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This issue of Freedomwriter has a number of letters.

Thank you and keep your letters coming!


Hi everyone,

Just want to let you guys know that an excerpt of my song "Land of the Living" will be broadcast on National Public Radio sometime on 9/11, along with a brief discussion how the song was written. Unfortunately I don't know anything about what time this will happen, NPR is going to have many hours of programming that day and I think it could be anytime. If I find out more I'll certainly let you know.

9/6/02 Club Helsinki Club Helsinki Grt Barrington MA 413-528-3394 9 PM
9/7/02 Zoo Folk Festival Beardsley Zoo Bridgeport CT 203-394-6565 8 PM
9/12/02 The Pump House Regional Arts Center The Pump House Regional Arts Center La Crosse WI 608-785-1434 7:30 pm
9/13/02 Cambridge-Isanti Performing Arts Center Cambridge-Isanti Performing Arts Center Cambridge MN 763-689-2796 7:30 pm
9/14/02 Red House Records Cedar Cultural Center Minneapolis MN 651-379-1089 8 pm
9/15/02 Events, Inc. Treefrog Music Festival Faribault MN 507-334-4381 3 pm
9/17/02 Maintenance Shop Maintenance Shop Ames IA 515-294-2969 8 pm
9/18/02 CSPS CSPS Cedar Rapids IA 319-364-1580 8 pm
9/19/02 Schuba's Schuba's Chicago IL 773-525-2508 8 pm
9/21/02 Fretless Productions Sellersville Theater 1894 Sellersville PA 215-257-3000 8:00pm
9/25/02 Jazz Cafe Jazz Cafe London UK 02073444444 n/a
9/26/02 Arts Centre Arts Centre Pontardawe UK 01792863722 n/a
9/27/02 Erigle Inn Errigle Inn Belfast UK 01890863459 n/a
9/28/02 The Shelter The Shelter Dublin IE 08702434455 n/a
10/3/02 City Hall City Hall Sheffield UK 01142789789 n/a
10/4/02 Folk Club Folk Club Westhoughton UK 01257230508 n/a
10/5/02 Folk Club Folk Club Westhoughton UK 01257230508 n/a
10/6/02 St Andrews in the Square St Andrews in the Square Glasgow UK 01413538000 n/a
10/11/02 Quantum Arts Sunset Events Center Fort Collins CO 970-493-3080 7:30 p.m.
10/12/02 Swallow Hill Swallow Hill Music Hall Denver CO 303-777-1003 8:00 p.m.
10/13/02 Outpost Performance Space Outpost Performance Space Albuquerque NM 505-268-0044 7:30 p.m.
10/18/02 The Birchmere, Alexandria, VA 703-549-7500 7:30pm
10/19/02 Grace Norton Rogers School, Hightstown, NJ 609-259-5764 Also, Duke along with Zev Katz on bass will be with me at this show.
10/25/02 The Outpost in the Burbs, Montclair, NJ 973-744-6560 (co-bill with Richard Shindell) 8:00 p.m.
10/26/02 Old Sturbridge Village Old Sturbridge Village Sturbridge MA 800-733-1830 8 PM
11/1/02 Center for Community Service Wilde Auditorium W Hartford CT 860-768-4228 7:30 PM
11/2/02 Ear To The Ground Productions Emerson Umbrella Concord MA 978-369-4127 8 PM
11/3/02 One More Song Productions Mad River Unplugged/Valley Players Thea Waitsfield VT 802-496-8910 7:30 pm
11/16/02 Old City Restaurant Associates Inc. Tin Angel Philadelphia PA 215-928-0770 7:00 & 10:00
11/17/02 Iron Horse Entertainment Group Iron Horse Music Hall Northampton MA 413-586-8686 7PM
11/23/02 Mother's Wine Emporium McNeil Room Troy NY n/a 8:00pm
11/24/02 92nd Street Y Kaufmann Concert Hall New York City NY 212-996-1100 8:00pm
12/5/02 Tractor Tavern Tractor Tavern Seattle WA 206-789-3599 8:00 p.m.
12/6/02 Berkshire Snow Productions McMenamens St. Johns Pub Portland OR 503-224-4400 8:00 p.m.
12/7/02 Acoustic Junction Productions Cafe Paradiso Eugene OR 541-485-5363 7:00 p.m.
12/10/02 Del Norte Assoc. for Cultural Awareness Crescent Elk Auditorium Crescent City CA 707-464-1336 7:30 p.m.
12/13/02 Freight & Salvage St. John's Presbytarian Church Berkeley CA 510-548-1761 8:00 p.m.
12/14/02 McCabe's McCabe's Santa Monica CA 310-828-4403 7:30 p.m.

