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This issue of Freedomwriter has a number of letters.

Thank you and keep your letters coming!

Feb 6, 2002

Hello, I was just reading Senator Phillips comments on the legislative move issue. To move the legislature is to move all the major govermental agencies, commissioners, governor's office, judicial offices, and others who must be in close daily proximity to legislative activties. I can see a real need to move the capitol for access issues, however, let's call a spade a spade. Moving the Legislature is in a very real way also moving Alaska's capitol. Sort of a new spin on the Trojan Horse maneuver.

Thank you
Candy Griffin

Feb 24, 2002

Howdy ladies and gentlemen. Yea we got the guns and the lawyer, but we are short of money to fight a Denver city ordinance which prohibits people from carrying a gun on their person for self defense.

On Bill of Rights day December 15th, myself and Rick Stanley were arrested in downtown Denver for wearing a handgun strapped to our side. Although we both acted in accordance with the second amendment of our Bill of Rights it would appear that this law does not apply to the socialist republic of Denver County or Mayor Webb, a left wing fascist, who feels that he is above the law.

Both of us spent about 36 hours in the county jail before being released on a $1,500 bond. Rick's trail date has been set for March 5th and mine for April 2nd. We will both have a jury of six in county court and our lawyer Paul Grant will be arguing that we both obeyed the law under the guise of the second amendment, in the hopes of overturning an illegal city ordinance. Each trial will cost $2,500 and if we have to appeal to district court then it will cost an additional $2,500.

Be no doubt about it the Mayor will do everything in his power to see us lose our rights and end up in his jail, because he is a black liberal who hates the culture and diversity of freedom loving gun owners. The so-called crime we have committed could place us both in the county jail for up to one day short of a year. This how much the left wing fascist of Denver hate us gun owners and if I end up in their stinking jail I will not eat until they release me.

I stood along side Stanley publicly with a handgun on my belt because I have had belly full of the left wing hypocrites and their hatred of the Bill of Rights. Both of us are military veterans and we stood with 75 other people in Veterans Park to support the Bill of Rights. When I served they trusted me with a gun, so why not now?

We need your help to support the second amendment please make your checks and money orders out to Paul Grant Attorney at Law and send them to the following address.

Citizens for Accountability of Government Employees
305 W. Magnolia #131
Ft. Collins, Colorado 80521

Help us CAGE the bureaucrats before they cage us.

Duncan Philp, political agitator

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March 1, 2002

Dear Friend,

I'm Congressman Bob Barr, the conservative fighter who vowed to make a powerful difference by fighting for what's right . . .

No matter where the battle takes me!

The battle took me to the Oval Office, where I showed Bill Clinton to be a LIAR, a CHEATER and a moral MISFIT, who should be impeached.

The battle took me to the headquarters of the Gun Control groups, where that FANATIC FRINGE was determined to tear up the Second Amendment to the Constitution.

The battle was joined at the abortion clinics where I said with a clear, bold, and conservative voice that partial-birth abortion is an ABOMINATION.

We've reached a defining moment in American history. This is no time to dance around the issues and sidestep controversy.

Rather, it's time to draw on our conservative roots, throw down the gauntlet, summon our courage, and fight for bold, sweeping change.

During my eight years in Congress, I've been inspired by the faithful prayers, fighting spirit and unfailing generosity of conservative champions from across America.

Election Day is coming up, and I've been down this road before. I'm under no illusions that winning will be easy. I've learned from hard experience that the Clintons, Kennedys, Daschles, and Gephardts hate me enough to do anything!

I'm calling on YOUR generous support to WIN. Please CLICK HERE

Conservative columnists and talk show hosts called me the bravest national conservative leader America has. The liberal media likened my hard-charging style to that of a Mack Truck.

I accept their comments as a compliment!

Perhaps I'd evoke less hostility if I stayed low, didn't stick my neck out, took a low-key, wait-and-see attitude and avoided controversy at all costs.

But I wouldn't get anything done!

Results are what matter, and wherever there is a constitutional issue at stake or a conservative cause that needs a champion, you can bet I'LL BE THERE!

Will you help me now?

Will you agree with me that liberalism eats away our hope, wipes away our wealth, and sows the seeds of failure?

Fired with new purpose, will you hold fast to your core conservative convictions, come to my rescue and help me win re-election in November?

Won't you take a stand now in defense of the sanctity of unborn life, the bedrock wisdom of our Constitution, and the majesty of free enterprise?

Right now, I'm in the teeth of the liberal pit bull. I'm their top national target. They've carved and pasted a redistricting map designed to defeat me. Most likely, my Democratic opponent will be rich and well-funded.

