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May 19, 1999

August 15, 1999

October 15, 1999

December 1, 1999   

Anchorage, AK  May 19, 1999

Welcome people and citizens to my new website "Freedom Writer".  Let me 
briefly explain it's origins and purposes.

The growing scandals of President Bill Clinton's administration in 1998 and his
impeachment by the House of Representatives and the Senate's subsequent
failure to remove from office this head of the most corrupt administration in
our country's history fueled my anger and distaste of "politics as usual" over
the double standards that govern the average person versus the political
leaders.  I watched with frustration the limited coverage given to the real issues
behind the scandals by the major network news media and our local newspaper.
I watched with amazement the protracted in-depth analysis and commentary
given to these same issues by the cable news networks and the Internet.  It was
this dichotomy of coverage that prompted me to speak out to friends, my
family, and newcomers via e-mail.  I discovered, after electronically distributing 
over 100 separate daily articles I found on the Internet, that there should be
a better way to "get the word out" to the public who, to date, has been spoon-
fed the "pablum of spin" by those who control most of the mainstream corporate
media and their political lackeys in Congress and the White House.

So I finally garnered the courage to establish my own website.  Nurtured by 
decades-old public and private sector education, tempered by years of real-life
experiences, and awoke from years of political hibernation, I decided to, not only
speak my mind when I see both good and bad happening, but also to help others
speak their minds when they have no "official outlet".  I hope that my website
will enable people to learn (and re-learn) from others those new (and traditional) 
ideas and perspectives rather than the so-called "party line" that is the product
of slick "spin doctors" who would make Nazi Germany's former Propaganda 
Minister Joseph Goebbels proud.

Instead, It's time for our people to be proud again.  It's time to be proud of
our ancestry, our communities, our states, and our America.  We can be proud
by re-affirming those ideas, those principles, and those values upon which this
 great nation and our great peoples were founded and were blessed for 223 years.
We can also be proud by taking an active part in government at the local, state,
and national level.

I will research articles on the Internet and from other sources so we can have a 
balance to the mainstream corporate media agenda. I will solicit ideas and per-
spectives from the community so they can be shared with others across the
World Wide Web.  I will highlight local artists for every new issue/version of my
website so art can flourish through the private sector and be unfettered from
the government shackles thanks to the First Amendment. I will endeavor to make 
"Freedom Writer" a real alternative to the encroaching slavery of the two-headed 
corporate-government behemoth.  My articles will not necessarily reflect the views 
of my website host/provider or its management or staff or my advertisers, but they 
will probably reflect the innermost views of most Alaskans and most Americans and 
most people who cherish freedom around the world.  Welcome to "Freedom Writer".

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AUG. 15, 1999


My most gracious thanks goes to those who contributed to my first issue
of Freedom Writer:

Steven Myers, Editor of Exegesis (& national columnist);
Randy Phillips, Alaska State Senator;
Maren Walker, Alaskan artist;
Suzzy Terry, Co-Owner of Surf City & builder of Freedom Writer website
(& technical consultant);
Chris Richardson (wherever you are), Technical Consultant; and
All of those freedom-loving, hard-working, honest, law-abiding,
responsible citizens everywhere  who inspired me to do this website.



SITE HITS JUNE 26 TO JULY 26, 1999 = 186 in 31 days (6/DAY)
SITE HITS JULY 27 TO AUG. 15, 1999 = 63 in 20 days (3.2/DAY)
TOTAL HITS JUNE 26 TO AUG. 14, 1999 = 249 in 51 days (4.9/DAY)

As written in this second issue of Freedom Writer(without supporting attachments), Anchorage Superior
Court Judge Eric Sanders will rule on whether or not the
Special Advisory Vote for Sep. 14 in Alaska will continue or be
declared UNCONSTITUTIONAL.  The Lt. Governor's Office (Fran Ulmer) has until
Aug. 23 to reply to O'Callaghan's complaint.  Then O'Callaghan has until
Aug. 25 to respond.  Then Judge Sanders will rule on Aug. 27.   Let's hope
he rules "No Vote"  If not, & the advisory vote is to continue, let's "Vote No" & save our
Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend.  Could British Petroleum be behind this
advisory vote so they won't be the source of increased taxation to pay for state government?

