Stewart for Dr. Saul Wilen

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March 2003

Ever since he was 5 years old my brother said he was going to join the service and get out of the cetral valley where we live. 13 years later that little boy signed up and joined the UNITED STATES MARINES. I was very surprised that he decided to join the marines. Every one knows the marines is a real tough branch and I didn't think he had what it took to become a marine, since i failed to become one. I had a very big problem with disaplain and taking orders. If I would have just sucked up my stupid ass pride and bit down on my tongue maybe my life wouldnt be so rough. And that was something I didnt want for my brother. I made sure he went down the right road and he followed his dreams and his doing it now by being in the service and being a MARINE! But being happy and proud of my brother also comes the stressof a family member having a love one at war. Currently my brother is in Iraq getting ready to do what he was trained to do and that is defend the USA.

But I have a little problem with it. I the oldest out of three and my brother is the youngiest( mamas boy). He inlisted at 18 and now he is at war. Where in the life time has he even had a life other than growing up. This is my opinion but i know others feel the same but I think Bush took this personal for the comments Saddam made towards his dad in 91. Thats all I hear when I see Bush on tv talking about anything. All I know is my brother is over there doing his job but I feel Bush should have listend to the people instead of those jackasses in suits. They don't give a damn about anything - they're the government. But isn't the way of todays living hard enough and now u add war on top of it.



Mike Lariosa

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March 27, 2003

I love the support petitions being sent to the U.S. troops. I would like to sign and send similar petitions to the other countries involved in "Iraqi Freedom." I want these people from other parts of the world to know that we are grateful for their sacrifice and efforts. If these people are listening the liberal media, I am afraid they may think we are terribly rude by not acknowledging them too. Is there something that can be done about this?

From David & Vicki Norrell

(Editor's Reply:)

Coalition Members List can be found at this link from the White House:

For Immediate Release
Coalition Members Who are the current coalition members? President Bush is assembling a Coalition that has ...

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March 2003
Soldotna, AK

The Representatives that we elect should represent the will of the people. 83% of the people of Alaska, voted not to touch the PFD without their vote. Representative Paul Seaton co-sponsored HB 11, which will erode the PFD by shifting 25% of incoming royalties away from the Permanent Fund and into the general fund, thereby giving it to the government to spend.

Our Representatives should in NO way support this bill, HB 11. They should instead support getting HJR 3 voted on in the State House, by getting this bill out of committee.

This bill, HJR 3 if passed would require a 60% vote of the people before money from the Permanent Fund earnings could be used to fund state government. This bill will protect against erosion of the PFD and its earnings. That is what the voters wanted September 14, 1999. If the Representatives will not do the will of the people, they should be replaced by those who will. For more information go to


Ed Martin, Sr.
Soldotna, AK

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April 14, 2003

(Thru: Christopher Ruddy, Editor in Chief )

Dear Mr. Ruddy,

Pastor Jerry Falwell's comments in his Iraq war article entitled, The Idiots of Whom I Speak, are both uncharitable and inaccurate. He surely knows that such pinko liberals as Pat Buchanan, Robert Novak, Lew Rockwell, Richard Cummings, Jon Basil Utley, Harry Browne, Joseph Sobran, and Congressman Ron Paul (R-TX) have also expressed the gravest reservations about Mr. Bush's policy of preemptive war and the direction being taken by American occupation policy in Iraq. Perhaps Mr. Falwell would be interested in boning up on the history of Britain's "victorious" intervention in Mesopotamia in 1917, only to be caught up in a maelstrom between Shiites, Sunnis, and Kurds three years later. It may be a historical primer and warning to the United States in its present position and policy course.

I have several questions for Pastor Falwell. Did Mr. Bush obtain a Congressional declaration of war for this preemptive military action in Iraq, as required by the Constitution in Article I, Section 8? And where are the Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq that Mr. Bush and his neo-conservative advisors assured the public were lurking in that country and ready to be used at a moment's notice? And finally, is Mr. Falwell still using as personal transportation around the country, the jet aircraft provided for him by the Israeli government for his services? I know they certainly take care of Mr. Wolfowitz, Mr. Perle, Jay Garner, and the rest of the Company at a moment's notice.


Pastor Mark Dankof

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April 16, 2003

Hey Alaska,

Good points my friend. Like this piece much.

Paul Keeps Horse

Excellent piece -- good writing and thinking -- my sentiments for certain.

William B. Kaliher

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April 21, 2003

Who is the author of Honoring A Traitor? Have enjoyed your site and will return when more time permits.

