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Anchorage, Alaska
February 2002

I hope you enjoy this issue #20 of FREEDOM WRITER. It is our biggest issue ever! This is a promising precursor to more exciting issues for 2002 as the changes develop & unfold before your eyes. We will endeavor to have new FREEDOM WRITER TRADING POST products each issue. We will continue to host your favorite FREEDOM WRITER contributors & will showcase new authors & artists, also. We will get better & bigger, in spite of the many obstacles & technical hassles that surface with operating an E-Commerce & Political Commentary Website Business.

Due to increasing family commitments & recurring health problems, FREEDOM WRITER will be using a bi-monthly (every other month) or 60 day cycle schedule for future issues from now through the summer of 2002. That means our next issues will be for April-May, June-July, & August-September. Hopefully, after September, FREEDOM WRITER will resume its "mostly" monthly issue distribution frequency. During this temporary schedule, FREEDOM WRITER encourages you to use the Bravenet FORUM section as a vehicle to read or post immediate topics of concern, while we are in-between the bi-monthly issues, & IT'S FREE & USER-FRIENDLY!

In the meantime, FREEDOM WRITER encourages its regular readers & newcomers to purchase our predominantly American-made merchandise in the TRADING POST section. We have already implemented the safe & secure PayPal on-line system to encourage your ordering & payments via credit card or check to expedite FOR YOU, our cherished customers, a quicker delivery of your merchandise, rather than relying upon the snail mail of the bureaucratic US Postal Service. Of course, you can still order the old-fashioned way, if you like, by sending your check or money order first, but why wait the extra 3-7 days (depending upon what part of America from which your order originates)? I still pay for the first class postage for you, either way you order. Also, our ad rates are VERY REASONABLE! Your purchase of FREEDOM WRITER TRADING POST products & ad space guarantees your FREE ACCESS & FREE SUBSCRIPTION to FREEDOM WRITER. The trend of many other major websites now is to charge for access, so to keep FREEDOM WRITER "FREE & EASY", let's buy FREEDOM WRITER TRADING POST products, please!

During this political year, you public-spirited Alaskan candidates can purchase special modified FREEDOM WRITER SCREEN SAVERS with your campaign advertisements built-in for re-sale or distribution. Just request a special demonstration with me, specify if you use or want either the Macintosh or PC computer version (see TRADING POST section for available options), & coordinate with me & my screen saver designer for the modifications, & we can, for a fee, produce a new quality master copy for individual or multiple copy re-sale or distribution. These SCREEN SAVERS then can be utilized by your campaign staff to maintain internal organizational "esprit de corp" or as a fundraising tool for your contributors to get your message to the public.

In conclusion, let's pause to remember, as we begin a new year. Let's remember, in our prayers, our military personnel stationed in far-flung corners of the world who defend our freedoms we exercise here at home. Let's remember, in our prayers, our political leaders who must make touch decisions on behalf of us citizen-constitutents, that they act wisely & constitutionally. Let's remember, in our prayers, our family members, deceased or living, sick or healthy, who brought us into the world or who will inherit our material blessings or who share our common struggles & enjoyments. Let's remember, in our prayers, our neighbors & others less fortunate in our communities, that we never forget to lend them a helping hand whenever possible. Let's remember, in our prayers, our co-workers or business associates who, together with us, constitute the complex fabric of our economic infrastructure which has given us, & promises to give us more, so much progress to enrich & sustain our lives over the past centuries. Let's remember, in our prayers, the victims & surviving family members of those 3,000 fallen Americans & citizens of over 80 other nations who lost their lives on September 11, 2001 in New York City, Washington, DC, & Pennsylvania. Let's remember, in our prayers, the enemies of our freedom-loving way of life, that they see the errors of their ways & no longer perpetuate terror against us. Finally, let's remember, in our prayers, the true source of all our blessings & rights & the true hope for life everlasting, our Lord God Almighty & His Son Jesus Christ, & give them the praise & thanks they deserve from us.

---Freedom Writer

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In order for you readers, writers, and artists to continue to enjoy FREEDOM WRITER, we hope you can also purchase FREEDOM WRITER products from our TRADING POST, buy ad space, and tell others about FREEDOMWRITER.COM. FREEDOM WRITER contributors enjoy a 25% discount on products and ad rates so why not be one today! Help FREEDOM WRITER and AMERICA achieve another birthday and buy FREEDOM WRITER products and BUY AMERICAN!

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