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Book By Amy Van Singel (Editor) & Jim O'Neal (Editor)

Alaskan DJ Amy Van Singel collaborates with Jim O'Neal on interviews of many pioneering blues men including Muddy Waters, Howlin' Wolf, Little Walter, Jimmy Reed, B.B. King, and many others that were originally published in the "Living Blues Magazine".

Available for $24.95 thru this website from Amazon.Com.

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By Stephen

These names of long winters speak,
for days of green summers mourn,
on crosses in rows,
the grave's granite voice,
these names give meaning to bones.
Where lie your young murdered brothers?
How found you your fathers afield?
What marker betrayed
their sun bleached remains?
remembered in steel.


Super Genius
From: Outer Space

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Videos available from WorldNetDaily.Com Sept. 28, 2002

Get 'Gunrunner's Suite' and 'Saddam's Surprise'

Should America be concerned about weapons of mass destruction in the hands of a rogue nation?

American Investigator, working undercover using hidden cameras, shows you the players involved in an international arms trafficking network. In "Gunrunner's Suite," American Investigator builds an iron-clad case against these dangerous weapons smugglers from Canada to Germany to the final destination, which one arms trafficker called a ?very bloody, dirty country in North Africa.? In this rousing investigation, the American Investigator team earns their stripes by outperforming U.S. government intelligence agencies.

Buy Now

Then there's "Saddam's Surprise." It's about the biologic warfare source of the Gulf War Syndrome, and how it could have been detected before it happened, but was not on a general's order. A brave colonel comes forward on how biologic detectors were not used on purpose.

Since it is a terrorist weapon, we may need these detectors in our cites. It also documents that Saddam's obtained through one of our allies over 50 special crop sprayers that are ideal for biologic weapons and still has them.

As a bonus, there's "Welcome to Hell Part II," which documents how the establishment press misreported the Chechnya battles. The Russians were really fighting Islamic extremist terrorist openly allied with and being trained by Osama bin Laden's Afghan operations. Includes extensive video of battlefield action, terrorist training, and kidnappers videos sent to relatives seeking ransoms. Over 1,000 Americans have been kidnapped and tortured by the Chechnyan terrorists who are generally portrayed in a positive light by our press.

Find out what is really going on in the Afghan/Chechnyan collaboration and what their goals really are. Includes interviews with many experts on Islamic terrorism and bin Laden. (NOTE: This video is disturbing to watch and is not appropriate for children).

Buy Now

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Book from Judicial Watch
Intro by Larry Klayman, Chairman
September 29, 2002

Ever since the horrible events of 9/11 embedded a place in our national history, Judicial Watch has been working diligently to uncover the truth behind these attacks and, more importantly, the continuing failure of our government to prevent them. Today, I would like to announce exclusively to you the results of these efforts, our special report, Fatal Neglect.

Fatal Neglect reveals the U.S. government's continuing failure to protect America citizens against terrorism. Truly, this book could save your life. I sincerely urge you to read it and share it with your friends and family.

The events September 11, 2001 will never be forgotten; we must ensure that they will never be repeated. Because of your interest in our work, we are offering this book for immediate shipment for just $24.95 plus $3 shipping and handling.

I believe this book is so valuable to you and your family, that I am backing it with a 100% money-back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied.

To order this book today, click here

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Book By Christopher Ruddy (Editor),
Carl Limbacher Jr. (Editor)

Paperback book, available for sale thru this website @ 30% off for $17.47

Buy Now

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