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By Terry Golway

(From the front flap:) " the story of Irish nationalism, from the legendary king Brian Boru, who united the chieftains of Ireland to drive out the Vikings, to the still unresolved conflict in Northern Ireland. In a fast-paced narrative, Terry Golway tells a thousand years of Irish history, brilliantly describing the achievements of the patriots who kept alive the dream of Irish freedom until they finally succeeded."

You can get it at 20% off for $12 through this website from .


By Doug Casey

Exploring last frontiers
for real freedom seekers

Doug Casey's "The International Man" is the complete guidebook to the world's last frontiers for freedom seekers, investors, adventurers, speculators and expatriates.

Written by a legendary speculator who logs 150,000 miles a year, trekking through jungles, deserts and high mountain passes, while his readers sit home and collect returns of 400 percent, 4,170 percent, even 10,060 percent, the book features a preface by Harry Browne. While it was first published in 1978, it is indispensable reading for the free, the rich and those who want to be.

This book is in VERY limited quantities, and the cover of the book does not look as good as it must have in 1978. But it won't be around long -- and these are the last unused copies you will find anywhere.

Hardcover. 140 pages. $19.95.

Just click here for ordering instructions while supplies last.



Do you and your kids understand
role of faith in nation's founding?

WorldNetDaily is now making available a six-video series that explains how the beliefs of America's founding fathers shaped the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the framework for our free republic.

This series is an absolute must for homeschoolers -- and even more important for kids in government and private schools, where much of this information is now deemed "politically incorrect."

The videos also include printed transcripts for easy and handy reference.

You can order the videos separately or in a special package deal. The videos include: "America's Godly Heritage," "Education and the Founding Fathers," "Keys to Good Government," "The Spirit of the American Revolution," "The Foundations of American Government" and "The Spiritual Heritage of the United States Capitol."

Please check out this deal for yourself by clicking here.


Heavenly Defenders By Lisa Wagner (Painting)
By Lisa Wagner
(Framing by Denali Graphics & Frame, Anchorage, Alaska)
Click Photo to Enlarge

Photography by Timothy A. Wood of Anchorage, Alaska using a Minolta Maxxum 500 SI camera with a Minolta 35-70 mm zoom lens, tripod, 35mm Kodak Gold 200 speed film, a double 500 watt halogen lamp standing work lite, a 50 watt soft white incandescent flood lamp with reflective stainless steel shade & clamp holder; photo scanned using Adobe Photoshop & FieryScan software with an IBM Model PC 300GL scanner.


Lisa WagnerLisa Wagner is an artist from Anchorage, Alaska. To contact the artist for prospective purchases of her other artwork: 907-562-4723





Get a piece of American history with
WND's very own "Liberty Collection"

Back in 1963, a handsome collection of American historical documents was assembled - with the idea of educating U.S. citizens, and especially schoolchildren, about the roots of their free republic.

But many things changed in 1963. That was the year organized prayer in government schools was declared illegal by the U.S. Supreme Court. And the Liberty Collection began gathering dust in storage units and warehouses.

Fortunately, WorldNetDaily has reprinted a treasure trove of this collector's item and is making them available to the public for the first time in a generation.

Printed on parchment-like paper and packaged in a 10-inch by 14-inch, 20-page booklet, the Liberty Collection includes a reproduction of the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the Monroe Doctrine, The Gettysburg Address, The Star-Spangled Banner and the Pledge of Allegiance. It also includes, on the back cover, a full-color reproduction of the Foundation's Credo, which was once posted in more than 100,000 classroom walls and which was reprinted more than 1 billion times by 1963.

First published in Reader's Digest in 1948, it garnered the approval of more than 250 state Supreme Court justices as the best statement of principles of the American way of life.

Each page of the Liberty Collection is suitable for framing, which means you may want to order two - one for framing and one for your library or coffee table.

This rare collector's item makes an excellent gift and is a must for school-age children and adults alike. It is available only through WorldNetDaily for $19.95.

Just click here to order.


autographed by Warren Farrell

A groundbreaking book on fatherhood

Too early to think Father's Day gift?


"Just as the last third of the 20th century was about creating equal opportunity for women as workers, so the first third of the 21st century will be about creating equal opportunity for men as parents. Neither goal will be achieved until both goals are achieved."

