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Anchorage, Alaska
April 20, 2001

In recent days & weeks the public has been inundated with controversies surrounding the need to apologize for this or that, or apologizing too much or too little for this or that. Let's briefly explore some of those alleged apology scenarios now.

The alleged "right wing", & more disgruntled moderate political types, & some intellectually honest liberals (seeing an opportunity to "come clean" from all of the Clinton-Gore scandals) have had their chance to "apologize to Bill Clinton" (even though Bill had asked his detractors to apologize to him) through this famous website link also found in FREEDOM WRITER's Link Page.

This website link gives others their chance to let Hillary (if she reads it) know how they feel about any prospective apology to the alleged "New Queen of the Senate" & former First Lady. Shouldn't she apologize to the American taxpayers for her ripping us off with a major part of her US Senatorial campaign travel expenses being financed from security funds for the First Family? I think so & I think most Americans also think so.

Then there is the downing of our surveillance plane, the EP-3 twin engine propeller-driven "slow air jalopy" loaded with sophisticated COMINT (Communications Intelligence) equipment as it was in INTERNATIONAL AIRSPACE, by a "hot-dogging" Communist Chinese jet fighter flying more than twice as fast, forcing our aged winged wonder into an emergency landing on the closest land (an island) rather than into the South China Sea which would have resulted in the swift cold deaths of all 24 on board as there was no nearby American ships to rescue the crew. The Chinese wanted us to apologize. Many Americans felt the Red Chinese should apologize instead. The Bush Administration sent sincere apologies for the tragic death of the jet fighter & for the emergency landing on Hainan Island instead. I am somewhat "in between" the Bush "soft apologies" & the Americans who felt that the Communist Chinese military should issue the apologies instead. FREEDOM WRITER has some bumper stickers available in our Trading Post Section for those of us patriots & other disheartened Americans to illustrate our real feelings about who should apologize on this issue. Then there is Alan Keyes, former UN Ambassador to the United Nations under Pres. Reagan & two-time Republican Presidential candidate (1996 & 2000) who felt that we were wrong to apologize in any way, shape, form, or fashion & that the mainland Chinese should be bending over backwards to apologize to us if they want to become members of the World Trade Organization, or to not have the US sell defensive military technology to the Chinese on Taiwan Island, or if the Communist Chinese government should want to host an upcoming Olympics Games. If someone keeps your property without your permission or compensation, should they they not apologize to you….after all, they still have our plane?

A recent scenario is the current Democratic National Committee ads blasting Pres. Bush's reversal of the last minute Executive Orders of former Pres. "Slick Willie". Those ads show children (to paraphrase) asking for "another glass of arsenic" and "more salmonella in my hamburger", and blaming the alleged campaign contributions from the chemical, meat, & oil industries to the Bush presidential campaign for being behind these "reversals". "Whoa, Nellie", I say as I yank the reigns to harness this galloping piece of Horse Shit! The corrupt Clinton-Gore administration had 8 years to implement those very same new standards & policies with or without Congressional approval but did not. Why? Clinton wanted to embarrass the incoming President since he knew that Gore lost the race in Florida AFTER the US Supreme Court made it's December ruling upholding Florida's Secretary of State's opinion & a Florida District Judge's opinion AND THAT THE NEW PRESIDENT COULD NOT MAINTAIN THOSE NEW EXECUTIVE ORDERS WITHOUT CONTRADICTING HIS OWN POLITICAL, MORAL, & LEGAL PHILOSOPHY. Thus the propaganda machine of the outgoing "ultra liberal-more government" hacks & their associates in the "mainstream corporate media" would go back into service to portray the new President as someone who does not care about the health, safety, or environmental concerns of people. After all, Pres. Bush did say he would reverse those Executive Orders for the purpose of REVIEWING them to determine scientific & economic validity first & then maybe changing them or implementing them later, not for last minute political expediency or propaganda gain. No apology is needed from "Dubya" here, but how about one again from William Jefferson (nee Blythe) Clinton of Hope, Arkansas? Those recent TV ads from the DNC are a part & parcel of the same last minute shenanigans that Clinton pulled with regards to his pardoning of a known tax cheat (Mark Rich) & others who had dubious claims to being deserving of such presidential pardoning rights, with or without Constitutional justification or routine Justice Department review.

So, let's check for the definition of "apology". The Reader's Digest Oxford Complete Wordfinder (American Edition copyright 1996 Oxford University Press, Inc.; published by the Reader's Digest Association, Inc.; Pleasantville, New York) has these definitions:

1. A regretful acknowledgement of an offense or failure;
2. An assurance that no offense was intended;
3. An explanation or defense;
4. A poor or scanty specimen of…

I maintain that the first definition applies to what Bill & Hillary Clinton should be doing to the American public. I maintain that the Communist Chinese military should also be expressing that first definition to us. I maintain that the Bush Administration expressed the second definition and/or maybe even the third definition in order to secure the release of our 24 men & women (unless there was a secret deal somewhere, somehow). I maintain that the Democratic Party should be expressing the first definition to the TV viewing public for their half-truths and propaganda exploitation of very sensitive & legitimate issues. I maintain that Pres. George W. Bush has a need to better advertise the third definition to counter such half-truth propaganda. Finally, I maintain that both BILL & HILLARY ARE DEFINITION FOUR when they are not being honest public servants.

In closing, I will issue my own apology for not expressing my next thoughts sooner to my readers in third definition fashion: Hectic conflicting schedules. Let us be thankful for the return of our 24 men & women who donned those uniforms to defend our country & keep us in freedom & liberty. I hoisted my YELLOW RIBBON on my car antenna & taped my bumper stickers on my car windows while I prayed for their safety & prompt return during their own 11 day absence from service, liberty, & freedom. Therefore, may the Good Lord hear our collective & individual apologies for we are acting just human & not Christ-like in our daily lives during this season of Jesus' resurrection celebration.

Anchorage, AK
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