I wouldn't be surprised to see Bill Clinton himself do a million-dollar fundraiser for my opponent.

That's why I need you NOW.

Please be generous -- CLICK BELOW to make your largest contribution possible, but at least $30 or $35, and act fast. There's no time to lose.

With your kind, prompt and generous help . . .

. . . I KNOW I'LL WIN!

And when I do . . .

I'll keep fighting as hard as I know how . . .

For the America we love, and the values we share.

Your friend,

BOB BARR Congressman

P.S. I need your help NOW. This is the challenge history has given us. Working together, we conservatives will answer the challenge. With America's future at stake, you can count on me. I know I can count on you, too. My future lies right where it belongs: in YOUR capable conservative hands.

Please click below right away and make an online donation of $20, $25, $35, $50, $100, $250 or even $500 and $1000, to fight the combined forces of these left-wing groups. Thank you!


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March 2, 2002

Check out the USA Patriot Act legislation on the Insight magazine web site. It was signed into law by the President and has what Howard Phillips has called "Bush's sneak and peek" provision--allowing federal law enforcement to enter any home in the country for a period of up to 90 days without consulting a judge, obtaining a warrant, or informing the person who owns/lives in the home in question. Kiss the 4th Amendment goodbye. Congressman Ron Paul's recent interview with Insight was instructive--he was one of only three Republicans in the House to vote against this Bush/Ashcroft concoction.

Pastor Mark Dankof

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March 6, 2002


Like many other evangelical Lutherans, I owe a debt of gratitude to both Herman Otten and Bill Topel for their continued commitment to providing Christians specifically and the public generally, with theological and political news coverage that continues to trump the controlled media in both content and analysis.

In recent months, Christian News and FreedomWriter have had the courage to run my reviews of British author Gordon Thomas's last two books, Gideon's Spies--The Secret History of the Mossad, and the recently released Seeds of Fire--China and the Attack on America. Because of this, both reviews have reached Reuters, Middle East News, the Iran Press Service, Jane's Intelligence Weekly, The Moscow News, and other national and world press outlets. I discovered recently that a portion of my review of Seeds of Fire had even been reproduced by a Chinese Internet site. Even more incredibly, the same review resulted in a letter written to me by a significant world leader I cannot identify. For these things I am profoundly grateful. I am also encouraged by what this says about the ongoing impact of the work of Herman Otten and Bill Topel. May God continue to bless these labors of love and the role they play in keeping conservatives informed about the news---and the real news that often lies behind the headlines.

I would like to make a recommendation to the readers of Christian News and FreedomWriter who search for the real meaning behind world events. Consider an on-line subscription to the new Globe-Intel newsletter on intelligence, authored by Gordon Thomas himself. The service is free and easy to obtain. I heartily commend it to you, and suggest that once you try the service, you'll discover yourself consulting the information in each issue, time and time again. Share it with your family and friends as well. Now more than ever, is the time to be informed--and prepared.

You're only a click away from being subscribed. Send an e-mail to You'll be glad you did.

Sola Scriptura, Sola Gratia, Sola Christus!

Pastor Mark Dankof

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Mar 6, 2002

This councilman was working to expose the same group of corrupt officials as me and had gathered my info as well as the Ex-Mayors of the same town who survived similar attacks as threat to silence him. I fear that I am next as I have filed suit against them in district court.

The FBI and the FDLE have gone to incredible lengths to cover for these thugs to date and I am sure they will do so in this murder of a duly elected official. To those of you who are dedicated to the cause and have the insight to uncover these criminals, be very careful and do not under estimate our enemy. These thugs slowly and deliberatly fired 28 rounds to kill councilman Allred and seriously wound his companion. The same Chief who speaks so highly of Allred in this article, later called him scum in a different forum.

(story from Daily Commercial)
( marcy j. levinson) staff writer:

The favorite brown flat-billed hat of Steve Allred's hung on a flower arrangement near a church organ as family and friends gathered for his memorial service Thursday. His light colored casket was at the front of the church amongst many flower arrangements.

The Rev. Randy Mitchell of the First Baptist Church said the service was that of memorial, not a funeral.

"As questions hang over your head, they hang over the head of the family and friends and loved ones of Steve... questions that must and will be answered ... as you know there is an investigation going on," said Mitchell. No police officers from either Mascotte or Groveland were present at the service.

Just before the service began the funeral director walked to the casket with Allred's son and other family members and lifted the lid, for one last good-bye. Tears were streaming. The church was standing room only. Mascotte Chief Gene Wadkins said he has not spoken to the Allred family since the shooting, but offered his condolences.

