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Available for sale from WorldNetDaily.Com

By James H. Leggett Sr.

(Submitted by Bob Staranowicz)
Winter 2001-2002


It's the soldier, not the reporter,
who has given us freedom of the press.
It's the soldier, not the poet,
who has given us freedom of speech.
It's the soldier, not the campus organizer,
who has given us freedom to demonstrate.
It's the soldier, not the lawyer,
who has given us the right to a fair trail.
And it's the soldier who salutes the flag,
who serves under the flag and whose coffin
is draped by the flag, who gives the protester
the right to burn the flag.

James H. Leggett Sr.


Book Edited by W. David Stedman and LaVaughn G. Lewis
84 pages, Softcover. 1995.
Available for sale from WORLDNETDAILY.COM

Roots of America's founding precepts

Have you ever wondered:

  • where the profound ideas in our Constitution came from?
  • what made our constitutional government different from all preceding governments?
  • whether the Supreme Court has authority to change the Constitution?
  • what "unalienable rights" really are?
  • about the real meaning of the phrase "a living Constitution"?
  • what calibre of people were required to create such a citadel of liberty for the entire world?

"what it will take to hold onto our precious heritage of liberty?

"Rediscovering the Ideas of Liberty" is celebration and rediscovery of the origin and meaning of the United States Constitution.

Has there ever been a better time to search for meaning in America? Has there ever been a better time to share these ideas with our children?

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Book By Darlene Catalan
Available for sale from WorldNetDaily.Com

A Federal whistleblower's explosive expose.

Learn truth about 'homeland security'

In "U.S. Customs: Badge of Dishonor," Darlene Catalan, a special U.S. Customs agent, blows the whistle on one of America's dirtiest little secrets -- our borders are still wide open, not only to human migration, but to illegal drugs and terrorist weapons.

Catalan explains this is not because of lack of manpower or neglect. It's due to corruption by federal officials -- payoffs, cronyism, fraud and abuse.

Catalan chronicles the way rail cars entering the country go uninspected -- by design, leaving our country open to the prospect of "dirty nuke" terrorism and bio and chemical hazards.

As they used to say in "Dragnet," the names have been changed to protect the innocent -- but this is a true story as seen through the courageous eyes of a female federal agent.

This is a book the government would like you to overlook. They tried to kill it. You won't find it in bookstores. But you can get it exclusively through WorldNetdaily's online store now.

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Timothy A. Wood AD

top Top


By George Grant

Available From

G.K. Chesterton once quipped that America is the only nation ever founded on a creed.

While other nations focus on ethnicity, geography, ideology, or tradition, America was founded on certain ideas about freedom, human dignity, and social responsibility. The profound peculiarity was what moststruck Alexis de Tocqueville when he visited in the early nineteenth century.

About the same time, American educators began to realize that if their experiment in liberty was to succeed, informed patriotism must be instilled in the young. Thus rising citizens were presented with a small handbook, a brief guide to the essential elements of the American Creed. The Pocket Patriot is an updated version of that vaunted tradition.

A citizenship primer for a new generation of Americans, it includes such documents as The Mayflower Compact, Patrick Henry's "Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death" speech, The Declaration of Independence, biographies of the Founding Fathers, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the amendments to the Constitution, "The Star-Spangled Banner," and short biographical sketches of the lives of the presidents. A concise introduction to the foundational ideas, documents, events, and personalities of American freedom, it is an ideal resource for citizens contemplating the direction they wish the nation to take during the pivotal years to come.

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By Yossef Bodansky

He's the man the U.S. Congress turns to for the story.

He has written several excellent books on the subject -- books that all but predicted the events of Sept. 11 years earlier.

You've read about Bodansky on WorldNetDaily. Now read his own words.

"Bin Laden: The Man Who Declared War on America," first published in 1999, has been reissued by popular demand.

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Available for sale from

Christian Almanac --
for next year and every year

Here's a book you will use hundreds of times in the years ahead, not just in 2002.

It's called the "Christian Almanac." Written by George Grant and Gregory Wilbur, the "Christian Almanac" is a day-by-day recounting of the significant moments of Christian and Western history. In it are famous births, deaths, world events, and notable anniversaries of the last two thousand years.

History is so rich that not a single day of the year fails to offer great lessons in heroism and ignominy, brilliance and foolishness, inspiration and admonition. Not a single date fails to point toward the remarkable cultural and spiritual legacy that Christianity has provided to Western civilization. Each day of the calendar year receives a two-page treatment in "The Christian Almanac," beginning with an essay about a significant event that took place on that day. Each day also has a list of the most significant events in history that occurred on that day: birthdays, battles, political events, deaths, key moments in Christian history, and so forth.

Finally, each day provides scripture reading that allows the reader to completely read the Bible in a calendar year as well as a significant quote from the pages of history.

Whether a reader is interested in simply browsing or in detailed study, the "Christian Almanac" is an informative and entertaining book that every home and every classroom will find both delightful and invaluable.

It's a real bargain at 820 pages for $22.95. Buy one, buy two, buy a dozen for holiday gifts. No one will be disappointed by this unique treasure.

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Book by Becky Norton Dunlop
Avaliable for sale from

In "Clearing the Air," Becky Norton Dunlop of the Heritage Foundation shows how Virginia improved air and water quality DESPITE the EPA.

