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Book by Nell Moore Lee
Review by WorldNetDaily.Com
Oct. 1, 2002

A great home-schooling/educational resource

Read an authoritative social history of colonial Virginia?

The aristocracy of Virginia aspired to live as their English counterparts ? as landed gentry, educated well enough to enjoy life's finer things, circle of rank and privilege. Why then did Thomas Nelson, Jr., choose to gamble his family's security and his own health in the battle to divest his colony of British rule?

In "Patriot Above Profit" by Nell Moore Lee, readers will enter Nelson's world before thoughts of revolution filled the minds of those who inhabited the Old Dominion. Ride the tides of thought and opinion that produced the leaders the fledgling nation needed. Discover the grandeur and gossip, the eloquent pleas and ignominious tales that ultimately shaped Thomas Nelson's, Virginia's, and eventually our nation's destiny.

This hardcover book retails for $29.95 -- but get it on the WorldNetDaily store now for only $14.95!

Buy Now

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From WorldNetDaily.Com
Oct. 28, 2002

Limited-time sale on Whistleblower reports on personal, national defense

With Islamic terror, and rumors of more to come, again manifesting on American soil, WorldNetDaily is offering for a limited time and at a dramatically reduced price -- its highly acclaimed "Homeland Security" package dedicated to keeping America and Americans both safe and free.

The package consists of three special Whistleblower editions:

JIHAD: The radical Islamic threat to America" (November 2001): Widely acclaimed as the best information available on America's new-found enemy.

AMERICA DEFENSELESS: How U.S. civil defense policies are designed to safeguard government officials, but not you" (January 2002): WND is the only journalism organization to offer a blueprint for true national homeland defense.

INVASION USA: How America's disastrous immigration policy has welcomed terror and cultural revolution" (February 2002): A mind-boggling look at the problem of America's sieve-like borders, and what can and must be done to halt the inflow of terrorists into the U.S. Whistleblower is WorldNetDaily's highly popular monthly print magazine. Each issue consists of an in-depth expose of a single important issue from the income tax to the Federal Reserve, from "gay rights" to terrorism. Many of these reports including the November 2001 report on Islamic terrorism, included in the "Homeland Security" package have received high praise as the best journalistic reports available on the subjects.

With a resurgence of interest in homeland and personal defense, WND is bringing this exceptional resource forward now. And, to make it available to as many people as possible, we are offering these three special issues for a total of only $10.00 including shipping. (Single Whistleblower issues sell for $7.50, making the "Homeland Security" package a $22.50 value, although WND normally sells the package at the reduced rate of $15.00.) This special, limited-time price of only $10.00 will come to an end soon, so take advantage of the opportunity now.

"I can't tell you how important the information contained in these Whistleblower reports is," said WND Editor and CEO Joseph Farah. "It's just vital to all Americans. That's why we've lowered the price as far as we possibly can. We just really need to get this information out to as many people as possible."

Get WND's acclaimed "Homeland Security" package NOW for only $10.00! Offer ends soon.

Buy Now

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Linda Chavez's new autobiography -- autographed!
Review by WorldNetDaily.Com (below)
Oct. 29, 2002

American politics boasts some strong women -- but none stronger, more articulate, more feared and more respected than Linda Chavez.

"An Unlikely Conservative" is the rich and revealing story of a tumultuous journey from poverty to prominence ? and from left to right ? by one of the most influential female conservatives in the country.

When President Bush nominated Chavez to be secretary of labor in January 2001, most political observers saw it as a nod to the right. Chavez had made her reputation taking on the civil rights establishment, the feminist movement, and the multiculturalists. What few people knew was that this hard-nosed conservative began her career among socialists and labor?union officials, teaching in college affirmative?action programs and writing political propaganda for the Democratic National Committee.

In "An Unlikely Conservative," Chavez recounts her political journey from the Young People's Socialist League to the Reagan wing of the Republican Party ? and the sometimes shocking personal experiences that shaped her views. From excrement?smeared car seats to threats of attacks with bombs and switchblades, she learned quickly that opposing racial quotas and ethnic studies carried a high personal cost. But at its core, hers is the story of a working?class Hispanic girl who overcomes a difficult and painful childhood to become one of America's most prominent political conservatives.

You can buy this book elsewhere. You can probably even find it cheaper. But you won't find it autographed by the author anywhere else. Neither will you be eligible for a FREE, three-month trial subscription to Whistleblower magazine -- a $22.50 value -- just for buying it.