"My sincere condolences for the family," he said. "The police department cared about Steve. It's a tragic loss." He also said he did not plan on attending the funeral even though Allred was the liaison between the city council and the police department and was instrumental in bringing the much needed changes to fruition.

"(I'm not going) out of respect for the family," said Wadkins. He said they were friends.

"We never had a harsh word between either one of us," he said.

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement is still conducting an investigation that will answer questions as to why police shot at Allred and his friend 35-year-old David Schoenberger during a traffic stop Feb. 24. It is still unclear how many times Schoenberger was shot, but he was released from the hospital Tuesday, and was at the memorial service.

Wadkins said he is pleased that FDLE is conducting an extremely thorough investigation, which could take up to 45 days. "We don't want any questions left if they can be answered," he said.

Some who attended the service work public agencies such as Lake-Sumter Emergency Medical Services, the Lake County Sheriff's Office, and Mascotte Fire Rescue.

Everyone who spoke did so in high regards for Allred. Everyone left knowing what an avid fisherman Allred was, and how much he loved life. Allred's young son Logan read an excerpt that he had written about his dad telling of his fun, kind and loving ways. "I think there's no better way to begin a memorial service then to have one's own son come up and share that which is close to his heart," said Mitchell.

Logan ended his piece by saying over his tears, "We love you and we'll never forget you."

"We sometimes say he left this world before his time but apparently it was God's time to take him," said Mitchell. Groveland Chief Thomas Merrill had no comment.


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March 6, 2002

I wanted to share a new poem I wrote with you..I know you had featured a different poem I wrote last year to help the fight for better cures to childhood disease. I just finished a new one... and wanted to share with you.

Another Terrorist...Childhood Disease

Thanks...I hope it will touch many people to help the fight for better cures...and as always...thank you for your help in the fight. I enjoy reading each issue you put do wonderful work! :)

God bless
Heavenly Lights Childrens Memorial

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Mar 19, 2002

Hello Bill:

It is wonderful being a third party type guy, I have never seen my intro that Sartre did.

I am completly lost on the internet. I'm just really glad you are giving Alaskans an outlet.

William B. Kaliher

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Mar 23 200

I was recently informed that the emancipation proclamation was a "trial run". i was informed that in the year 2007 the u.s.a can legally return us to slaves. are you aware of this? if you have any information on this i ask you to please email me. thanks!!


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April 3, 2002

I would like to thank my uncle Bill Topel for his outstanding 911 page. we all hope that Bin Laden gets what coming to him. I wanted to enlist in the army just for my family, and most of all for my grandma:
Kathryn L. Topel
(in loving memory)!

Mark Nelson

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April 4, 2002

Your attack ads on Representative Croft are despicable. You should be ashamed of yourself. Why don't you put your own email address on the ads?

John Mayer


Freedom Writer has never published an attack ad on State Rep. Eric Croft. To show others that the Tax & Spend Liberal Left "know not what thereof they speak", it was Common Sense for Alaska that printed the editorial cartoon showing Croft tearing up a house with it's family members fleeing while the Democrats in Juneau support increasing taxes. Freedom Writer encourages expression of the First Amendment, no matter what the content. If the state legislators would concentrate on important matters & exercise fiscal restraint rather than considering time zone changes or increasing the pay & perks for state employees, for example, then maybe the public would not have to publish such editorial cartoons about which John doesn't like.

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April 4, 2002

at Do you know the difference between a Nazi and a conservative Republican? There is no difference--they are both born as turds out of the assholes of sick motherfuckers like you.

Ted Herlinger


Freedom Writer publishes this "sick" Letter to show just how little intelligence the writer shows: Ted knows neither my political affiliation, voter registration, sexual preference, or bowel habits.

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April 4, 2002

George "Machine Gun" Weurch ran for mayor of Anchorage on the bankrupt idea of privatizing municipal services and he was the first motherfucker out of the gate to pimp for a bed tax to pay for planning an unneccesary convention center. Count the votes, asshole juice! You cocksuckers lost your asses. Why don't the super rich turds opposed to an income tax come out from hiding behind your Nazi uniforms?

Ted Herlinger


Freedom Writer believes in the First Amendment, & will even publish distasteful comments from the Tax & Spend Liberal Left just to show how uncouth they are in expressing their opinions.

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April 5, 2002

Hi everyone,

Want to let you know that I'll be appearing on the CBS Early Show w/Bryant Gumbel and Jane Clayson on Monday 3/11. I'll be singing my new song, "Land of the Living" which is about the aftermath of 9/11 in New York City. March 11 is the 6-month anniversary of 9/11, and the Early Show will be doing some kind of commemoration, of which my performance will be a part.

