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September 29, 2001

Dear Editor,

The Muslim World do not see us as even-handed in the Mid-East. Let us propose a compromise that could be agreed to that would be even-handed that could be accepted by both the Palestinians and the Israelis.

Jerusalem seems to be the insurmounable problem in the negotiation that has taken place. Let's strive to make Jerusalem an International City that will freely serve all religions, Christianity, Judaism and Muslims.

We can further strengthen the neutrality by offering this International City the United Nations as its permanent home.

Once this is done, withdraw our armed forces from high visibility from those areas that are inflaming the fundamentalists.

In the past we have been seen as negotiators for peace in the Mid-East, but our leanings are heavily towards the Israelis.

Phil Salvatore

(Webmaster's note: email address may be incorrect)

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November 1, 2001

Insight Magazine (a publication of the Washington Times) has an essential article on Islam by David R. Sands, entitled "A Faith With Many Faces." It is in the Nov. 19, 2001 issue on pages 30-33. It, for one, explains the basic difference between Sunni and Shiite Islam for a largely uninitiated American audience.

It is particularly essential in articulating the frightening character of "Wahhabism," the fundamentalist offshoot of Sunni Islam theology that has molded bin Laden. The following quotation, in my view, was the most significant portion of the piece in terms of posing a quandary for American cultural and national security considerations (page 33):

"One Sufi leader, Sheik Hisham Kabbani, who founded the Islamic Supreme Council of America as an alternative to Wahhabi influence, stirred an explosive debate on the issue in 1999. In a State Department hearing, he said that 80 percent of the nation's mosques [America] had been taken over by imams with Wahhabilike loyalties. Estimates of the number of mosques, or prayer centers, in the United States range from 1,200 to 3,000."

In Christ,

Mark (Dankof)

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Oct. 23, 2001

Hi you guys,

This is just a quick note to let you know that I'll be doing an interview and will perform a few songs on The World Cafe on October 30. Check your local NPR station for the time it plays in your city. Ben Butler accompanied me on guitar on the show (he was awesome), and I think it was a pretty cool interview.

I'll send out a real update about everything that's been going on in the next couple of weeks. In the meantime, here's where I'll be in the next few weeks:

10/25 Alaskaland Theater, Fairbanks, AK (907) 488-0556 co-bill w/John Gorka!
10/26 Mariner Theater, Homer, AK (907) 235-4288 co-bill w/John Gorka!
10/27 The Discovery Theater, Anchorage, AK (907) 263-2787 co-bill w/John Gorka!
11/01 Soho Nightclub, Santa Barbara, CA (805) 962-7776 w/Nina Gerber on guitar!
11/02 McCabe's, Santa Monica, CA (310) 828-4403 w/Nina Gerber on guitar!
11/03 Berger Performing Arts Center, Tucson, AZ (520) 297-9133
11/04 Outpost Performance Space, Albuquerque, NM (505) 268-0044
11/08 Fillius Events Barn, Clinton, NY (315) 859-4194
11/09 Eighth Step (Cohoes Music Hall), Cohoes, NY (518) 434-1703
11/10 Emerson Umbrella, Concord, MA (978) 369-4127 w/Ben Butler on guitar!
11/11 Acoustic Cafe, Bridgeport, CT (203) 335-3655 w/Ben Butler on guitar!
11/14 Soiled Dove, Denver, CO (303) 443-5858
11/15 Sunset Events Center, Fort Collins, CO (970) 493-3080
11/16 Fine Arts Auditorium, Salt Lake City, UT (801) 339-7664
11/17 Eccles Conference Center Auditorium, Logan, UT (435) 752-4996
11/19Grace Episcopal, St. George, UT (435) 673-1437
11/20 House of Blues, Las Vegas, NV (702) 632-7600

For those of you in the U.K. and Ireland, here's where I'll be playing in December:

12/5 Bein Inn, Glenfarg, Scotland 01577 830216
12/6 Renfrew Ferry, Glasgow, Scotland 0141 2875511
12/7-8 Folk Club, West Houghton 01942 812301
12/9 Martlets Hall, Burgess Hill 01444 242888
12/11 Telfords Warehouse, Chester 01244 390090
12/12 The Spits, London 02073 444444
12/13 Huntingdon Hall, Worcester 01905 611427
12/15 Warwick Arts Centre, Coventry 02476 524524
12/16 City Memorial Hall, Sheffield 01142 789789
12/17 The Flowerpot, Derby 01332 834438
12/19 Whelans, Dublin 014780766
12/20 Empire Music Hall, Belfast 02890 249276

Please come say hi if you come to any of the shows!

Take care, you guys.


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