Waymond Cox

(Editor's Reply:) Waymond:

Thanks for visiting my website. The article was submitted by a former POW, exact identity not revealed. From time to time, many of my contributors request a post to FREEDOM WRITER but don't divulge their names & request to remain anonymous for certain reasons. If their article is accepted for posting, I will honor their request.

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April 21, 2003
Soldotna, AK

The House of Representatives it appears wants to solve the overspending problem (deficit) by throwing more money at the problem, our money, the people's money. It won't bother them a bit because its yours, not theirs. They won't listen to the people when they say don't touch the pfd without our vote. 83% indicated that Sept 14, 1999.

Update from Juneau by Rep. Paul Seaton says, "The impact on your PFD will be negligible. HB11 would produce more than 40 million a year for the next 10 years."

Maybe I am stupid and have no IQ, but I interpret that as $400 million that will not be deposited in the PF which effects our dividend and that the Alaskan voters should make, not the legislature. This is not a "public misconception" Mr. Seaton. I believe you have not listened to the people's vote of Sept 14, 1999.

I suggest you read SSHJR3 and support the people's will by voting to pass it, as it requires our vote before a penny can be raided for other purposes.

You then will be truly a Representative.


Ed Martin, Sr.

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April 24, 2003

Quiero hacer la denuncia de la desaparicion de mi hermano Andrew De Graux jr. (Andy) en Cuba el 13 de septiembre de 1962, a los 19 anos. Andrew De Graux es ciudadano norteamericano, por favor ayudenme a encontrar justicia para mi hermano.

Mary Louise De Graux

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April 2003

Dear Editor,

What makes an amateur into a professional? Standards are strict for athletes and hookers - accept money and you are a pro. So far Alaska is more lenient on lobbyists: A paid lobbyist can go to Juneau and lobby up to four hours per month before being declared a professional. As such, he must pay a $100 registration fee, and be subject to Lobbyist Regulations. A registered lobbyist can only contribute to HIS OWN district's legislators. Aye, there's the rub.

HB 106 and SB 89 hope to drastically change that in FAVOR of the lobbyists. Both bills greatly increase the number of hours spent in influencing legislators before registration is required - and thus before the contribution restrictions kick in. To put it in perspective: a prostitute could establish her own brothel and still be considered an amateur!

Juneau is far, far away. Lawmakers are inundated by special interests. They see very few of their individual constituents. If you are being PAID to go there, your bosses can afford to PAY the $100. We should not loosen the purse strings on lobbyists' contributions. Alaska voters need an advantage to combat the influence of special interests. Inform yourself of the issue here and click on "hot button issues". Then scream loudly and help stop this raid on the power of the ballot box.

Vicki Pate
PO Box 7447,
Torii Pate

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April 30, 2003
Kenai, AK

A balanced budget, protecting the permanent fund, full funding for education, roads and law enforcement?

The State operating budget is set to pass at about $2.3 BILLION. Alaska has the money to cover a budget of that size. The problem will come in the next few weeks as miscellaneous spending bills (the PORK) start going through the legislature. Capital projects, grants, and other give-a-ways will push the total budget well over the $2.3 Billion level. This discretionary spending will push the budget into a deficit or over spending situation

There have been 16 pieces of legislation introduced, 15 of which want to use the Permanent Fund for state government or change the eligibility requirements. Is the public demanding these raids on the Permanent Fund? Did the public demand that PFD's not be given to poor people that can't afford automobile insurance? Did the public demand additional loopholes to qualify in absence? The answer is NO! These changes have been proposed for political reasons only, NOT to benefit the public. After being elected on a platform vowing to protect the Permanent Fund, it seems the majority of legislation introduced raids the Permanent fund without a vote of the people. Only HJR 3 will save the fund for future Alaskans, by putting Permanent Fund earnings in the constitution. HJR 3 is being held hostage in committee, and only public pressure will force it out.

For years the K through 12 education formula has been stagnant. This formula never did really work. On the other hand, the U of A has requested and been granted millions more than their fair share. The U of A is one of the largest land owners in the state. They have not used their land bank to finance the university, because it's easier to get money from the legislature. K - 12 schools do not have that resource, and must rely on the legislature and local municipalities for funding. The legislature must shift their limited resources into K - 12 funding, and let the U of A raise their own money.


