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Buy Now!SELL OUT: The Inside Story of President Clinton's Impeachment by David P. Schippers, Alan P. Henry

A prominent Chicago trial attorney & Democrat, David Schippers was hired by Rep. Henry Hyde to be the chief investigative counsel for Clinton's impeachment. What Schippers uncovers & tells in his book is that key prominent Republican & Democratic Congressmen & Senators blocked the full disclosure of evidence that was mounting against Clinton which ultimately prevented a real full trial in the Senate. You can buy this book from thru this website at a 40% discount now.


Laura Ingraham, political analyst, MSNBC talk-show host, & former Supreme Court law clerk states the First Lady is a poor leader for real women's issues & is an inadequate role model for young women who wish to not be the perpetual victim. You can buy this book from at 20% discount thru this website now.

Buy Now! FEELING YOUR PAIN: The Explosion and Abuse of Government Power in the Clinton-Gore Years By James Bovard

Mr. Bovard is a libertarian author & frequent contributor to the Wall Street Journal who takes muckraking looks at Waco, FEMA & disaster relief, affirmative action, agriculture policy, AmeriCorps, the war on drugs, agriculture policy, Waco, and more. This book can be bought at 20% discount from thru this website.

Every Knee Shall BowEVERY KNEE SHALL BOW: THE TRUTH & TRAGEDY OF RUBY RIDGE & THE RANDY WEAVER FAMILY Read the reviews of this historical non-fiction by author Jess Walter for your hopeful purchase.


A Place Called WacoA PLACE CALLED WACO: A SURVIVOR'S STORY By David Thibodeau & Leon Whiteson Read the reviews for your hopeful purchase of this first hand account by David Thibodeau who was only 1 of 9 who survived after 74 men, women, & children died during a federal siege of the Branch Davidian compound.

1999 UAA Volleyball Home Schedule - SeaWolves
Grandma What big Eyes you Have! - Dale Luther
Northern Lights - Maren Walker
Sir Robbin Fund - Dale Luther
Ice Sculptures - Photos by Tom G. Parker
Iditarod 2000 - Dale Luther
RIDING WITH THE KING The long-awaited new album by BB King & Eric Clapton is brought to the readers of FREEDOM WRITER by for your review & potential purchase. "View the Preview Trailer of the latest summer blockbuster, THE PATRIOT, from Sony Pictures, starring Mel Gibson, with all of its action, drama & historical backdrop of a South Carolinian farming family during the American Revolutionary War. "




Grandma What Big Eyes You Have!
Copyright © 1999 Dale Luther
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Index Northern Lights by Maren Walker
Copyright © 1999 Northern Lights; Maren Walker
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Index Sir Robbin Fund
Copyright © 1999 Dale Luther
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by Dale Luther

Copyright ©1999 Dale Luther; All Rights Reserved.







Ice Sculpture 1Ice Sculpture NightIce Sculpture 2
Copyright ©2000 Tom Parker; All Rights Reserved.
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Ice Sculpture by Takeo Okamoto, manager of the Benihana Japanese Steakhouse (907-222-5212)

"The ice sculpture, "Anchorage 2000", resides on the Town Square next to the Alaska Center for the Performing Arts, in downtown Anchorage, Alaska (weather permitting)."

Photographs by Tom G. Parker (907-268-8634)







Iditarod 2000
by Dale Luther

Iditarod 2000 - Dale Luther
Copyright ©2000 Dale Luther; All Rights Reserved.


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