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Sept 20, 2001
Open Letter to Patriots

Patriot Friends,

During the last 9 days, I have been surprised at a disturbing phenomenon that has become evident in the Patriot community.

The Patriot community spends a good deal of its time attempting to compel the government to adhere to the law and the basic principles upon which this nation was founded. We also attempt to educate our fellow Citizens. Both are imperatives in a nation founded upon Liberty.

One of the dangers in attending to these activities on a daily basis is the very real possibility of one's "world view" bring consumed by that activity. In some cases people develop a "siege mentality" from the feeling that they are constantly "at war" with a lawless government. Anyone who is active in these affairs on a daily basis knows the feelings that I am describing. It is something that we must always be vigilant against, lest it destroy us, from the inside out.

Patriots more than most understand that our governments (federal and State) are in the "control" business. The rights of the Citizen are generally of no concern to the government bureaucrats as they move through their day. In short, they could care less about the legitimate rights of others. Over time such an attitude breeds an aura of contempt for The People. Government have long since reached that point. And of course what we experience domestically at the hands of our government, other nations and cultures abroad have also experienced. I don't think there is a rational man who can look at America's use of force in foreign policy and think it particularly wise.

HOWEVER, and this is a BIG HOWEVER, the Patriot movement seems to have lost sight of the reality that when Americans start dying on our own soil, the "finger of blame" that is perpetual extended in the Patriot movement, must be curled back into the hand, so that together we can form a fist of national resolve.

Patriots have seen the government (particularly the federal government) as "the enemy" for so long, that I believe they see joining together in support of that government as morally repugnant. I cannot tell you how many Patriots have written to me with a long list of the wrongs they claim the US has done to others on the international scene. Although they will not come out and voice it publicly, they present this as a way of saying "we started it", or "we deserved it". And while I may at times see validity in some of their issues, NOW IS NOT THE TIME!

America is our HOME. We all live here. Given a slightly different set of circumstances, it could have been YOU, or your WIFE, or your CHILD that was killed! On a national level, this is no different than if a murderer broke into your house with the intention of killing your family. After he sliced your wife's throat, would you stand silently by and take a personal inventory of the things you may have done to "wrong" that man, as he headed for your child's room? No, you would not. You would act to save your child. And in the same spirit you should actively support the steps being planned by the government to protect your national "family". And that may well include the deaths of people who are willing to kill YOU without a single second of consideration or remorse.

I hate to say it, but too many Patriots have lost the understanding that our fellow Citizens are, in a national sense, our family. We cannot stand idly by and hurl recriminations at the government while the possibility exists that more of our "family" members will be killed in our own backyard. The Patriot movement must remember that while the government acts as self-interested dictator in many instances [and that is what we despise], there are times that it also reverts to serving as the legitimate government of The People. Responding to the events of September 11th is one such circumstance. When the government acts as a legitimate representative of this nation's Citizens, we must, for a time, put aside our grievances and support that mutual effort.

To join in support of our national family, by supporting the government in its response to the acts of September 11th is the proper thing to do. However, if that is simply beyond you, please remain silent during this time. To make statements, at this time, which imply that "we brought this on ourselves" simply damages the reputation of the Patriot movement at a time when we are finally on the verge of gaining credibility with our fellow Citizens. This national crisis will pass and life will return to normal (whatever that is). When that occurs, it would be nice to still have the reputation of the Patriot movement in good standing so that we can continue "the good fight" for Liberty in the most productive manner.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Dave Champion

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Aug. 23, 2001
From Lucy Kaplansky & Bob Feldman, President of Red House Records

[Note from Bob Feldman, president of Red House Records]

Hello everyone,

It is feeling like the end of summer around here and I wanted to let you know that on Sept. 11th Lucy Kaplansky's new cd "Every Single Day" will be available in stores throughout the country and on all the various internet cd outlets such as and CDnow. She has once again assembled an amazing band for this recording including guitarists Larry Campbell (Bob Dylan), Duke Levine (Mary Chapin Carpenter), and Jon Herrington (Steely Dan), with bassist Zev Katz (Bryan Ferry), and harmony vocals provided by Richard Shindell, John Gorka, Buddy Miller and Jennifer Kimball (the Story). The album was produced by Ben Wittman (Ten Year Night). The eleven songs include some of Lucy's best originals, as well as songs from the Louvin Brothers, Steve Earle and Julie Miller.

Here is a list of the tunes:

  • Written On the Back of His Hand
  • Crazy Dreams
  • Every Single Day
  • Don't Mind Me
  • Broken things
  • Guilty As Sin
  • Nowhere
  • No More Excuses
  • Song For Molly
  • You're Still Standing There
  • The Angels rejoiced Last Night

We will be shipping these early to those of you on the list who would like to be the first on the block. Just call Roland or Becky or Raffi at 1-800-695-4687 toll free.

By the way our grab bag cd sale has been incredibly sucessful. We are finally making some room in our warehouse and are selling cd's that we have printed too many copies of. We are extending this sale and if you buy any cd by mail order you can get a the grab bag of 10 cd's for $20 with your order. They make great gifts. It's a good deal for you and a good deal for us as the music gets out there and is heard instead of sitting in our warehouse. This is the first time in seventeen years that we have sold our surplus cd's and we are only offering them to our mail order customers and people on this list. If you already bought a grab bag this month this batch is made up of totally different selections.

Below is a list of some of the cd's we'll send out in the next grab bag till Sept. 15th or till we run out. The Bar codes on these cd's will be marked so that they cannot be returned to stores:

  • Martin Simpson Live
  • Sally Rogers We'll Pass Them On
  • Spider John Koerner Star Geezer
  • Suzzy Roche Holy Smokes
  • Peter Ostroushko presents The Mando Boys
  • Chuck Brodsky Last of The Old Time
  • Utah Phillips the Moscow Hold
  • Brave Old World Blood Oranges
  • Ann Reed Talk To Me
  • The New Dylans The American Way
  • Trova
  • Claudia Schmidt Essential Tension
  • Stoney Lonesome Lonesome Tonight

Hope all is well. thanks again for your support and willingness to be on our e mail list. The internet is fast filling up with hype and spam and I really appreciate you allowing us at Red House to communicate with you. There are some truly wonderful cd's in the grab bag and I hope you all enjoy them. It's a real deal. Be sure to say hi to Lucy if you see here on tour. She is touring non-stop this fall.


Bob Feldman
Red House Records

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