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October  5, 1999

Now that the Alaskan people have spoken with their ballots with such a mandate on 
September 14, 1999 by an 83% to 17% landslide, there should be no doubt in the minds of
any state legislator or the Alaskan Governor what the people have meant:  DON'T TOUCH 

The participants of the election night victory party at the Sourdough Mining Co. were 
an interesting cross-section of Alaskan voters who, from diverse (and sometimes in the 
past even from opposite sides) political interests, came to the same conclusion:  VOTE NO!
There were representatives from the liberal to the conservative ideological camps; from 
the neo-socialist Green Party to the Republican Moderate Party; from the disenfranchised 
Democrats & Republicans to the Independents; from the state's leading consumer activist 
group AkPIRG (Alaska Public Interest Research Group) & the environmental group Alaska 
Action Center to a former President of the Alaska Young Democrats; from old time political
participants to young newcomers.  They all voted "NO" and they were in the clear majority! 

The PFD vote was significant for other reasons.  Sure the Alaska voters didn't want their 
"pocketbooks picked", but one can also conclude that Alaskans rejected well-financed 
special interest influence & rejected more "big government", especially if Alaskans were 
to pay more for the "largesse".  Also, the winning margin was greater than the margin of 
victory of G.O.P. incumbent U.S. Senator Ted Stevens versus the Democratic challenger 
(and establishment-spurned) teacher & former School Board member Theresa Obermeyer in 1994.
The "YES" side got fewer votes than defeated and indicted (for campaign finance & disclosure
violations) John Lindauer in the 1998 gubernatorial race.  As Anchorage Daily News
columnist Mike Doogan wrote on Sep. 17 about the voters, "..They said hell no."  When asked
to vote on issues, not personalities, it seems the Alaskan voter tends to voted his or her
pocketbook, & if our political leaders can grasp that significance, then the politicians 
will better represent the people.

The recently finished Alaska Legislative special session reveals another significant trend
by our political leaders.  It seems that most of them, Democratic Gov. Tony Knowles included,
would rather succumb to federal dominance  even if it means changing the way Alaskans 
manage state lands to do it the same way the "feds" do it --  rather than have the backbone
to exert state sovereignty & uphold their oath of office to which they swore upon being 
elected Alaskan representatives & senators.  A small but courageous handful of state 
representatives & senators voted against "rural preference for subsistence users" which 
denied a clear 2/3 majority vote needed to place the proposed constitutional amendment
on the ballot.  WHY RISK YOUR RIGHTS TO A VOTE OF THE PEOPLE?  Both the U.S. Constitution
and the Alaska State Constitution guarantee equal rights & protection to all, not just 
urban versus rural, not just rich versus poor, not just White versus Native.  Those few 
brave solons took their oath of office very seriously & that should remind us of the 
significance of their actions:  EQUAL JUSTICE UNDER LAW.

People around the country should take a look at how Alaskans dealt with these significant
issues in 1999.  No, the underlying problems are not resolved,  There is still a state 
budget crisis.  There is still a need to carry on the traditional lifestyles of the Alaskan
Native people & others who wish to just "subsist".  There is still a need to manage our 
fish & game for all Alaskans.  Now Alaskans, both the majority of the electorate & the 
minority in the Legislature, need to resolve these problems WITHIN THE CONTEXT & CONFINES 

Anchorage, AK

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To Hell With the WTO

When many diverse political interests happen to agree on a particular subject, then there must be something significant & real about that subject. The common nexus of focus by the labor, environmental, & conservative anti-globalists is that unelected bureaucrats should not be deciding the economic fate of sovereign nations by catering to those multinational/transnational corporate interests who refuse to put a "human face" on trade while they (the multinationals) make themselves immune from the health & safety & tax laws that the rest of us (law-abiding working people & small businesses) are forced to adhere to. It is those excess profits resulting from such "trade agreements" (at the expense of our manufacturing jobs & a lowering of the environmental quality of life elsewhere & a loss of our own national sovereignty) that constitute much of the campaign contributions which fuel the pockets of many politicians who help cater to those transnational corporate interests (One does not bite the hand that feeds oneself!) I would rather that my Republic (what is left of it) maintain its sovereignty so that my Country can institute those mutual & necessary economic & social reforms through the democratic process through elected candidates through open elections where there can be open & honest debate in the "sunshine" by our people who would be affected by such changes. To hell with GATT, NAFTA, & the WTO! As far as letting a known HUMAN RIGHTS ABUSER like the Communist Government of the People's Republic of China into the WTO: To Hell with that, too!

Anchorage, Alaska

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