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This issue of Freedomwriter has a number of letters.

Thank you and keep your letters coming!

May 1, 2002
Anchorage, AK

These are issues that I intend to support as a candidate for Lieutenant Governor. They are sent as courtesy and also to solicit suggestions.

In liberty,

Al Anders

Among the duties of the Lieutenant Governor is the responsibility for supervising the electoral process. In this regard there are several reforms that I which to champion.

  • Promote and implement a system to allow citizens to cast ballots and sign petitions using the internet.
  • Promote a constitutional amendment to allow citizens to initiate constitutional amendments. Citizen initiated constitutional amendments should require a super majority.
  • Work to allow citizens to register to vote up to and including election day provided that they can prove 30 day residency.
  • Work to eliminate closed publicly funded primaries. Political parties that which to nominate by primary should pay for the cost of the election.
  • Support instant runoff voting.
  • Support a constitutional amendment to outlaw a state income tax and state sales tax.
  • Support a constitutional amendment requiring all revenue bills to have to pass both houses with a super majority or a majority of the citizens voting in a referendum.
  • Support shortening the legislative sessions to 60 days.
  • Support passing bi-annual budgets. Those years when the budget is being appropriated the legislature may pass no new bills. Those years the legislature may only repeal laws or pass referendums. That way there are fewer distractions and more time to debate budget decisions.

Other reforms that I will support

  • Require citizens be residents three years before they are eligible for the permanent dividend. Citizens must be a resident three years to run for state or local office. Receiving a dividend check should have the same residency requirement.
  • End subsidies for all Alaska businesses.
  • Transfer State owned businesses to the private sector.
  • Allow competition in the electricity market by ending exclusive territories.
  • Allowing and encouraging fish ranching of native species. Encouraging will be done without taxpayer subsidies.
  • Work to sell much of the 106,000,000 acres of Alaska land owned by the state to Alaska citizens. The proceeds of these sales would be used as an endowment to pay for the cost of state government in perpetuity.
  • Establish a state lottery. Proceeds can help fund government in lieu of a state income tax or sales tax.
  • Allow video gaming. Proceeds can help fund government in lieu of a state income tax or sales tax.
  • Decriminalize marijuana subject to local option. Tax and regulate similar to alcohol, tobacco and coffee. Proceeds can help fund government in lieu of a state income tax or sales tax.
  • Decriminalize prostitution subject to local option. Tax and regulate with the proceeds used to help fund government in lieu of a state income tax or sales tax.
  • Defend the constitution completely including the right to privacy as unanimously determined by the Alaska State Supreme in 1975 in Ravin v State.

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May 3, 2002

Assuming you have not yet heard the news, Ezola Foster, who was Pat Buchanan's VP running mate in 2000, has joined the Constitution Party.

We hope you will come along.

Reed R. Heustis, Jr.

AOL: ReedHeustis | ICQ#: 16710247
Y!: July4th1776 | Ph: (909) 860-3014
World Wide Web:
Restore the Constitution -

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May 1, 2002
Kenai, Alaska

Our state House passed HB-498, bringing Alaska one step closer to a tremendously expensive monument to the special interest influence of Cornell Corrections, VECO and their team of lobbyists. They’ve obtained the best legislation that money can buy. They’re one step closer to the largest heist of state money ever, right in the middle of a budget crisis which could soon result in the loss of our permanent fund dividends and new taxes for every citizen unable to defend themselves with their own team of special interest lobbyists.

I commend those legislators who said no. They understood the people of Alaska did not want to finance a prison with public funds, operated by and for a private for-profit operator. They understood the corruption involved in creating a profit entity, which had successfully lobbied for creation of its own industry today and then could lobby tomorrow for more beds and longer sentences to further their goal of making profit. They understood that there were no real cost savings and that the loser in this deal would be the people of the state of Alaska. Justice and fiscal responsibility took a back seat to pure greed when this special interest legislation was passed.

To the 24 legislators who voted for this legislation, I’d like to say that I hope that the people in your districts do not forget your action. The people in Anchorage, Delta Junction, Kenai and Wrangell all said no. Every time the facts were laid out before the voters, the clear answer was no. What part of no didn’t you understand?

Clearly, this project is designed for no other purpose than transferring state tax revenue to a private operator, who’ll transfer money back to their favored legislators. It’s a sole sourced, non-competitively bid pork project with a projected cost in excess of a billion dollars, not to mention the cost in human misery. If this bill is passed into law, our state will be paying for this huge mistake for a very long time.

Please contact the legislature and express your outrage over this bill. You can contact your Legislative Iformation Office during business hours or the alaska Voters Organization online at anytime. Either entity will assist you to effectively communicate your message to the Legislature. Please do so now!

thanks for your consideration!

James Price
PO Box 7043
Nikiski, AK 99635

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May 3, 2002
Palmer, AK

Hi Bill, you and I have met at the AIP booth at the State Fair a couple of times...I really enjoy your site.

In case you haven't seen it yet, I started a Valley News site back in November. it's at Please take a minute to visit when you get a chance. I update it on a daily basis with current news from the valley and from around the world.