Buy Now

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Irmingard Anna
New York, NY
Dec. 2, 2002

Dear friends of finer art,

I am sorry that I could not finish my Advent Calendar in time. I am still working on it, and promise you that I will let you know the minute it is completed.

Meanwhile, why not play with my Christmas Memory Game, and have fun trying to find the pairs of pictures. The calendar will be ready ASAP.

All the best to you and yours

Irmingard Anna


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January 21, 2003

Hal Gage
Director, Alaska Photographic Center

APC member Alejando IV Barragan will give a presentation on photographing caves at the Museum of modern art of Anchorage. Barragan's series "Walking Under Mexican Land," highlights his work in the Juxtlahuaca grottos in central Mexico. This major cave system extends 5 miles in eight branches under the Guerrero Mountains. Alejandro has a wealth of experience to share on this subject.

Join us January 21, 2003 at 7 pm in the classroom for a slide lecture on cave photography.

Free and open to the public.

To see information and pictures about the Juxtlahuaca Grottos click here or contact Hal Gage at 272-4356 or for more information.

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Hardcover Book by Larry Elder

Available for sale from thru this website for $16.22 & save 35%. A "call to arms from a foremost black conservative" (description from Conservative Book Club), describes Larry's newest book thusly:

"In his new book, Elder is out to slay entrenched and enmeshed special interest groups, government agencies with the capacity to meddle in Americans' lives and businesses, lawmakers who continue a pattern of outrageous overtaxation, and those who would hamstring this country with good intentions.

"Showdown demonstrates how the nation would be better, stronger and safer with less gvernment intervention and how individuals would not only cope but thrive without the so-called safety net. Showdown is a call to arms for a truly free society...."

Buy Now

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Hardcover Book by Sean Hannity

Available for sale from thru this website for $15.57 & save 40%. Cable TV's Fox News Channel host Sean Hannity, of Hannity & Colmes fame, who is also a rising talk radio star, has written a new bestseller. Here is an excerpt from's book description:

" Our nation, as Hannity reminds us, was founded on the idea of freedom. And in order to protect our freedoms, he argues, we must stand vigilant against liberal attempts to compromise our strengths. From our military and intelligence forces, to our borders and airports, to our unified commitment to root out terrorists at home and abroad, he reveals how our strongest lines of defense have come under attack -- by left-wing voices within our government, media, schools, and elsewhere. And he shows how even domestic issues like taxation, education, patriotism, and the family have been exploited by liberals with their own agendas -- with potentially disastrous results."

Buy Now

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Hardcover Book by G. Gordon Liddy

Available for sale from thru this website for just $19.57 & save 30%. Radio talk show personality & former FBI agent & convicted Watergate burglar (soon to be exonerated) wrote his new book that describes thusly:

"G. Gordon Liddy reminds us what we loved about America, back when you could shoot off a firecracker, light up a cigar, or drive fast and there wasn't a government bureaucrat telling you how to live your life."

Buy Now

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CD by Eric Clapton

Freedom Writer's favorite musician of all time, EC, has given us another wonderful blessing of music with this selection of old & new hits from his 2001 live tour performances at Los Angeles, CA & Tokyo, Japan.

The product is available 3 ways: as a double CD, as a DVD, & as a combo-pack of double CD with DVD. The first option is available for sale from thru this website for $14.99, a 25% discount.

Clapton has successfully kicked his drug & alcohol problems & has a rehabilitation center in the Caribbean Islands for people who want to kick theirs. Freedom Writer celebrated his 16th anniversary of sobriety in November 2002.

Buy Now

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Hardcover Book by Ted Nugent

Available for sale from thru this website for $17.47 (30% off), this latest from American rock musician Ted Nugent (the Motor City Madman), who completed a successful performance at the Alaska State Fair in Palmer this fall (he likes to visit The Last Frontier to hunt, fish, & perform), illustrates his Second Amendment enthusiasm & love of the original values of America (Alaska is what America was).

Buy Now

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The CIA and Its Secret Experiments with Germ Warfare.
America's Great State Secret
by Gordon Thomas
(Author of Seeds of Fire: China And The Story Behind The Attack On America)

Now published for the first time as an original e-book and for a limited time and quantity, exclusively available to GLOBE-INTEL subscribers at an amazingly low price - download the free preview and prologue at - right-click and choose "Save Target as" order now at Buy Now

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