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AUGUST 12, 2001

As Alaska and the other United States approach the end of summer & the beginning of fall, people are wondering where their political leaders are taking them.

In Alaska, Gov. Tony Knowles, Democrat, is expected to appeal a recent federal court decision on the Katie John federal take over of subsistence priority fish & game use, but not necessarily for the same reason one would expect considering his past actions. That decision upheld federal control in place of state sovereignty. Knowles has been an advocate for subsistence/ rural priority use & wants to amend the state constitution to do just that, alleging that will "keep the feds out". Currently the Alaska Constitution guarantees equal access & that the resources must be developed for the maximum benefit of all Alaskans. Federal takeover & subsistence/rural priority gives one group or class of people a preference over another in violation of the U.S. Constitution's 14th Amendment (equal protection clause).and in violation of Article VII Section 3 of Alaska's Constitution. The voters in FREEDOM WRITER'S Opinion Poll in Issue #8 have spoken clearly on this. Will Gov. Knowles appeal the federal court decision & uphold his oath of office as Governor of Alaska or will he succumb to federal dictates?

Also in Alaska, Eagle River, the northeastern bedroom suburban community to Alaska's largest city Anchorage, is considering seceding from the Municipality of Anchorage. The Anchorage Assembly has taken a left-leaning liberal big government approach these past 3 years plus, much to the chagrine of the more conservative Eagle River community (which also has the smaller neighborhoods of Chugiak, Peters Creek, Birchwood, & Eklutna nearby) & the newly elected conservative Mayor George Wuerch. A recent municipal wide vote turned down a bond proposition for a new high school to replace the older & smaller Chugiak High School. The Eagle River voters, enraged at what they feel is a reneging on the annexation promise by the old City & Borough of Anchorage to promote fair treatment for the engulfed suburban communities, are currently only represented by 2 Assembly members, Dan Kendall & Anna Fairclough, on the 11 member Anchorage Assembly. Secession from the municipality will require State Legislative approval. You can read how the Eagle River residents feel about this by going to THE ALASKA STAR weekly on-line newspaper linked on FREEDOM WRITER's Links Page Will the liberal Anchorage Assembly & School Board strive for more equitable revenue & expense distribution or will the Legislature intervene to allow for secession?

In the "Lower 49", as Alaskans call the rest of the U.S., nationwide issues are also showing their bifurcation.

While the US House of Representatives has endorsed & passed Pres. Bush's energy plan, which includes the opening of ANWR in Alaska for exploration & oil development (which a majority of Alaskans support), the US Senate will decide soon on that proposal. The House, led by the Republicans, seek more energy sources. The Senate, led by the Democrats, seek more fuel efficiency & environmental restrictions. The voters in a FREEDOM WRITER Opinion Poll in Issues #6, #14, & #15 have already expressed their desire: ( ). Neither side has expressed willingness to compromise so far. Will a future end-of-session Joint Conference Committee craft a compromise which allows for both development & conservation or will Congress stumble over its own impasse & allow foreign nations to continue to dictate the supply & price of oil on the American consumer's pocketbook?

Another national roadblock is that of the Senate's blocking of Bush's federal judicial nominations. Customarily, an incoming administration usually gets all of its pending appointments approved by the Senate unless there has been a real problem on a specific issue or two. Now the Senate Democrats are holding up from a floor vote the approval of Bush's selection of judges due to philosophical considerations. Liberal Senate Democrats are afraid that Bush's nominees may not only exercise "strict constructionism" in their interpretation of laws with respect to the Constitution, but also would reverse the pro-abortion Roe V. Wade ruling which has resulted in over 26 million killed fetuses since that Supreme Court decision. Will the Senate allow the new boss his traditional pick of federal managers or will it chart an obvious course of "Politics & Baby Genocide First"?

On a regional note with national implications, many Arizona voters are upset over Sen. John McCain's continued trend towards big government. McCain's continued emphasis on promoting unconstitutional campaign finance reform proposals & promoting legislation (with Sen. Charles Schumer & Sen. Joe Lieberman, Democrats) to weaken the 2nd Amendment (the right to keep & bear arms) has finally outraged enough of his constituents so that a recall petition has started. The voters in FREEDOM WRITER’s Opinion Poll in Issue #13 have expressed their opinion of McCain’s campaign finance bill: ( ). Will enough Arizona voters protect their rights or will apathy allow the continued erosion & subversion of our Constitution?

Finally, another national conundrum is the proposed Missile Defense Initiative. Most Americans & Republicans want a beefed-up technologically superior anti-missile defense system, as long as it works & does not bankrupt us. Yet most Democrat leaders seem more concerned that (1) the new administration may be breaking a treaty with a nation that no longer exists (the Soviet Union) & that (2) other nations may object. The voters in FREEDOM WRITER’s Opinion Poll in Issue #15 have expressed their will on the missile defense plan: ( ). Will our Congress exercise its role of representing the people & the States of America or will it take us further down the road of more "globaloney"?

These "crossroad" examples illustrate the lack of adherence to the constitutional principles upon which are Nation was founded: Representation, Protection of Rights, Limited Government, & Equal Opportunity. Whether it be a state governor with national ambitions overlooking his oath & allegiance to his State, or local government alienating portions of its constituents, or the 2 major political parties ignoring the increased energy costs to the working class while they refuse to accommodate both sides & reach an effective compromise, or a political party favoring abortion & impeding the transition of power instead of exercising proper "advice & consent", or a US Senator with presidential ambitions deliberately promoting unconstitutional legislation, or our Congress confused about is proper role of securing the national defense while it hesitates & panders to other countries (both current & non-existent) instead of promoting an "America First" policy, there needs to be clear constitutional leadership at all levels to avoid these pitfalls towards a progressive society of individual rights, preservation of traditional values, & effective representation. Maybe our elected leaders at all levels should review the video tape replays of themselves raising their right hands, holding their left hands on the Bibles, & saying their oaths of office if they are unsure of which crossroad to take.

Aug. 12, 2001

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