--From 'Father and Child Reunion: How to Bring the Dads We Need to the Children We Love'

Based on 13 years of research, 'FATHER AND CHILD REUNION' will force a re-examination of the circumstances in which a dad or a mom is best for children. For starters, some findings on children with single parents:

  • Children do better with single fathers than with single mothers. Both boys and girls are healthier and do better psychologically and academically, as well as socially.
  • Even characteristics such as empathy are exhibited more by children brought up by single fathers.
  • Single fathers experience less stress juggling children and work than do single mothers.
  • What family structures are most likely to be in the child's best interests? Dr. Farrell's findings suggest the following ranking:

    (1) the intact family;
    (2) shared parent-time (joint physical custody);
    (3) primary father time;
    (4) primary mother time.

While the intact family is the winner, 'Father and Child Reunion' makes it clear why, if divorce cannot be prevented, children being primarily with their dads gives children more of both parents than when they are primarily
with their mothers, reduces a mother's economic dependency on a man, and reduces men's 10 times greater suicide rate after divorce.

Does Dr. Farrell conclude, then, that men are better at fathering than women are at mothering? No. But he does conclude that we have been waging a "War Against Fathers" -- and mothers and children are among the losers.

Father and Child Reunion answers questions relevant to every family:

Exactly what do fathers do with children that's different from what mothers do? When does the focus on the best interests of the child become in the worst interests of the child? Why there is both a mothering instinct and a fathering instinct. Why they operate in different ways. How current parenting methods and government policies are destroying the fathering instinct. What is the impact of a stepfather? A stepmother? What is the long-term impact of moving the child away from the parent he does not live with?

Author Warren Farrell doesn't do many book signings. If you want an autographed copy of this groundbreaking work, this may be your last chance to get it -- at the WorldNetDaily online store.

Just click here for more information and ordering instructions.


By David Limbaugh

WND offers exclusive autographed book deal

WorldNetDaily columnist David Limbaugh has penned his first book -- and it's a doozy.

"Absolute Power: The Legacy of Corruption in the Clinton-Reno Justice Department" is on sale now at the WorldNetDaily online store. And it's the only place you can get an autographed and personalized first-edition copy.

You can also order this book without the autograph for only $25.95.

The book is the story of "the most corrupt Justice Department in history!" Limbaugh reveals the sordid details of the absolute abuse of power under Clinton, Gore and Reno.

The political axiom "If power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely," applies perfectly to the Clinton administration, says Limbaugh. It is clear, he charges, that its law enforcement arm -- the Justice Department -- sought and exercised absolute power. Not surprisingly, the American people soon found out Clinton's Justice Department was absolutely corrupt.

Beginning with the unprecedented summary firing of all 93 U.S. attorneys, Janet Reno, Bill Clinton's third choice for US Attorney General, sent the unmistakable message that the Clinton-Gore Justice Department would serve political ends rather than the ends of justice. Attorney and political commentator David Limbaugh (brother of Rush) has captured the entire history of abuse of power within the Justice Department.

"Absolute Power" exposes how Clinton's Justice Department, from Waco to Elian-including Travelgate, Chinagate, Monicagate, and the illegal war against tobacco in between-was one continuous scandal factory.

In the course of an eight-year odyssey of political manipulation, Limbaugh reveals how the Clinton-Gore Justice Department, under Reno:

  • served as political flak for unpopular decisions-remember Waco?
  • served as Bill Clinton's personal law firm in filing briefs on his behalf during his personal lawsuit
  • provided logistical support for the Clinton war room character assassinations-Tripp, Starr, and the entire White House travel office to name a few
  • sided with President Clinton-instead of the independent counsel it is legally obligated to side with-during the investigation by Kenneth Starr.

"Absolute Power" is the only case-by-case dissection of the now-defunct beast that was the Clinton Justice Department. It is crucial for the American people to know all the sordid details in order to prevent future administrations from engaging in such illegalities.

David Limbaugh has succeeded in writing this expose in a way that is accessible and entertaining (however abhorrent!) to the average reader. "Absolute Power" brings to light all of the misdeeds perpetrated by the Clinton-Gore-Reno Justice Department in the hope that we may never witness such abuses of power in the future.

Just click here for more information and ordering instructions.


Timothy A. Wood AD

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