Yes, Virginia, you can be pro-market and pro-environment at the same time.

In fact, the two go together, she explains. This book is a must read for all real friends of the environment.

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By Sandra Mackey

Book Review by Mark Dankof for Christian News & Feb. 11, 2002

Mark Dankof
Author Mark Dankof in front of The White House, Washington, DC
Phone: (302) 981-3797

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Book by Tammy Bruce

Available for sale from WORLDNETDAILY.COM

A unique perspective from unique person

Tammy Bruce, the self-described lesbian feminist activist, argues in her provocative new book, "The New Thought Police," that our fundamental freedoms of expression are under withering assault from powerful special interest groups on the Left.

According to Bruce, the current attempts to silence Dr. Laura are only the latest in a long line of attacks on people whose opinions do not conform with the agendas championed by national feminist, racial, and gay organizations. From rigid speech codes on college campuses to the knee-jerk use of such labels as "racist," "homophobic," and "hateful" in an attempt to socially ostracize people with opposing viewpoints, speaking one's mind today has become increasingly dangerous.

What makes this book's thesis especially powerful is that the author is a "progressive" who has served in a leadership position at NOW, an organization she now decries as a foot soldier in the war against free speech.

"Ironically," writes Bruce, "it is the progressives who, while seemingly committed to freedom of expression, attempt to exact severe social punishments on anyone who espouses an idea or opinion that challenges their status quo. Perhaps it's time for all of us to reread George Orwell's '1984.'"

Buy Now


Book By Bernard Goldberg
From Regnery Publishing

Hardcover available for $19.56, a 30% discount, from thru this website. Review:

"Think the media are biased? CONSERVATIVES HAVE BEEN crying foul for years, but now a veteran CBS reporter has come forward to expose how liberal bias pervades the mainstream media. Even if you've suspected your nightly news is slanted to the left, it's far worse than you think. Breaking ranks and naming names, Emmy Award-winning broadcast journalist Bernard Goldberg reveals a corporate news culture in which the close-mindedness is breathtaking, journalistic integrity has been pawned to liberal opinion, and "entertainment" trumps hard news every time. In his three decades at CBS, Goldberg repeatedly voiced his concerns to network executives about the often one-sided nature of the news coverage. But no one listened to his complaints-or if they did listen, they did nothing about the problem. Finally, Goldberg had no choice but to blow the whistle on his own industry, to break the code of silence that pervades the news business. Bias is the result. As the author reveals, "liberal bias" doesn't mean simply being hard on Republicans and easy on Democrats. Real media bias is the result of how those in the media see the world-and their bias directly affects how we all see the world."

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Book by Barbara Olson
Hardcover available for $19.56, a 30% discount, from thru this website. Review:

"Book Description. New York Times best-selling author Barbara Olson, whose Hell to Pay laid bare the sordid political deals of Hillary Rodham Clinton, focused her razor sharp vision on the Clintons' shocking excesses in their final days of office: the outrageous pardons to political cronies and friends, the looting of the White House, the executive orders that were sheer abuses of presidential power, the presidential library that is becoming a massive boondoggle of vanity more appropriate to a Third World dictator, and much more. This was how the Clintons chose to end their occupation of the White House, in a story whose reverberations are still shaking the political landscape.

"Barbara Olson knew Washington politics from the inside -- with a depth of insight and fire-honed principled -- like few others. She was an attorney with the Justice Department, a Congressional investigator, and a general counsel in the United States Senate. She knew the law. She knew the Constitution. She knew how power is meant to be responsibly exercised. In The Final Days she shows how the Clintons climaxed eight years of sleaze with a spree of payoffs and self-indulgence unprecedented in its vulgarity and possible illegality.

"About the Author Barbara Olson was killed on September 11, 2001, when the airplane she had just boarded for Los Angeles was hijacked by terrorists and crashed into the Pentagon...."

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Book by Patrick J. Buchanan
Hardcover available for $15.57, a 40% discount, from thru this website. Review:

"Patrick J. Buchanan's contentious premise in The Death of the West is that the United States is no longer a healthy melting pot, but instead a confused, tottering "conglomeration of peoples with almost nothing in common." Relying on United Nations population statistics, and citing such diverse sources as Yogi Berra and Rhett Butler, Buchanan sees for America four "clear and present dangers": declining birth rates; uncontrolled immigration of peoples of "different colors, creed, and cultures"; a rise of "anti-Western" culture antithetical to established religious, cultural, and moral norms; and a "defection of ruling elites" to the idea of world government. His solutions include higher wages and tax breaks for parents than for singles, a dramatic rollback of immigration quotas, and a National History Bee. Buchanan's volatile, adamant book eschews any middle ground. Readers will either applaud his ideas or be repulsed by them." --H. O'Billovitch

Buy Now


Musical CD from Mike McDonald & Nightwork Records

Final CD from Alaskan "Pinky" McDonald, released Dec. 23, 2001, before he died of cancer in Jan. 2002.

Mike's earlier music was highlighted in issue #19 His music can be purchased at local Anchorage music stores or by contacting:

Proud to be Alaskan
Web Alaska Copyright © 2001. All Rights Reserved