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from Steve Vaus
Available From
Spring-Summer 2002

Music for the whole family by America's troubadour

For many years Steve Vaus has been America's No. 1 patriotic recording artist. Without the benefit of a contract with a major label since he was dropped by RCA for being, in their words, "too political," he has dedicated his life and considerable musical talents to presenting music that inspires and empowers anyone who loves America.

Since 1992 when he parted with RCA he has released six CDs chock full of songs that reflect his love of God and country not to mention two spectacular Christmas albums he has done with Wayne Nelson of Little River Band. Late last year he also released a single, "There¹s An Eagle," a moving musical reflection of September 11.

And now comes something completely different.

"I fell in love with music at a very young age," Vaus says. "That love affair started because I was exposed to delightful songs that had wonderful melodies and engaging lyrics. Unfortunately you can't find that today. When I was a kid those kind of songs were everywhere, on the radio, in the school, everywhere!" He continued, "But now, what¹s a youngster going to hear on the radio? Britney Spears? Linkin Park? No parent in their right mind wants their kids singing that stuff. Even the music created for kids leaves much to be desired. I want to inspire a love of quality music in kids the way I was inspired."

So Vaus decided to take kids music matters into his own hands.

He has recorded a new compact disc which features many of the songs he grew up listening to but with completely fresh and innovative treatments. Songs like the Tokens' "The Lion Sleeps Tonight,", Bobby Darin's "Splish Splash," Harry Belafonte's "Jamaica Farewell," the classic campfire song "Kumbaya," and many others.

Vaus describes his arrangements of the songs as "cowboy-campfire-bluegrass-folk" music. "There¹s not a single electric instrument on the album," he remarked from his Southern California studio. "I wanted this to be a friendly sounding album that parents would enjoy as much as their kids. When my family takes long road trips, after the second time hearing Raffi sing 'Joshua Giraffe,' I'm about ready to drive off the road! Early on in this project I set down three rules for myself - the music had to make you feel good, it had to make you want to sing and it had to make you want to hear it over and over again."

The early response to his new "Just for Kids" compact disc indicates he has succeeded. Marcia from Iowa emailed Steve, "I just received your new CD. I ordered it for my grandchildren and I love it so much I'm keeping it for myself and ordering another for them!" Dale from Maine wrote, "I am a second grade teacher. Your new album is terrific. The kids in my class are already singing along. Thanks." And Michelle in California said, "I homeschool my four kids ages 4 to 9. They all love your new CD and are already singing along. I especially appreciate that you included some patriotic songs. I plan to spread the word to the other homeschoolers. Keep up the good work."

In addition to the seven brand new recordings Vaus' new "Just for Kids" release includes his renditions of six classic Americana songs from some of his prior albums. Those songs include "The Battle of New Orleans," "Yankee Doodle," "Dixie," "Yellow Rose of Texas" and others. There is also one brand new song Vaus penned for titled "Yipee-I-Oh-Boy Day" that's not only catchy but offers up some important rules for a happy life:

"Always be honest, always be true, Always be kind and do the best that you can do; Always be helpful, always be nice, Then cowboys and cowgirls, you¹ll have a Yipee-I-Oh Boy Life."

Steve Vaus' "Just for Kids" is a limited edition release. Only 1,000 compact discs are available. Each will be personally autographed by Steve. The CD, which sells for $14 (including shipping and handling) is only available on his web site

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Book By Nuelle Goforth
Available for sale thru
June 21, 2002

Role Models for Girls --

"Daughters of Destiny" is a tour de force, a triumphant proclamation of the joy of feminine virtue compiled and edited by Nuelle Goforth.

With the skill of a woman who herself was nurtured to womanhood by loving Christian parents, Noelle Goforth reveals to the reader the many character qualities of the woman of God: her love of home, her servant-like spirit, her confidence in Christ, her fervor in defense of family and freedom. The reader will meet frontier wives, patriot daughters and faithful ladies who labored in the cause of Christ.

This book is a compilation of true stories of those past women of faith and fortitude that God Almighty has given as a holy testimony of courage to those daughters of destiny who will stand in the 21st century.

A stirring addition to any girl's home-school curriculum.

Order by credit card today in WorldNetDaily's online store now and be eligible for a FREE, three-month trial subscription to Whistleblower magazine.

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Book by William McGowan
Available from
June 13, 2002

How "Diversity" Ruined American Journalism

William McGowan's new book explores the way the search for diversity has brought the U.S. press to a lowly state.

America is at a demographic and public policy crossroads, a place where the dissemination of information about its changing national identity needs to be robust, knowledgeable and honest. But instead, an ongoing media crusade for diversity has made American journalism weaker, particularly on complex stories involving race, homosexual rights, feminism, affirmative action and immigration.

Promoting a narrow orthodoxy that restricts debate while it affirms identity politics, this crusade has fostered a journalistic climate in which vital reporting is often skewed; facts that challenge a preconceived, pro-diversity script get short shrift; and double standards that favor "oppressed" groups over others become the norm.

This is the provocative argument that drives William McGowan's "Coloring the News," a brave, searching work that examines journalism's most controversial issue. McGowan presents a fascinating insider's analysis of how a well-intentioned attempt to accommodate minorities and minority viewpoints has been overtaken by political correctness, which determines what stories get reported in the "elite" media and how.

Buy Now

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Book By M.E. Bradford
Available from
July 7, 2002

Christian Statesmen in Founding of Republic

Great new product in WND store!

"A Worthy Company" by M.E. Bradford is the latest new product in the WorldNetDaily online store ShopNetDaily. It tells the story of the Christian statesmen who founded the great American republic.

Dr. Bradford's penetrating research proves that 50 (and perhaps 52) of the 55 Framers of the United States Constitution were Christians. Not humanists, not Deists, not agnostics - Christians! They were men of The Book who were mindful that those who govern "would be held accountable to a Higher Authority for the use they made of their special powers."

"A Worthy Company" is an exciting, illuminating work. Dr. Bradford's scholarly penchant for fact and historical evidence refutes the claims of those who would deny the predominant influence of the Christian faith on the founding of the nation. By digging down to the original documents and records, he shows, as John Adams wrote, that the American people in the beginning "connected in one indissoluble band, the principles of civil government with the principles of Christianity."

M. E. Bradford, professor of English at the University of Dallas, is the author of some 130 articles and reviews and is the author of or a major contributor to more than one dozen books on history, literature and political thought.

Only $8.95! Take that Amazon!

Best of all, purchase it now and you will be eligible to receive a free, three-month trial subscription to Whistleblower magazine.

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Hardcover Book By Ann H. Coulter July 13, 2002

Available for sale from Amazon.Com thru this website for $17.71, a 32% discount.

Buy Now

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