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Feb. 21, 2003

My commentary for this issue will precede its sequel. Time & other priorities won't permit me to expouse all my current thoughts at just one sitting. This commentary -- "A Call to Action" -- will highlight not only some contemporary scenarios but also highlight newly added sections within FREEDOMWRITER.COM that should be useful.

While listening to the reports of the anti-war demonstrations held around the world on Saturday February 15, 2003, I just had to offer some observations & comments. Most of the demonstrations were membered & funded & organized by known socialist organizations, along with some of the usual perennial peace-niks & true conscientious objectors . Very few, to my knowledge, had any, if at all, conservative protestors. Yet conservatives could have had a reason to protest & join the demonstrations. What, conservatives protesting President Bush's planned attack on Iraq, the latest in his "war on terrorism?" Yes, conservatives COULD protest the impending military movement in the Middle East. Even I could have joined the anti-war protestors, but not FOR THEIR REASONS:

  • anti-Bush,
  • anti-Republican,
  • anti-military,
  • & other anti-American sloganeering.

I could have joined them if they were to protest FOR THE RIGHT REASONS:

  • anti-Saddam Hussein -- a known human rights abuser,
  • anti-Weapons of Mass Destruction -- that Iraq has harbored & used against their own people & neighboring countries,
  • anti-congressional resolutions & executive orders in lieu of actual Declarations of War (i.e., unconstitutional government methodology),
  • anti-globalist influences on our political & business leaders which puts us in these nefarious questionable national sovereigntly/national interest positions around the world,
  • anti-lack of common sense security precautions which allow our borders to still remain wide open to illegal immigration & foreign terrorists 17 months after 9-11-2001,
  • anti-unconstitutional provisions in the Patriot Act I & the Homeland Security Act which focuses on treating American citizens as potential terrorists rather than focusing on the foreign terrorists & the countries that harbor & finance them, &
  • anti-lack of common sense defense precautions which allow our citizens to be vulnerable to probable nuclear-biological-chemical attacks from terrorists with no civil defense shelters or protective suits or mass availability of antidotes.

No, I will NOT, especially in these trying times, demonstrate against my country just because it's politically fashionable, as most liberal Hollywood entertainers would have us mimic them. Until the American people, & other freedom-loving peoples around the world, demonstrate against the impending war on Iraq FOR THE RIGHT REASONS, then I will support my country, until proven wrong! I believe I have given enough reasons of possible wrong-doing on "both sides". I believe my country is, relatively-speaking, "more right than not" on this impending war, but just barely, which is the reason for my apparent ambivalence.

On a more practical & useful note, there were many inquiries from my readers for resources to combat those organizations who would attack our country's values, like the American Civil Liberties Union, during these, & other, trying times. To honor those righteous requests, I have established 2 new sections within FREEDOM WRITER. The first section is called LEGAL RESOURCES, & you can find those on my Home/Index Page. The second section is called ACTION DOCUMENTS, & you can also find those on my Home/Index Page. The first section lists several traditional American values organizations who can provide legal help to those individuals or groups who have been hurt by excessive government. The second section will list Initiative & Referendum Guidelines, the State of Alaska Open Meetings Act, & the federal Freedom of Information Act & related Privacy Act statutes, to assist those individuals in dealing with the local, state, & federal governments. The goal of both sections is to get GOVERNMENT UNDER CONTROL again.

I hope you enjoy this issue of FREEDOM WRITER. Please purchase our USA-made products in the FREEDOM WRITER TRADING POST section & help keep our economy strong. Next issue's commentary will be Part 2 - SUPPORTING OUR TROOPS.

Freedom Writer
Anchorage, AK

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