I am going to add Freedom Writer to my links page, I hope you will add mine. We are not in competition, except with the Frontiersman and the Daily Worker...!

I just read the letters from the "turd" writers .... aren't liberals just eloquent in expressing themselves?

Dennis Oakland

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June 7, 2002

Why are the Articles of Confederation omitted from your list of important documents?

Few realize that those Laws remain in force today, and are guaranteed in the First Clause of Article VI, Constitution of the United States.

This "contract" is the basis of all Freedom, in the United states of America (Not the U.S. federal corporation). It is the Republic, referred to in the Pledge of Allegence to the Flag of the Confederation!

I am located at York, the First Capital of the Confederation united States of America and the site of it's drafting.

Kindly, correct this omission.

Thank you,

David Clarence: Expressly Reserving All Rights.


Thank you, David, for your suggestion. I have been contemplating inserting THE ARTICLES OF CONFEDERATION for some time.

The book "The Anti-Federalists - Selected Writings & Speeches", edited by Bruce Frohnen, is illustrative of the philosophical battle that ensued after the early American colonists defeated the British to gain their independence & then governed themselves, as a fledgling nation, for a short period of time before the present Constitution was written (1787).

Those ARTICLES gave the new states, the new Congress, & the people more power than the federal government. Because of mounting debt, many of the Founding Fathers decided that the federal government needed to be more centralized so it can have taxation powers to erase the national debt & function more as a whole, rather than as surrogates of the new Congress of the states' representatives. The compromised that ensued was the creation of THE BILL OR RIGHTS which were added as the first 10 amendments to the new Constitution. These RIGHTS incorporated many, as you have suggested, items found in the ARTICLES, which led to the final signing & adoption of the new Constitution -- a new balance of power between the states & the federal government, and between the people & the federal government, and amongst the branches of government itself. Few people, and even fewer students taught in our public schools anymore, know that our first President was not George Washington, as the Congress of the Confederation (which succeeded the Continental Congress) elected its presiding officer -- the President -- for one year terms from 1781 to 1789 until the new Constitution was adopted by 12 of the 13 original states.

If you can find me a good URL for THE ARTICLES OF CONFEDERATION so I won't have to type it from scratch, I may finally get it posted to FREEDOM WRITER'S exclusive DOCUMENTS OF FREEDOM section. Thank you.

June 2002

webmaster comment
please note The Alaskan Independence Party has had this posted now for at least 5 years.

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April 5, 2002

Hi everyone,

This is just a quick note to let you know where I'll be in the next few weeks. I'll send a real update soon to let you know what's been going on.

So my interview on Weekend Edition with Scott Simon on NPR aired on Saturday, 7/13 so you can hear it on NPR's website. Their website is and you can either do a search with my name or go to the "Weekend Edition Saturday" page and you'll find the interview, along with a bunch of other stuff about me.

I'm a huge fan of Scott Simon and his show, I try to listen to it every Saturday, and I thought he did an absolutely teriffic job with the interview. They played excerpts from five songs from "Every Single Day" and we talked about the songs and about my former life as a psychologist.

I also want to tell you that the day of the interview my husband and I took a look at to see what the sales rank was for "Every Single Day" and we were astonished to find that it was #1 (which means it was the best selling album that day of every album they sell, it was above the brand new albums by The Red Hot Chili Peppers and Dave Matthews!!!) And if that wasn't exciting enough, when I scrolled down the top 20 bestselling albums, "Ten Year Night" was #12, and my other two albums were in the top 50!! We both just sort of sat there looking at the computer screen thinking that this was a really, really special moment.

So it seems a whole lot of people heard the interview and went and bought my albums, and I couldn't be more thrilled.

Anyway, I'll let you know if anything else happens.

Take care, Lucy

5/4/02 Unitarian Church, Burlington, VT 802-863-8326
5/5/02 Center for Cultural Exchange, Portland, ME 207-761-1545
5/10/02 Bergen Community Coll. Main Theatre, Paramus, NJ 201-447-7428
with Duke Levine on guitar and Zev Katz on bass!
5/11/02 Sweet Harmony's Coffeehouse, Marbledale, CT 860-868-2275
5/12/02 Club Passim, Cambridge, MA 617-492-7679
2 shows, with Duke Levine on guitar!
5/18/02 Rose Garden Coffeehouse, Mansfield, MA 508-699-8122
5/30/02 Godfrey Daniels, Bethlehem, PA 610-867-2390
5/31/02 Tarrytown Music Hall, Tarrytown, NY 914-248-8823
co-bill w/ Richard Shindell, and I'll be playing w/Jon Herington on guitar and Zev Katz on bass, but I believe this show is sold out!
6/7/02 Beal House, Kingston, MA 781-871-1052
6/8/02 Stamford Ctr For The Arts, Stamford, CT 203-358-2305
2 shows, w/Duke Levine!
6/15-16/02 Clearwater's Great Hudson River Revival, Croton-on-Hudson, NY 914-454-7673
6/22/02 Ram's Head, Annapolis, MD 410-268-4545

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