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From Joseph Farah,
Editor of WorldNetDaily.Com
Feb. 8, 2003


As the U.S. prepares for war with Iraq in the next few weeks, authorities warn that the threat of another attack in the U.S. is at an all-time high.

On Friday, the State Department issued a worldwide alert warning U.S. citizens of the high potential for attacks with chemical and biological weapons. This is the first time this has been done.

The national terror alert was increased from yellow, or "elevated," to orange, or "high" indicating that another U.S. major attack could occur in the next few weeks.

ABC News warns that terrorists are going to try to attack with a radiological "dirty bomb", or maybe even with biological and chemical weapons. Germany's top law enforcement officer -- Otto Schily -- confirms that terrorists probably already have dirty bombs.

Are you and your family at risk? Attorney General John Ashcroft said the reports of al-Qaida leaders emphasize planning for attacks on apartment buildings and other "soft" or lightly guarded targets.

With war looming in Iraq, the Middle East, and Korea, there is a very high probability that our country will soon be hit by an even more devastating attack than 9/11 -- quite possibly using biochemical or radiological weapons.

What can you do to protect yourself and your family? Plenty, if you act immediately.

If you haven't already, I strongly recommend that you get a copy of Surviving Terrorism. In clear, plain English, this informative and unique 312-page special report explains how to protect yourself and your family from everything from terrorists at airports, to biological attacks and dirty bombs.

With war just weeks away, Surviving Terrorism is the best insurance you will ever buy; it could even save your life. In it, you'll also learn:

  • Precisely which bioweapons Iraq may have -- and what you can do to protect your family.
  • The shocking national effects of the explosion of a single nuclear weapon in a major U.S. city.
  • Is your city on the federal government's list of the top 120 terrorist targets?
  • Safe travel in an age of terror: how to legally arm and armor yourself against terrorists.
  • Foods that Heal. Extensive list of the best foods to build up your health.
  • How to store silver, gold and other valuables so that no one -- including burglars and bad cops -- can find them.
  • Extensive emergency checklists and buying guide, including meals you can buy for just a nickel!
  • How to find NOW if your bank, insurance company and stocks are safe and if they will survive the coming chaos.

To learn more about how Surviving Terrorism can help you prepare, go here.

Unfortunately, it is impossible for the government to protect every home, office building, and movie theatre. So it is up to us. As Homeland Security Secretary Ridge advises, each of us must prepare now to survive the next terrorist attacks. Surviving Terrorism gives you the information you need to protect your family, home and community.

Click here to learn more about this potentially life-saving special report prepared by my friend, Jarret B. Wollstein.

Please don't procrastinate. This could be the most important decision you ever make for your family.

Yours for peace and security,

Joseph Farah Editor,

P.S. As Vice President Dick Cheney says: "It's not a matter of IF terrorists will attack us again, but WHEN." Please, don't leave your family vulnerable.

Read about Surviving Terrorism today, while there is still time to act:

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Book By National Rifle Association
Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre
Review by WorldNetDaily.Com
Feb. 11, 2003


NRA leader's new title is next best seller from WND Books

Some people suggest the threat of terrorism is a reason to restrict further access to firearms.

In his upcoming release, National Rifle Association Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre makes the case that the war on terror makes it more important than ever for law-abiding Americans to arm themselves.

"Guns, Freedom, and Terrorism" is the fifth release for WND Books, a partnership of WorldNetDaily and Thomas Nelson Publishers. No other retailer, including Amazon, will have this book until early April. Only WND will be able to get this book to you almost a full month earlier. Beginning today, WorldNetDaily's online store, ShopNetDaily is taking pre-order reservations for the book that will put it in readers' hands three weeks from now ? signed by the author or unsigned.

"We're very pleased that an author with the stature and proven success of Wayne LaPierre would sign with WND Books - even before we had a track record of producing best-selling books," said Joseph Farah, chief executive officer of WorldNetDaily and co-founder of WND Books. Currently, Michael Savage's "The Savage Nation," the second release in the WND Books line, is rising high atop all the best-sellers lists and was No. 1 on the New York Times list for two of four weeks since its release.

Gun control has long been a hot topic in the United States, and the controversy has only heightened since the terrorist attacks Sept. 11. Now, with a growing focus on homeland security, more and more Americans are asserting their Second Amendment right to bear arms.

