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Submitted by Darlene Fitzgerald & Gloria Morrison (Special Agent & Echelon Entertainment Producer, respectively)

March 2003

"They were just too honest for the corrupted agency that hired them." Gary Aldrich, speaking about U.S. Customs Special Agents Darlene Fitzgerald and Sandy Nunn.

In the 70's, there was Watergate. In the 80's, there was the Iran Contra Scandal. In the 90's, there was Whitewater. Now, we have "Bordergate," the story the Government doesn't want you to hear.

It took Bob Woodward and Carl Burnstein to reveal Watergate. It took Colonel Oliver North to reveal the Iran Contra scandal. It took FBI Agent Gary Aldrich to unveil the Clinton White House scandal. It took Federal Agents Darlene Fitzgerald and Sandy Nunn to uncover Bordergate.

Bordergate . . . The story the Government doesn't want you to hear.

In the aftermath of 9-11, here's the story that the Government doesn?t want you to hear: a cover-up more scandalous than Watergate, more threatening than Iran Contra (gate), and more sinister than Whitewater. Follow the true life story detailing the courageous battle of U.S. Customs Special Agents Darlene Fitzgerald and Sandy Nunn who, after discovering gaping holes in the lack of Customs inspections at our seaports and land borders, stood tall and proud in their duty instead of shrinking in the face of intimidation.


In the aftermath of "9-11" and Timothy McVey, Bordergate breaks the true story that the Government doesn?t want you to hear: a cover-up exposing a tremendous threat to our National Security via our elusive, imaginary borders. Follow the courageous battle of former U.S. Customs Special Agents Darlene Fitzgerald and Sandy Nunn who, after discovering gaping holes in the lack of Customs inspections at our seaports and land borders, went beyond their call of duty in their refusal to be silenced.

In 1998, Darlene Fitzgerald was leading an Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force operation, regarding the large scale smuggling of narcotics via railroad pressurized tanker cars. This task force had information that there was a rail yard in Guadalajara, Mexico where literally tons of narcotics were being loaded into these tanker cars every day, destined for the U.S. This information was corroborated when these investigators seized 8,000 pounds of Marijuana and 34 kilos of cocaine in a Southern California tanker car.

Meanwhile, Special Agent Sandy Nunn found in her report that less than 2% of all imported cargo containers at the Port of Long Beach, CA were being inspected by Customs Personnel.

One would think that the agents who seized this large container of narcotics in the railroad tanker car would have been hailed as heroes and received total cooperation from their agency, but what happened to these whistle blowers with patriotic intentions was so shocking and appalling that any taxpayer should be outraged. Despite the threats, intimidation, and harassment they received, Darlene and Sandy continued their rail operation efforts.

At one point, these investigators identified five more suspicious tanker cars that were reported as empty yet weighed, on average, 9 tons over the limit. There were other indicators that made these cars highly suspicious. These investigators had these cars set up to be further profiled, at no cost to the Government, and were ordered not to do their job by high level Customs managers. These tanker cars were then released into the commerce of the U.S. with no inspection whatsoever, forever compelling the question: what could possibly have been in those five tanker cars that weighed 45 tons? Drugs or possibly something more sinister such as potential weapons for use by terrorists against the American public? As a result of their fearless acts, Darlene Fitzgerald and Sandy Nunn's lives and careers were destroyed as they made the decision to go public about their concerns.

In today's climate of fear over National Security issues, the American Public should demand to know what's really going on along their borders.

Based on the books "U.S. Customs, Badge of Dishonor" and "Murder at Fort Huachuca" by Darlene Fitzgerald.

Gloria Morrison (Producer)
President of Development/Acquisitions
Echelon Entertainment
8831 Sunset Blvd., Suite 300
West Hollywood, California 90069
(310) 652-2893
Fax (310) 652-6237

Darlene Fitzgerald
Former Special Agent
Author: U.S. Customs, Badge of Dishonor & Murder at Fort Huachuca
(606) 376-8942

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CD by Darryl Worley
Released April 15, 2003

CD titled with his latest single & music video hit (#1) of the same name, this young country artist has hit the patriotic vein at the right time when the Coalition of the Willing is winning the war for Iraqi Liberation.

You can buy this CD thru this website from for just $13.49, a 25% discount here.

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Tour dates:

Fri May 09, 2003 8:00pm
Lucy Kaplansky Alice's Champagne Palace
Homer, AK
acoustic, blues, contemporary, country, folk, pop, vocals

Sat May 10, 2003 8:00pm
Lucy Kaplansky / Richard Shindell
Discovery Theatre
Anchorage, AK
american, vocals, pop, folk, country, contemporary, blues, acoustic

Sun May 11, 2003 8:00pm
Lucy Kaplansky
Akland Theatre
Fairbanks, AK
acoustic, blues, contemporary, country, folk, pop,vocals

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Sullivan Arena
Anchorage, AK
May 24, 2003



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