Love Lucy

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Aug 12, 2002
Washington State

Are you, as a conservative organization, really interested in protecting parental rights, or just a political right movement hiding behind the flag and family? About a month ago I sent out a plea to many "Christian" and "Conservative" organizations that presented themselves as champions of family rights. I have had little response. I did this because I am an attorney who has a vital case on such rights pending in the Court of Appeals, Division I, of the State of Washington directly involving whether parents have any rights over their teen age children. So far the lower courts have held that the only right they have to be protected from the actions of the state or strangers is some vague right to love and affection, but not to obedience. Parental authority is practically dead in the State of Washington, and if the public does not step up to support parental rights as now pending in the Court of Appeals, they will breath their last breath, probably under some unpublished opinion, so that for all outward appearances, the parental rights espoused by the United States Supreme Court appear to the uninformed to still exist. I believe this may reflect the current true condition of parental rights in the United States where the is no immediate economic gain in protecting them such as through charter schools, vouchers or other programs that present an opportunity to sell some products, like home schooling. So, should I cynically ask, if you, my reader, can't see the necessity of these parental rights, help me look for the broader economic gain to be achieved by some in the protection of these rights.

My client is a mother who was deprived of her parental rights by the City of Seattle at a point where she was trying to enforce them. She was never tried or convicted of being an unfit mother, and indeed there was no evidence of that.

The case is Victoria Peterson v. City of Seattle, cause No. 49460-1-I. I suggest that one should start reading on page 5 to understand the factual background. What we are seeking is to broadcast as broadly as possible information about this case, and solicit support from organizations and people who are willing to stand up and be counted in support of Parental Rights, be it through filing Amicus briefs or in other forms of support, such as circulating our needs and the information about this cause. A copy of the Appellant's brief is here in html form form easier dissemination.

Ed Campbell
206 783 3410
Fax 206 784 2206
e mail

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August 18, 2002
Closed Primary

Dear Editor,

Our Legislators voted for the new closed primary (HB 193) claiming it was because of a US Supreme Court decision in favor of the Democratic Party in California. The truth is this court decision did affirm a political party?s right to close their primary. However, our elected officials went beyond the scope of that court decision. They decided to close the primary for all parties. You can find the truth about which legislators supported HB 193 by going to

Most people I've talked with think a closed primary is more beneficial to political parties than to the voting public. The Republican and Democratic parties who created this mess had hoped this would attract more Undeclared and Non-partisan voters who accounted for 52% in the 2000 election into their organization. In reality frustrated voters including a record number of Republicans have changed their party affiliation to Undeclared and Non-partisan when faced with this closed primary.

Some people suggest we protest the closed primary by NOT voting on August 27th. Maybe a stronger statement would be made by picking up a third party ballot? Show the Republican and Democratic parties how far out of step they really are with the general public.


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Sept 1, 2002

Strike Force Freedom Cry is now a totally discredited organization which has had all but one or two key personnel desert after discovering that Regina Moore was a fraud. Contact us for further details. In the meantime, please, remove the following from your archives and advise Bob Staranowisz of this communication. Attached is a photo of Regina Moore at the start of her latest venture, the Walk from West Blocton, Alabama, to The Wall - this 850 mile walk fizzled after 4.2 miles. This is not someone who is ready to walk 850 miles, but rather just one who wanted vets and military families to donate their money to her cause - we need to find out how much money has been donated in order to interest the proper law enforcement activities in this case - your site was found during a web search for all instances of Strike Force Freedom Cry.
Thank you.

Roger W. Helbig Lt Col,
USAF Res (ret) and coalition of former Moore supporters for truth and justice

walkani.gif - 70452 Bytes


By Bob Staranowicz August 2, 2001

I need help from all vets, look at the site,

Fake Vet Regina-1.jpg - 16404 Bytes

SIGN UP, and join me in Washington DC when it all comes together.