"Guns, Freedom, and Terrorism" is a fact-filled volume that tackles a number of subjects surrounding gun rights, including: arming airline pilots, animal rights extremism, media bias, gun-show prohibition, self-defense, and others. Its convincing arguments will cause even the most adamant gun-control supporter to consider the values our forefathers fought to protect ? liberty, self-government and justice.

Wayne LaPierre is the best-selling author of "Guns, Crime, and Freedom," "Standing Guard," and "Shooting Straight." His last book sold nearly 1 million copies.

"I don't think there is anyone in the country who is a more well-known and highly regarded champion of Second Amendment rights than Wayne LaPierre," said Farah. "This book ties in gun rights and the terrorism issue better than anything else in the marketplace. It's timely and it's profound."

Pre-order Wayne LaPierre's "Guns, Freedom and Terrorism."

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Press Release from JUDICIALWATCH Washington, DC
Feb. 12, 2003

Original Article

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Film Review by
BILL KAUFFMAN Published in
Feb. 16, 2003

BILL KAUFFMAN is associate editor for American Enterprise Magazine. This article originally appeared in the March 2003 edition of the magazine. You can also see the Flash movie clips from Ted Turner Pictures & Warner Brothers at:

Original Article

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Book by William Federer
Review from WorldNetDaily.Com
Feb. 20, 2003

In honor of Black History Month: From slave to inventor.

William Federer has done it again.

This time, he offers up a biography of an American black hero earlier generations all knew -- George Washington Carver.

He retraces Carver's life from slave birth, to Iowa State graduate and to Tuskegee professor who revolutionized the economy of America's south by developing hundreds of uses for the peanut.

Read letters to his close friends revealing his deep faith -- a side of Carver even schoolbooks of yesteryear overlooked.

This month is Black History Month. Celebrate by reading about a real American hero -- a role model for all children, black and white.

Buy Now

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By Pat Roush
Review from WorldNetDaily.Com
Feb. 15, 2003

"At Any Price" latest title from WND

If you've been moved by Pat Roush's story about how her two daughters were kidnapped from her and taken to Saudi Arabia, you will want to read her new book -- now available for pre-order from

"Mrs. Roush, your government doesn't want you, and your State Department will not help you. You will see your children if and when we decide."

So stated a treacherous Saudi mediator in Pat Roush's battle to bring her children, born of a disturbed Saudi father, back to America. Her own country's submission to Saudi law, freely denying American citizens of their children, drove Pat to uncover a conspiracy of evil between two world powers. Bitter conflict between a mother's love and a Saudi-friendly government has led to years of double cross, vile political manipulation, and con games. All the while Pat's daughters have believed, as they were told, "Allah will kill my whole family if I leave."

The immoral and abusive arrangement that has kept mothers from their children has continued with the cooperation of officials put into office by good American citizens. Pat's is not an isolated story of systematic brutality, nor is her documented account of political malpractice.

Inspiring, torturous, frightening, and hopeful - "At Any Price" rivets the reader to the fiery tale of an American citizen?s fight for her children?s liberation. After reading Pat's story, you will never view "the land of the free and the home of the brave" the same way again.

"At Any Price will be released in April. If you order now, you can get it before the reviewers even have a peek -- in about two to three week.

Buy Now

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From WorldNetDaily.Com
Feb. 21, 2003

"Taking America Back' getting raves from readers"

Joseph Farah's "Taking America Back" gets an average review of 4 stars from reviewers and has prompted thousands of readers to participate in a bulletin board established for the new book at

"Even regular readers of Joseph Farah's might be surprised by the breadth and depth of this stinging indictment of modern American culture and mores," said one Amazon reviewer. "No 'me-too Conservatism' here. This is a back-to-basics call to reclaiming the faith and freedoms of our Founding Fathers, as it traces the reasons for our gradual decline into a kind of voluntary servitude unimaginable even a generation ago. Read it both as a history lesson and, hopefully, as a blueprint for the future."

Another reviewer wrote: Buy It!! Read It!! Think for the first time! I've never reviewed a book before for as most are not as enlightening or potentially life-path-changing, but I must tell any and all persons that are looking at this book ... BUY IT!"

A Philadelphia reviewer added: "Never before have I seen a book that empowers the ordinary individual with practical steps to take back his government and his society. 'Taking America Back' is a breakthrough. I recommend it to every American who values real freedom."