I believe I'll be going on around 8:45 a.m. (the show is on from 7-9 a.m. in all time zones, I believe, and my song is supposed to close the show). And the amazing Duke Levine will be playing guitar with me.

So I'm pretty excited about all of this!

I did in fact appear on The CBS Early Show on 3/11 singing "Land of the Living", but not on the East Coast because my piece got cut at the last minute in that time zone for the memorial service at Ground Zero. I'm happy to say it did play in every other time zone. So sorry to all of you on the East Coast who missed it.

At least my parents got to see it on the West Coast!

On the show, they showed my interview with Bryant Gumbel, and my performance of the entire song, with Duke Levine accompanying me, and a photo montage related to 9/11 behind parts of the song that was incredibly moving and powerful. I have to tell you, I cried when I saw the piece.

There's an audio/video excerpt of the piece on the CBS web site ( for the next day or two.

Also, I just found out that my album "Every Single Day" won Best Pop Album of 2001 from the Association for Independent Music (AFIM)!! I'm so thrilled!! ("Ten Year Night" won Best Pop Album of 1999 from AFIM, so I guess I'm batting a thousand right now!)

Want to give you a bit of corrected info. For my April 4 concert at the Paramount in Santa Fe, NM, the ticket info phone number I sent you is wrong. The correct phone number is: 505-883-7800.

Also, I'll be on the radio show "Mountain Stage" on NPR stations around April 5.

Thanks so much for all the wonderful emails, they mean an awful lot to me!

So that's it for now.

Take care,
3/30/02 Stone Soup Coffeehouse, Slater Mill, Pawtucket, RI
401-781-0061 w/the great Duke Levine!
4/4/02 The Paramount, Santa Fe, NM
4/6/02 Acoustic Music Series, Throop Church, Pasadena, CA
4/7/02 Java Joe's, San Diego, CA
4/10/02 Brokerage Club, Bellmore, NY
4/17/02 KM Theatre, Kalispell, MT
4/18/02 Ronan Community Center, Ronan, MT
4/19/02 Blue Heron, Missoula, MT
4/26/02 The Barns of Wolftrap, Vienna, VA
703-938-2404 with the great Duke Levine!!
5/4/02 Unitarian Church, Burlington, VT
5/5/02 Center for Cultural Exchange, Portland, ME
5/10/02 Bergen Community College Main Theatre, Paramus, NJ
201-447-7428 with Duke Levine on guitar and Zev Katz on bass!!
5/11/02 Sweet Harmonies Coffeehouse, Marbledale, CT
5/12/02 Club Passim, Cambridge, MA
617-492-7679 with Duke Levine!!
5/18/02 Orthodox Congregational Church, Mansfield, MA
5/30/02 Godfrey Daniels, Bethlehem, PA
5/31/02 Tarrytown Music Hall, Tarrytown, NY
914-248-8823 co-bill with Richard Shindell!!

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May 2, 2002
Nikiski, AK

Our state House passed HB-498, bringing Alaska one step closer to a tremendously expensive monument to the special interest influence of Cornell Corrections, VECO and their team of lobbyists. They’ve obtained the best legislation that money can buy. They’re one step closer to the largest heist of state money ever, right in the middle of a budget crisis which could soon result in the loss of our permanent fund dividends and new taxes for every citizen unable to defend themselves with their own team of special interest lobbyists.

I commend those legislators who said no. They understood the people of Alaska did not want to finance a prison with public funds, operated by and for a private for-profit operator. They understood the corruption involved in creating a profit entity, which had successfully lobbied for creation of its own industry today and then could lobby tomorrow for more beds and longer sentences to further their goal of making profit. They understood that there were no real cost savings and that the loser in this deal would be the people of the state of Alaska. Justice and fiscal responsibility took a back seat to pure greed when this special interest legislation was passed.

To the 24 legislators who voted for this legislation, I’d like to say that I hope that the people in your districts do not forget your action. The people in Anchorage, Delta Junction, Kenai and Wrangell all said no. Every time the facts were laid out before the voters, the clear answer was no. What part of no didn’t you understand?

Clearly, this project is designed for no other purpose than transferring state tax revenue to a private operator, who’ll transfer money back to their favored legislators. It’s a sole sourced, non-competitively bid pork project with a projected cost in excess of a billion dollars, not to mention the cost in human misery. If this bill is passed into law, our state will be paying for this huge mistake for a very long time.

Please contact the legislature and express your outrage over this bill. You can contact your Legislative Iformation Office during business hours or the alaska Voters Organization online at anytime. Either entity will assist you to effectively communicate your message to the Legislature. Please do so now!

James Price,
PO Box 7043,
Nikiski, AK 99635,

Thanks for your consideration!

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