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Summer 2002

On June 26, 2002, a black day for America, a three member panel of the 9th Federal Circuit Court of Appeals ruled America's Pledge of Allegiance (to the US Flag) was unconstitutional because it contained the words " Nation under God..." because, in their opinion, it probably violated the so-called "separation of church & state" doctrine if the pledge was mandatory.

The case was brought by Michael Newdow, pro se, against the Elk Grove Unified School District of California & was heard by the panel in the case "Newdow vs. US Congress, et al" who alleged his daughter was being required to recite the pledge in public school against her wishes.

Due to unprecedented public outcries across America against this ruling a "stay" (no action, no change) was issued until the full Court could hear & decide the case.

Hearings were begun in Congress to contemplate splitting the 9th Circuit into 2 different courts & jurisdictions, due to the numerous ultra-liberal rulings of these judges over the years, almost all of which have been overturned by the US Supreme Court, which is in contrast to most of the other circuit court decisions from other parts of the country. Legislation was proposed to make the current Pledge of Allegiance permanent through Constitutional Amendment. Even many liberal democrats in Congress jumped on the bandwagon & decried the court decision, even though they are the ones holding up current presidential judicial nominees who would not tolerate or rule like most of those currently sitting on the 9th Circuit bench. Hopefully most Americans will see through the hypocrisy of those "latent God-fearing patriots of the Democratic Party persuasion". Clearly, this ruling has upset over 80% of the American population, according to most polls.

Recently, it has come to light that Mr. Newdow, an attorney besides being an atheist, did not have full legal custody of his daughter, and that the young girl's mother wants to have her daughter removed from the case since the girl has never expressed any dissatisfaction in saying the Pledge in school at all. Even Mr. Newdow's public pronouncements in the media after the ruling have confirmed this. This fraudulent case, with no actual victim of the local school district's pledge recitation activities, should spur any honest judge on the 9th Circuit Court to begin hearings & investigations & then rule to rescind the earlier ruling. Then, Mr. Newdow should be held in contempt of the court for violating his Canons of Professional Ethics & disciplined & punished appropriately & severely, because he, as a professional attorney & an officer of the court, should have known better.

If this case ever reaches the US Supreme Court, there is ample historical evidence that our Founding Fathers meant to acknowledge our nation's existence as being protected by "Divine Providence", "Creator", "the Almighty", "the Providence of Almighty God", & other nouns for the name of God though their writings & other public pronouncements. Our Declaration of Independence mentions "the Creator". Daily sessions of Congress open with a prayer. Each new session of the US Supreme Court opens with a prayer. Our legal tender has the words "In God We Trust" imprinted or engraved on it. Practically every US President invokes the name of God when requesting divine guidance for themselves & our country, through prayer or public speeches or written proclamations, especially during times of national crises. Our civil & criminal laws are based upon the Ten Commandments. "May God Bless America" has always been a speech-ending plea from the lips of our politicians for our Lord's help.

Our First Amendment begins: "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech,...". That means that there shall be no state-sponsored religion, or that the government cannot tell us how to worship God, whether you call Him Jehovah, Allah, Buddah, or Jesus. It does not say we cannot freely invoke His Name. The "so-called separation of church & state" is not even written in the US Constitution but is someone's analysis of what they believe that portion of the First Amendment means. It's time that our judges rule on the "black & white of the law" rather than reading "shades of gray" of their desires into the law. It's time that our leaders stop dividing us from God.

I like the Pledge of Allegiance as it has been amended by Congress since 1954 when the words "under God" were added. As long as the Pledge is voluntary rather than mandatory, it should withstand judicial & constitutional scrutiny. Until now, I never thought about our flag's Pledge as being controversial. Now, I want it left alone as is, so that our young people & our future generations may understand that, no matter how competent of a people we are, that we are not alone, that we are still here due to God's blessings & protection, & that we will continue to survive as a free people as long as we seek His mercy. We are only "indivisible" if we are "under God".

Freedom Writer

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