Any ??s just yell.

Please pass this on to all vets you know. WE are trying to make this the biggest turnout ever and to finally bring recognition to the Vietnam Vet that you and I richly deserve.

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Sept. 4, 2002
The main slogan of the Iranian secular movement.

"Freedom of Thought, For Ever, For Ever"

Marzeporgohar Party (MPG)

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Sept 8, 2002

There is no freedom in security if there is no security of freedom


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Sept 9, 2002
Two Types of Politicians
Eagle River AK

Since bringing my family to Alaska several years ago, I've voted in every election that I can remember: until this last one. It didn't really seem like a real Alaskan election, where anything can happen, and something usually does. It seemed rather canned. But the general election is upcoming and since the format will feature a choice rather than an echo. We'll definitely be at this one. I discarded the principle of voting along party lines long ago, so I've been trying to come up with a consistent system that will help me choose the best people for the job. I think I've found one. I figure that politicians come in two basic categories:

  1. Those that want to be elected by everybody to represent the special interests of themselves and their friends.
  2. Those that want to be elected by everybody to represent the interests of everybody equally.

I'm voting for the number 2's. I want people with the mindset of Jay Hammond to represent me.

John Whiting
Eagle River email

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Sept 15, 2002
Libertarian Poll at State Fair
Nikiski, Alaska

Dear Editor,

During the Palmer Fair an informal poll was taken at the Libertarian Party booth. The question was: How would YOU solve the state's "fiscal crisis"? Choices available included

  1. Income tax,
  2. sales tax,
  3. Permanent Fund,
  4. Spend less, and
  5. None of the Above.

Of the 592 respondants, the overwhelming favorite was Spend Less (320) followed by adding a Sales Tax (118).The rest were close together with None of the Above at 56, Income Tax at 53 and Permanent Fund at 45.

While it certainly wasn't scientific, it was a good cross-section of the fair-goers - they were picked at random and the nature of the booth wasn't immediately obvious. Sixty percent went on to complete the "World's Smallest Political Quiz" which reveals their political philosophies. The group was diverse: Liberals and Conservatives each made up 17% of the total. Authoritarians* comprised 11%. Centrists -"middle of the roaders" - were 24%, and libertarians were 31%. Consequently, the poll should represent a pretty fair cross-section of the population. (* Authoritarians are those people who are comfortable with more regulation in their lives than most. An extreme authoritarian would be a totalitarian dictator.)

Most Alaskans would like to see state spending brought into control before alternate revenue streams are explored. Al Anders, the Libertarian candidate for Lt. Governor, has a great idea: Since the state currently spends roughly $12,000 per man, woman and child, let each resident "spend" that money when they fill out their PFD application. Put all the budget items on the application, and let each person allocate their $12,000 as they see fit. The totals would be tallied and all the legislature would need to do is to fine-tune it. Special interests would no longer wield enormous power. The people of the state would determine which programs are desired.

The Libertarian Party, like all third parties, is used to having their good ideas taken by other groups. Here are some other good ideas from Al Anders: Allow people to register to vote up to the day of the election. The current deadline of 30 days before the election is outmoded in today's fast world of electronics. Campaigns go into high gear the month before election day, and seek to create enthusiasm - except if you aren't already registered, the spark is doomed to whither and die.

Another idea: Forward fund the budget - only spend what we already have in the bank, not what we hope we will generate in the coming year.

How about having a two year budget? No bills can be added in the session that creates the budget, although you could eliminate laws. In the next year, the non-budget session, the legislature could add laws.

Folks, if you think these ideas have merit, vote for the Libertarian candidates. Use your vote to signify something for a change. As for the other parties, feel free to steal these ideas. We'd all be better for it.

Vicki Pate
PO Box 7447,
Nikiski Alaska

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Oct 9, 2002
Nikiski, Alaska

I must have somehow submitted an article that I wrote to your site, because it's there! I appreciate your recognition of my work and am especially pleased to see it below an article written by a person I regard as a friend, Libertarian Al Anders. Please add me to your mailing list. I'll certainly check out your site more thoroughly and may submit a letter after November. I'm running for the State House in District 34 and am quite busy now. What I've seen of your site so far is great.

Thanks for your good work!
James Price

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