  1. Reducing the minimum wage on teens.
  2. Allowing remote camp workers to be charged for room and board even if it means being paid less than minimum wage.
  3. Multiple new fees and taxes with no increase in service, without a balanced budget or long-range fiscal plan.
  4. Raids on the Permanent Fund and earnings reserve account (why reduce payments to the earnings reserve account with new resources coming on line: NPR, ANWR, natural gas and untold mineral deposits).
  5. Attempts to close or change the Alaska Public Offices Commission, when the public demands keeping the regulations in place.
  6. Changes to the already difficult petition process.
  7. The private prison bill (we build it and pay someone from out of state to run it for us) every community where it was considered voted it down. Because of powerful, well financed lobbyists, it keeps coming back.

Contact the legislature today, and tell them what you think of their actions (or inaction's) Only YOU can make a difference in how this finally sorts out. Don't just complain about what's going on, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!!

Malcolm McBride
1111 Fifth Ave.
Kenai, Alaska 99611
Home Phone - (907)283-7409
Cell - (907)398-9177
E-Mail -

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May 2003
Sterling, AK

Brilliant Move Democrats!

We have scratched our heads for many years to find a way to save the Permanent Fund Dividend as well as its earnings stream for strictly dividends.

Harry Crawford and Eric Croft crafted a very fair resolution in the House in February 2003 for a 2004 ballot measure for the voters to vote up or down. HJR 3 leaves the present formula in place for computing the payout each year. It places the Permanent Fund Dividend into the Alaska Constitution. It takes a 60% vote of the voters to authorize any raid. The "BRUCE," alleged chairman of State Affairs Committee sits on HJR like a hen on a hot rotten egg.

We tried to convince the majority in the Senate to draft a companion bill to HJR 3. Every response to us, "we are thinking."

For the majority in the legislature to balance the budget with a draw from the CBR, they have to come up with 75% from both houses. The majority in the House represent 67.5%, in the Senate 60%.

We are Non-Partisan Super Voters. Since the news about withholding the CBR until the dividend and earnings stream is safe, the feedback has been very positive, well over the 83.25% we experienced in the 1999 advisory vote. Keep in mind that there are some Republicans that really think like the rest of us in the real world and will vote with you.

The only real plan is the HJR 3 plan.

We think the Democrats have figured out (at genius level) how to increase their numbers in the Legislature in 2004. From what we hear this afternoon and evening, the "Republican Party in Alaska was killed by Governor Murkowski, et al." Frank desperately needs the presence of "Baghdad Bob" to do a spin for him on "The 2003 Democrat PFD Revolt for and with the people of Alaska!" Good rally cry!

Bill and Samon Arnold
P.O. Box 1392
Sterling, Alaska 99672-1392

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May 2003
Kenai, AK

It's often confusing to understand the source of proposed legislation. Are the interests of our state and society at stake, or are the politicians pulling another fast one to benefit the shadowy figures that helped get them elected? As we get older we become wiser; yet, every once in a while there's an occurrence that defies every preconceived notion held by even the most enlightened.

Sometimes understanding is easy, as the case of our Governor's bills to eliminate the Alaska Public Offices Commission or allowing paid lobbyists to contribute to legislators outside of their district. Pre-Murkowski special-interest legislation that proposed spending $1 billion over twenty-five years for a "publicly-funded private prison" to benefit a corporation that, through their executives, contributed more to the campaign chests of incumbent legislators than any group ever, was a no-brainer. However, the Democrats? latest move to protect the Permanent Fund has to astound even the most politically savvy.

The Republican majority needs a few Democrat votes to crack the Constitutional Budget Reserve for $500 million. So the Democrats decided to force the Republicans to become the conservative leaders they campaigned to be. Thank you Democrats! Call your Republican legislators and request a real vote to constitutionally protect the PFD. If you miss this chance, kiss fiscal responsibility bye-bye along with your future dividends. This may be our last chance....

James Bounds
314 Birch Street, #A
Kenai, Alaska 99611 907-283-4533

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Hi everyone,

Hope you're surviving winter, it's been pretty rough on the East Coast this year. I have to admit, though, that I still love snow. Whenever it snows it just reminds me so much of having a snow day when I was a kid, maybe I'll never get over that.

I had a great time performing on the radio show "Mountain Stage", which will be broadcast on public radio stations the week of April 11. It was the weekend of the huge east coast blizzard, and I just barely made it to Charleston, WV before all flights were cancelled. Unfortunately, my bags and guitar didn't make it, so I bought a Charleston t-shirt at the hotel gift shop and performed in that and blue jeans (I actually kind of liked it as a new look.) And I borrowed a beautiful Taylor guitar from Julie Adams, who sings on the show. So it all turned out okay. I performed a new-ish song, "This is Home", and a beautiful Dave Carter song I've been doing live called "Cowboy Singer".