Amazon reviewers rate books on a scale of one to five stars. The average Amazon reviewer gave "Taking America Back" 4 stars.

Meanwhile, thousands of "Taking America Back" readers have visited the website and participated in the forum. Dozens of others have e-mailed Farah with comments.

Here's what some of those readers had to say: "I just bought your book last week and read it in two days, I couldn't put it down. Although I didn't agree with everything I thought you were mind provoking and it displays how serious the threat is to our nation and citizens from those that crave power."

Another wrote: "Great read! It gets my juices flowing!"

"I have just finished your excellent book, and your description of what is happening to our country is compelling," wrote another. "You can certainly count me in your corner."

While "Taking America Back" just hit bookstores across the country last week, reaction to Farah's "radical plan to revive freedom, morality and justice" has been swift and strong. Nearly 3,000 copies have been sold at WorldNetDaily's online store alone. It is now available in every major bookstore in the country as well as other online outlets.

"I am hooked!" wrote Lee Ellis of California. "I bought your book, 'Taking America Back,' and can't put it down. It is a page-turner! As soon as I read your dedication, the introduction and chapter 1, I knew that this was a much-needed book. I wish I were a billionaire ? I'd buy enough books to distribute them to all the people in the USA! ... Your book has made me feel that I am not alone and that there is hope out there."

John Goodwill of Omaha, Neb., writes: "Your 'Taking America Back' should be required reading for all children in our schools, public or private."

Joe Butler of California had this to say: "I am really at a loss for words! I received 'Taking America Back' Thursday evening and finished the reading today. In a funny way, I was disappointed that I finished reading your book. I felt an incredibly deep-seated sense of satisfaction that not only comes when somebody else knows and relates to how one feels, but also that somebody being in a position as you are is willing to sound the call. You, my friend, are NOT lukewarm! I applaud you! ... I perceive, sir, that you are indeed a man of character and integrity! Again, thank you for writing this book!"

"The way you articulate the preamble, with respect to the Supreme Court's decision in Roe v Wade, is the best I have seen," writes J.W. Bryan of Bastrop, La. "You really nailed it there."

"I've begun reading your book, and its message resonates within my soul, mind and spirit," wrote Paul Chaney of Virginia. "You are one of those 'last men.' I hope, as a result of your book, many will rise and continue to fight. Personally, I'm in it for the long-haul."

Bill Allbrook of Lawrenceville, Ga., writes: "I got your book today, and I am now on page 55. I couldn't wait to tell you how good it is. I've put into my favorites so I can see what's new each day. I'm going to tell every one of my friends about your book and WorldNetDaily."

Mark LePard added: "I loved it. I really liked the part about morals changing with the speed of an opinion poll."

All these ordinary Americans join Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Dr. Laura Schlessinger, Walter Williams, Dr. Jerry Falwell, Hal Lindsey and Tim LaHaye in endorsing "Taking America Back."

Farah says the way to take America back is through responsible individual actions rather than through the political process.

"The political process is corrupted," he says. "It's unaccountable. If you want to take America back, you need to start in your own family, in your own community. Having sound minds and bodies and putting the best interests of your own children first are huge steps."

"Taking America Back" is the latest release from WND Books, which was created by WorldNetDaily and Thomas Nelson Publishers. WND Books' most previous release, Michael Savage's "The Savage Nation," still sits atop the New York Times best-seller list at No. 1.

Buy "Taking America Back" now for only $15.99!

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by Michael Savage

With two consecutive weeks at #1 on bestseller lists, Dr. Michael Savage (PhD), fast-rising INDEPENDENT CONSERVATIVE radio talk show host & son of immigrants, rails against big government, feminized Americans, liberal Democrats, illegal immigration, & the ACLU in his latest book. He will soon have a cable TV program on MSNBC.

Hardcover book sells for $14.99, save 40%, when you buy it thru this website from Amazon.Com.

Buy Now

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Songs Celebrating The Bill of Rights Musical CD by popular patriotic songwriter Dan Starr of songs that celebrate our most precious national treasure, the Bill of Rights.

Available for just $17.91, postpaid. (The price honors 1791, the year the Bill of Rights was ratified) from the Jews for the Preservation of Firearms website.

Buy Now

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