Also, the Indigo Girls were on the show. I'd never met them before, though I've been a fan for a long time (I just LOVE their singing and their harmonies). They were great, and they were two of the nicest people I've met in a while. I've always heard that about them, and it was true.

It happened to be my birthday, and to my huge surprise the Mountain Stage folks gave me a birthday cake (Larry Gross, the host of the show, told me his wife baked it!) I still don't know how they found out it was my birthday.

Then I got stranded in Charleston for a day because of the snow, but my husband was with me, and we were across the street from a mall, so it wasn't exactly a punishment.

I'm making plans to record a new album this summer, it should come out sometime next winter. I'll fill you in more as my plans solidify. I'm thrilled to report that Ben Wittman is going to produce it. He produced my last two albums, and I think he's amazing.

I'll be doing a whole bunch of shows with my pal Richard Shindell, see details below. Should be a lot of fun, and there'll be lots of harmonies, that's for sure. And I'm doing some shows with Susan Werner too, details below. We've done a couple of shows together, and we just love singing together, we've had some magical moments onstage.

It's so great that it's finally spring on the East Coast!

Here's where I'll be in the next few weeks:

3/21 Union County Arts Center, Rahway, NJ 732-499-8226 co-bill w/Susan Werner and Toshi Reagon
3/22 Joni Mitchell Tribute Concert, Symphony Space, New York, NY Approx 1pm
3/22 Pollak Theatre, W Long Branch, NJ 732-571-3483 co-bill w/Susan Werner and Toshi Reagon
3/23 Staller Center , Stony Brook, NY 631-632-7230 co-bill w/Susan Werner and Toshi Reagon
3/25 Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Worcester, MA 508-831-5000
3/28 Wachusett Folk Cafe, Gardner, MA 978-632-2403
3/29 Shea Auditorium for Performing Arts, Wayne, NJ 973-720-2371 co-bill w/Patty Larkin and Susan Werner
4/3 Gordon Center for Performing Arts**, Owings Mills, MD 410-481-7328
4/4 The Avalon Theatre**, Easton, MD 410-481-7328
4/5 Media Theater**, Media, PA 610-566-4020
4/6 Court Square Theater**, Harrisonburg, VA 540-434-7386
4/9 Center Church on the Green**, New Haven, CT 877-928-3655
4/11 Inter-Media Art Center**, Huntington, NY 516-549-2787
4/12 Newport Opera House**, Newport, NH 603-863-2412
4/13 Camden Opera House**, Camden, ME 207-667-3618
4/17 Hamilton College**, Clinton, NY 315-859-4194
4/19 The Barns of Wolftrap, Vienna, VA 703-938-2404
4/24 Mabel Tainter Theatre, Menomonie,WI 715-235-9726 co-bill w/Susan Werner
4/25 Luther's Blues, Madison, WI 608-257-1184 co-bill w/Susan Werner
4/27 Old Town School of Folk Music, Chicago, IL 773-728-6000 4 pm & 7pm co-bill w/Susan Werner
5/2 DiLuna's Cafe, Sandpoint, ID 208-263-0846 .
5/3 Elks Lodge, Missoula, MT 406-829-8219
5/4 Eagles Hall, Kalispell, MT 406-257-1197
5/7 Norman Rothstein Theatre, Vancouver, BC 800-883-3655
5/9 Alice's Champagne Palace, Homer, AK 907-235-1921**
5/10 Discovery Theatre, Anchorage, AK 907-263-2787**
5/11 Alaskaland Theatre, Fairbanks, AK 907-488-0556**
5/13 Cafe Paradiso, Eugene, OR 541-484-9933** (2 shows)
5/14 Music Stage at the Portland Art Museum, Portland, OR 503-226-0973**
5/15 Museum of History & Industry, Seattle, WA 206-528-8523**
5/17 Symphony Space, New York, NY 212-864-5400 The great Duke Levine will be playing guitar with me, and the show is a bill with Katryna and Nerissa Nields and John Wesley Harding
5/23 WAMC Performing Arts Studio, Albany, NY 800-323-9262 x4
6/6 Iowa City Arts Fest, Iowa City, IA 319-337-7944
6/7 Ctr. for Sustainable Living, Coventry, RI 401-397-3430
6/15 Concerts Under the Stars, King of Prussia, PA 610-265-1071 co-bill with Steve Forbert
6/29 Acoustic Cafe, Bridgeport, CT 203-335-3655

** co-bills with Richard Shindell

Thanks again for all the emails, I love them, and I'm sorry I can't respond to all of them. And don't forget, I have a website at where you can find all of my gigs, photos, and lots of other stuff.

Take care,

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